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Neighbours Episode 2615 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2615
Australian airdate: 17/05/96
UK airdate: 21/11/96
Writer: Ian Coughlan
Director: Robert Meillon
Guests: Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Summary/Images by: Sal/Sal
Hannah's "view" of Phil's book being played out by her, Toadie and Billy and then her reading the book.
Angie talking Phil into being her financial advisor.
Danni telling Debbie she knows about Luke having cancer.
Danni says she's just trying to help. Debbie says her priority is Luke and if that means hurting Danni's delicate feelings, that's too bad. Danni says that Debbie's acting like one of Danni's best friends having cancer means nothing to her. She says that Debbie knows nothing about the way she acts - Deb's only been back in Australia two minutes. Debbie says Danni's exactly the same person she always was and that she can't imagine what Luke must be going through. Right on cue, Luke appears to ask what all of the yelling is about. Danni tells Luke that she knows and Luke looks at Debbie who protests that she didn't say anything. Danni says she figured it out alone and just wants to know if there's anything she can do to help. Luke says that all he wants is his privacy although it looks like that's unlikely. He storms off and Danni calls after him but Debbie wards her off, saying that she's done enough damage.
Phil appears at the Coffee Shop (briefcase back in tow) and tells Angie he's got some bad news. When he asks her to sit down, Toadie comments that it doesn't sound good. Angie tells Phil to just tell her what happened. Phil says he lost the money. Angie mis-interprets this and says that she'll just get the cheque stopped but Phil corrects her - he says that he invested the money and he's lost it all. Angie can't believe it - they only discused it an hour ago. Phil says he sunk the lot into a cement company that a friend of his told him about and he's just heard on the radio that the company has been using faulty cement and the stocks have crashed. Toadie can't believe they've lost $5000 and Angie, although less vocal about it, doesn't appear too pleased either.
Luke goes back into 30 to see Danni. He says he wishes she hadn't found out because he didn't want anyone to know. Danni says she was bound to find out and at least now he doesn't have to keep up a brave front. Luke says it wasn't about a front. Danni says that it might help to talk about it and Luke snaps that Karl and Debbie both said that but, if he's honest, he doesn't feel close enough to anyone around him to talk to them about what he's going through. Danni says thanks a lot but Luke says it doesn't mean they're not friends, it's just that some of the stuff he's going through is really really personal. He says that cancer is a label and anyone can get it, so everyone's sympathetic but no-one has ever had it so no-one knows what he's going through. He asks if Danni realises that having radiotherapy might mean that he can't have kids. He tells her how the hospital told him that as all of this was spinning around his head, he suddenly discovers that if he does survive, the proceedure for him to live might mean that it changes his life completely. And then, as if that's not enough, they asked him if he wanted to donate to a bank, just in case he wanted to have kids in the future if the treatment did render him infertile. He says he can't stop thinking about how stupid he was for saying no.
Angie says she can't say she's not disappointed. Phil half smiles and then Angie talks about looking on the bright side - easy come, easy go and that she wouldn't have invested it if she couldn't afford to lose it. Phil confesses that he was joking. Angie says that she thought so and that Phil was just testing to see if she was ok if she did lose the money. Phil says he's got some other stuff to sort out but Angie'll take priority - he wants to get this sorted as soon as possible. He tells her that he'll invest it in Digit Mining where he'll get 10,000 one dollar shares. Angie doesn't understand - she only gave Phil $5,000. Phil explains that it's because they're only worth 50c. Now Angie's more confused but Phil says they were a dollar at listing but the company's had a bit of bad luck but a friend of his reckons that they're due for a change of fortune. He explains that there's little point in investing in stock that's already trading well. Angie says she trusts Phil's judgement and Toadie tells Phil to make them a killing. With a Rebecchi hand on each shoulder, Phil looks more than a little worried...
The man shouldn't fear though - we're talking about the guy who can project his voice from the Coffee Shop to Number 26 where Hannah's sitting, laptop on knee, reading Phil's book. She scrolls down a bit and finds a bit about Jade's father finding her by a cafe. Cut to Hannah's dream mode. It's Phil in a very dodgy moustache and an even dodgier hat. It actually looks like he's trying out for a bit part as one of the blokes out of the YMCA. Toadie appears - who Hannah's just said that she can never be happy with. He gets himself invited to dinner where they can talk about the two families becoming closer. Back in reality, Hannah can't believe it and starts deleting the offending passages. (And why does Phil write in capitals in DOS anyway?)
