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Neighbours Episode 2609 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2609
Australian airdate: 09/05/96
UK airdate: 13/11/96
Writer: Karyn Noble
Director: Geoff Hunt
Guests: Rob Evans: Graham Harvey
Georgia Brown: Petra Jared
Rupert Sprod: Tobi Webster
Summary/Images by: Alan & Sayaka
- Angie tries to get Toadie and Billy to make up.
- Jo is disturbed when she sees a picture of Rob and his wife at his house.
Rob's house
Jo makes a hasty exit from Rob's place, leaving him wondering what he's done wrong.
Susan and Karl come home to find the kids have almost destroyed the kitchen with their cooking efforts (!) Billy wants to know what his present is but Karl and Susan won't tell him.
Susan suggests that Billy invites some friends over for dinner for his birthday. Billy says he hasn't got any friends who'd want to come(!) Karl makes a nasty comment about Toadie and Billy looks a bit sad.
BILLY:(wistfully) Who'd want him there?
Coffee Shop
Billy admits to George that he does want Toadie to come to his birthday. She says he should just invite him, because it's time their fight was over.
In the kitchen, Angie tries again to convince Toadie to be peacemaker but he won't speak to Billy. Angie brings Billy and George's milkshakes for them and Billy apologises to her for fighting with Toadie but she says it's OK. He suggests he could work at The Coffee Shop for free to make up for it but she says there's no need, they discovered they had insurance so they can pay for the damage after all. She thinks he had a lot of guts to take responsibility for the fight and kisses him on the top of the head. Toadie looks on, speechless(!)
Jo calls Rob and cancels the rest of their personal training sessions. He wants them to sort something out but she hangs up on him.
Angie talks to Toadie again (wearing a facepack!) and says she knows he misses Billy. He says Billy knocked out his tooth and everyone saw. She reminds him that it's Billy's birthday tomorrow and she wants him to have a good think about whether the grudge is worth losing a good mate. Anyway, Billy has forgiven Toadie for much worse things(!)
Ramsay Street, the following morning
Billy's 16th birthday has arrived and it's raining in Ramsay Street! It's absolutely pouring down. The Kennedys are peeping out of the back door looking at the rain falling. Unfortunately they can't go hot air ballooning because of the weather and Billy is feeling fairly depressed.
Inside, Susan tells Billy that they can go ballooning another day. Just then, Toadie gives Billy a call and says he's happy to forget about the punch, they make up. Billy's over the moon about being friends with Toadie again. Toadie says he's coming over to give Billy his birthday punches, but Malcolm gets in first!
Coffee Shop
Angie spots Jo is looking down and they have a chat. Jo says she's unemployed - after she convinced everyone that Rob was a lovely man, it turns out they were right all along, she was sucked in. Angie says she knows it seems like one thing after another, but she can't lose her optimism, she's a wonderful girl and she shouldn't put herself down - it's Rob who should feel awful.
Billy raves to George about being friends with Toadie again. George tries to give him a present, but Billy says to keep it until tonight. Billy raves on about being friends with Toadie again until George gets offended feels like she's unimportant.
Malcolm tells Karl that he's thinking of changing University course. Karl says he should try to get some credits for the work he's already done.
Garden of No.24
Jo is gardening and talking to the gnomes about men and how awful they are(!) Apparently she thinks she looks exactly like Rob's dead wife (due to dreadful acting, this wasn't clear before)Rob arrives to see Jo and says he wants a decent explanation. She tells him she saw the photo of his wife and she realises she's the spitting image of her (er, not really?!) and that's why he hired her - she's not comfortable working with him now that she knows it. Rob says he has moved on and he wouldn't compare his dead wife to anyone else, there's no- one else like her. He's really offended and walks off.
Rupert picks Libby up in his car and he's got a signed football for Billy through his contacts. He gives Libby a present too - a book on photography. She says it's perfect and they kiss. Toadie puts his head through the window and mocks them. He, Billy and George pile into the back for a lift home. George is still upset with Billy.
Ramsay Street
Jo has stopped Rob leaving and they both apologise. She says she doesn't think he's twisted, she was overreacting. They agree to communicate properly in the future. He offers to take her for a drink at Chez Chez to talk it through, she says she'd like that.
Mal and Karl have completed Billy's cake. Billy and Libby come in, arguing about George. Libby says he's never romantic with George in the way he was with Melissa. Susan tells them to stop arguing.
Susan sends everyone off so she can talk to Billy. She asks why he's looking so down in the dumps. He says it's Melissa, he can't stop thinking about her. He misses her every day. She says there's nothing he can do today but enjoy the rest of his birthday. Anyway, before long, girls will be beating a path to their door(!)
The Pub
Rob says he never realised how much Jo looked like his wife until she said so - he's not looking for a replacement for her, he's probably just attracted to a certain look. They appear to be getting closer.
Billy blows out his candles. George arrives and gives Billy his present (it's a football shirt). He hugs her to say thank you.
Toadie gives Billy a present from Melissa. Apparently she bought it a while ago and still wanted him to have it. Billy tries to be tactful to George by saying he'll open it later. but she takes it the wrong way and is deeply offended. She walks out saying that Billy and Mel were so special that no- one else stands a chance.
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