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Neighbours Episode 2614 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2614
Australian airdate: 16/05/96
UK airdate: 20/11/96
Writer: John Upton
Director: Robert Meillon
Rob Evans: Graham Harvey
Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Summary/Images by: Alan
- Mal tells Phil he needs to come up with a good cover
- Phil tells Lou he's going to be a financial consultant.
- Sam tells Jo his worries about Rob.
- Cheryl gets a call to say that Brett's been arrested for smuggling drugs.
Cheryl relays the story to Danni - Brett and Max were in Ecuador and Brett wandered off to sight-see and stumbled across the border, so they think because he was on a boat and crossed the border he's smuggling drugs. Danni tries to calm her down and Lou tells her it could just be a false alarm. She says she wants to go to him and god help anyone who tries to stop her.
Jo asks Rob how he thought lunch went with Sam and Marlene - he says they're nice people, they're just looking out for her. She says they wanted to know what he did for a living and he says he'll show her - they'll spend the whole day together tomorrow.
Helen calls Phil and says she'll be coming home soon. Debbie is anxious and asks if she's still upset about Rosemary. Phil says they need to sit down and have a long chat, Helen's a very forgiving person. Debbies makes Phil think seriously about the idea of being a financial advisor but he doesn't want to do it. She says that Philippa Martinez needs to come out of the closet then, but he doesn't want that either. She adds that the financial advising is a perfect cover and he should stop coming up with excuses.
Lou gets off the phone from foreign affairs and tells them that an Australian tourist with Brett's description has been arrested. Danni tells Cheryl to stop the desperate mother routine, he's smarter than any of them and she bets he's acting sensibly and he will be let go in a couple of days. Cheryl says it's hard to do nothing when your kid's on the other side of the world in some horrible cell. Lou suggests they get some sleep.
Karl tries to convince Marlene to take it easy but she says all everyone has succeeded in doing is raising her blood pressure. She buys a cake for Sam's birthday the next day. She's also going to be back on the radio. Angie says Big Kev has had a windfall on the horses and sent her the lot to do whatever she wants with. She asks Karl what he's like on the investment front but he says she should talk to Philip because he's planning to be a financial advisor.
Danni comes home and finds Luke flat out asleep on the couch with a book on his lap called "Foods That Fight Cancer."
Marlene cooks Sam a special birthday breakfast but assures him she didn't eat anything to clog up her arteries - she had some of that mushy cereal he bought. He says that's the best birthday present he could have and doesn't need anything else, she says that's good because he isn't getting anything else. Sam doesn't believe her and expects she has something planned, he looks a bit disappointed when she assures him that she hasn't. Lou arrives and tells Marlene he's got someone to replace them on the radio that morning, he takes her out the back to explain.
Danni tells Luke she has a few things on her mind and explains the situation with Brett. She offers to make him breakfast to keep his energy up and he gets suspicious. Debbie arrives looking for Luke to take him out for a picnic. Danni asks her how business is at the surgery, she says it must be really interesting the things she finds out about people - clearly meaning Luke.
Sam tells Jo about some previously bad birthday experiences and Jo says she feels guilty to be leaving him on his ow. He says it's fine and she's looking forward to her day with Rob.
Danni goes to see Karl and wants some advice. She says she thinks a friend of hers has cancer and she wants to know what she can do. He wants to know how she found out and she tells him. He says he can't discuss a patient but she just wants help and advice on what to do. Karl says all she can do is be a friend and if she wants to talk to someone in a general sense, she can talk to him. She asks if he has any leaflets she could read and he says he'll see what he can do.
Angie collars Phil at the Coffee Shop and gives him a free sticky bun. She asks him for some financial advice and wants him to pick her some good stocks and shares - he says he wouldn't want to risk a neighbour's money, but she says that whatever happens there will be no hard feelings. He eventually caves in and agrees to help out.
Cheryl is waiting on a call from foreign affairs - Lou has gone to buy her a ticket to Ecuador. Danni says she's crazy and looks for support from Marlene but she's on Cheryl's side and has even paid for half the ticket.
Rob takes Jo on a ride in a limousine.
Debbie and Luke talk about Danni in The Coffee Shop and Debbie says she thinks she's suspicious. Luke says he's not telling anyone else because they'll be all over him like a rash - he'd have to move to another area, it's none of their business. She says she's there to help him through it, he won't ever be on his own.
Lou arrives home without the ticket but tells Cheryl she is at the top of the waiting list. They all have to sit and wait.
Jo gets back to No.24 and tells Sam that Rob was into computers, his company made software and he sold it for a fortune. He then set up a charity trust to give most of it away - that's the Evans Foundation and he's the chairman. He spends his time meeting artists and charity people who run the foundation.
Debbie and Luke get back to No.30 and Luke says he's tired. He goes off to sleep. Danni tells Debbie she knows what's wrong with Luke, Debbie is facetious and says he doesn't want her help and that she should forget about it - if she spreads rumours about Luke having cancer she'll answer to her. She barks at Danni that she is the biggest gossip in town and can't keep a secret for five seconds - if anyone finds out, Luke's leaving Erinsborough and if he ends up stuck in a room by himself with no-one to help him it will be her fault...
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