Danni's doing some designs and Luke apologises for earlier. He didn't mean to lay it on her and he shouldn't have said what he did just to score a stupid point. Danni says that he doesn't need to apologise and that it was good that he opened up. Luke states that they've barely spoken since but Danni says that she was a little embarrassed by what he said but soon, she'll be able to listen to anything without blushing. Luke tells her that she's proved his point, he doesn't have time to wait for people to be comfortable to listen to him. He says he'll try and cope with things on his own and he hopes that they can keep their recent discusion between them. Danni can't believe that Luke thinks she'd tell other people. Luke says that she doesn't exactly have a reputation for being quiet. Danni blows up and says that she thought Luke had come around to the fact that he has to discuss the issue and that she was glad that he'd chosen her to trust but all the while, he was just thinking that "Blabbermouth Stark" was going to tell the whole world. She tells him that his secret's safe with her and that they should just pretend she doesn't even know he's got cancer. And off she stormeth.
26 now and evening has beckoned. Debbie, Hannah and Holly are poised on one sofa whilst Phil sits on the other and prepares to read from his book to them. He introduces the scene and starts to read. Hannah hugs into the Holly as she knows what's coming...Phil stumbles over his words as he realises that it's all been changed. He glares at Hannah and tells her that he's told her not to mess - first it was teenage slang and now she's meddling with the plot. Hannah blurts out that everyone's going to hate it if Simon and Jade get married. Phil looks up from his hand and exclaims that he knows that but the readers have to think that she might at least marry him otherwise there's no story - the happy ending isn't due for another 100 pages. He tells her that he's the writer in the family, not her and this isn't a game. His works are what's paying the bills and buying her food and clothes. Hannah tries to enter the conversation with a 'but' but Phil's on a rant and moans that he doesn't want any "buts" he wants her to keep out of his novel - he doesn't mind suggestions but it's up to him if he adopts them or not. If she wants to write her own story, she can and then it doesn't matter if there's a happy ending on every page. Hannah pulls a face, gets up from the sofa and storms off to the kitchen, saying that she thinks hers was better...not that she repeats that to Phil when he asks her what she mumbled. "Nothing!" indeed.
Marlene asks Danni if she wants to work in the shop with her working with clothes. Marlene says that she can't just flip off to other jobs. Danni starts going off about business college and hands on training. Marlene listens with a pained expression but Danni's off on one. Marlene points out that it's her shop and that Danni can't throw her out on the trash heap. Danni protests that she wouldn't but Marlene says that she knows her too well - if anyone gets in Danni's way, they're knocked to one side. Marlene says they should set ground rules - it saves trouble later.
Lou quizzes Phil (who's got his rugby shirt on..) about his new venture whilst Phil's selecting food. He tells Phil that he's probably lost Cheryl as a customer - her whole nest egg has gone on the air ticket to go to Brett. Phil asks if it's confirmed and Lou tells him pretty much. They go over to the bar and Lou's about to quiz him over his day as the phone rings, saving Phil from answering any tricky questions. Lou says to the caller that Cheryl's not there but he gets the news about the flight. Despite Phil being in the middle of his meal, he agrees to look after the bar (now that's friendship for you) so Lou can rush off and make arrangements.
Debbie and Luke discuss Danni in the Coffee Shop. Luke tells Debbie that he appreciates how good a friend she's being but he thinks she's being too responsible for him. He doesn't want to be turned into her crusade. Debbie says that she's just trying to help. She slags Danni off, suggesting that she might tell the whole neighbourhood but Luke doesn't join in - he says he spoke to Danni last night and he thinks they've been pretty unfair to her.
In the complex, Danni's chatting to Marlene about working in the shop. Danni says she's taking over already and apologises for it. Marlene says she doesn't mind ideas - as long as they come to her first. Marlene says they could have altered designs done whilst they wait - by their personal designer. They laugh - all's going well.
In 30, Danni tells Lou about the job as she starts taking her work home. She asks if the sewing machine would bother him and Luke laughs - at first she did well, she treated him like an ordinary human being for a while! They laugh about it and Danni says that she understands how he's feeling - if she was in that position she wouldn't want a bunch of friends around trying to cheer her up. She says that Luke's made her see that she needs to earn the trust of her friends. They say it's getting a bit heavy but they start messing around with the designs and it's all of the good.
Cheryl comments that the connecting flights and waits will take forever - it'd be faster by speedboat. Lou says at least she's going. Cheryl's upset - she needs Brett back. Lou says she's doing the right thing.
At 26, Hannah's bashing out her novel on a typewriter. Phil's intrigued (he thought it was school work) and wants the name of it. Hannah says she's stuck and she keeps screwing the papers up. Phil laughs and comments that it's not so easy when you have to start from scratch. He carries on looking through the post and discovers a letter saying that he's been nominated as the best new talent at the romance writer's awards. Hannah's excited but then Phil realises that he'll have to go and collect the award. Hannah gushes about how he'll get to make a speech but then she realises that they'll be expecting a woman, not a guy. At first, Phil grins, thinking it's funny...and then his face drops. Hmmm, get out of that one!
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