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Neighbours Episode 2619 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2619
Australian airdate: 23/05/96
UK airdate: 27/11/96
Writer: Piers Hobson
Director: T. Grant Fenn
Guests: Catherine O'Brien: Radha Mitchell
Melissa Drenth: Aimee Robertson
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Alan
- Stonefish agrees to help Catherine out.
- Billy tells Karl he bets Melissa is on a bus to Darwin to escape her parents.
Billy wants to go looking for Melissa but she turns up on the Kennedy doorstep in tears saying that her parents don't give a stuff about her. She says she's sick of them and Billy says she can stay there. Susan and Karl worry about how her parents will feel but they agree she can stay. Karl says he'll ring her parents even though Melissa doesn't want them to, they agree that she can do it.
Libby, Stonefish, Mal and Cath are at The Coffee Shop after spending the evening together. Stonie asks Mal what's happening with their car but he says he's been too busy at uni to do anything about it. Cath says the police would have called if they had any news. Libby makes a quick getaway when they start talking about Rupert. Stonefish suggest they go to the Pump Palace but he clearly wants to be alone with Cath even though Mal is adamant he's going with them.
Karl warns Susan that she has to be careful professionally about having Melissa stay with them. When Libby gets home she's not best pleased that Melissa is in her bed. The next morning they all talk about what Melissa will do next and she says she can't face her parents yet. When Mal gets up looking worse for wear Karl gives him a lecture about not being serious about his study - he suggests he should change his course if things are that bad but Mal says it's too late. He adds that if it wasn't for the extra-curricular entertainment he wouldn't even be there.
Melissa worries about seeing her parents and Billy tries to make her feel better. Susan says that her parents are at the school with Mr McKenna and waiting to see her, but Mel runs off.
Cath and Stonefish talk about Mal getting in the way - she reassures him that it's him he wants and not Mal and she wants them to get some time alone so that she can prove it.
Melissa tells Billy that he doesn't know what it's like - Susan says she wouldn't wish what's happening to her on her worst enemy but she has to work through it and the sooner they get started the sooner it will be over with.
Stonefish and Cath decide they need to find Mal someone to hang around with so they sign him up for 'The One Mind Moondance Alliance' at uni and say that his special interests include bungee jumping.
Melissa goes through with the interview with her parents and comes out unscathed - it's decided that she will stay with the Martins for a little while, but she has to go home and get her stuff first. Susan says she'll go with her.
Karl runs into Mal at the pub and asks him when he's going to sort out his problems at uni and tells him that at this rate he's going to fail - it's costing him an arm and a leg too, he wants him to apply himself. Mal says the only thing he likes about his course is the practical placement and that's not until next year. Karl says that in his day he took the rough with the smooth, the kids these days have it so easy. Mal says he's terribly sorry he's such a disappointment - Karl tries to assure him he's not but Mal leaves.
Cath wants Stonefish's help putting up a banner for World Environment Day. Libby turns up and Stonefish teases her about Mal's new friends and the new people he is attracting.
Back at No.28, Billy goes on at Libby about Melissa. Libby says that Susan will call if she needs him. Billy says he wishes he could do more for her, he can't imagine walking out of his own home because his parents have lost the plot. Libby says he's doing all he can.
Stonefish and Cath plan an evening together but Cath wants them to hang the banner that evening. Stonie would rather they did something else but eventually caves in.
Susan tells Karl and Libby how Melissa's parents wouldn't let up and she understands how she hasn't got any self esteem at all. Karl talks about finding Mal in the pub that afternoon and how he doubts he's done any proper work this year. He says he needs to lose the notion that they're expecting him to succeed because they did. The phone rings and Karl answers - it's a call from a group called 'Druidic Light' looking for Mal. After everything that's happened and observing his attitude lately, Karl is worried that he has signed up to a religious cult...
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