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Neighbours Episode 2608 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2608
Australian airdate: 08/05/19
UK airdate: 12/11/96
UK Gold: 31/10/02
Writer: Lyn Ogilvy
Director: Geoff Hunt
Guests: Ben Dalziel: Stephen Pease
Rob Evans: Graham Harvey
Andrew Watson: Christopher Uhlmann
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Lou, Cheryl and Sam are worried about Marlene. She tells them to stop being over- protective.
- Jo and Rob talk in the pub about a job.
- Ben hits Danni during a row.
Danni comes in to find Cheryl still doing paperwork. Cheryl makes a cup of tea for them. Danni is upset and tells Cheryl about Ben hitting her. Cheryl is understandably very angry, and comforts Danni while she pours out the story. Danni berates herself for loving and trusting Ben and starts to cry. Her career and dreams are in tatters now.
Rob's house
Jo is surprised to see that Rob lives in a massive house and is obviously very rich. Rob explains that the house seemed full when his wife was alive, but it feels empty now - that's why he came to the gym.
Cheryl tells Danni that she can't go back to No.30, but Danni says she's just going to tell Ben it's over. Cheryl is worried that Ben will talk her into staying with him, just like Ross and Janine. Cheryl insists on coming along with her.
Danni asks Cheryl to give her and Ben some space. Cheryl refuses to leave, but sits on a chair in the corner instead.
Ben insists that he won't ever hit Danni again, but she says she's not going to risk it. He offers to get counselling. Danni says that's good, and he can come back and see her in a couple of years when he's changed. She takes off her engagement ring, and she and Cheryl leave.
BEN: I'm sorry, Danni. I really love you, you know.
DANNI: Yeah, I know. That's the pity of it.
The Pub
Luke is sitting at the bar wearing a bandana. Cheryl thinks Luke is looking thin and notices a bruise on his arm.
LUKE: I had a blood test. Alright?
CHERYL: I don't know, Luke, is it alright? Is there anything you want to tell me about?
Luke is sitting at a table when Cheryl brings some food over "on the house". She says she's worried about Luke as he's been acting strangely and his health looks bad (eg losing weight). Cheryl gently asks if Luke is an addict and Luke laughs.
LUKE: An addict? Drugs? You think I'm on drugs? You *are* stupid! You are really too much, you know that?
CHERYL: No- one expects you to admit it, Luke.
LUKE: You can go to hell.
He gets up and leaves.
No.28, the following morning
Karl is feeding Dahl on apple slices. Susan is just heading off to school and reminds him that he's organising Billy's birthday balloon.
Luke comes in as she's leaving and tells Karl that Cheryl is starting a rumour that he's a junkie. Karl advises him to tell the truth - it'll come out sometime anyway. Luke says that cancer feels more real if he says it out loud. Karl says maybe they could do something with diet and exercise to help him a bit - but it won't help a *lot* because of the chemo.
School (car park)
Andrew tells Susan that Rupert only got an after school detention because he wasn't really in the fight, and anyway, he just threatened to take his football captaincy away. They talk about the anti- gay stuff, but his partner Peter wants him to move out of the area. Andrew wants to stay and face things though.
ANDREW: Why can't they accept my personal life as easily as yours, for example?
SUSAN: One day.
ANDREW: Yeah here's to it! If it comes.
Coffee Shop
Jo and Rob come in from training. Rob is apparently really enjoying himself, even though he's knackered. He invites Jo to lunch at his place at 1pm.
Jo goes over to Luke and asks how he is. She tells him that everyone is really concerned about his drug use(!) Luke is angry and insists he isn't a junkie. Then he storms out.
Cheryl is telling Lou that Luke has been acting very strangely lately eg shaving his head and not joining the police force. She wonders if the police force found out about his drug use(!) Lou tells her not to worry, Luke probably has a good explanation.
Luke comes in and tells Cheryl that he's not well, but it has nothing to do with illegal drugs. He is having medical treatment, but he doesn't say exactly what. He'd like her to stop gossiping. Then he walks out.
CHERYL:(quietly) He's sick.
Rob's house (conservatory)
Rob and Jo are having a nice lunch and a glass of wine. Apparently Rob made lunch himself this time, rather than use a chef.
JO: Look at you, you've got everything. You can cook, you've got a great sense of humour, you let me win our races, and you've got this beautiful place. Why haven't you re- married?
Rob looks down.
JO: Oh...I mean, I know you miss your wife...I'm sorry, I shouldn't have brought it up.
ROB: That's OK. Up until now, I haven't found anyone I like, or love, as much as I did Emily. I won't take second best. I'm happier alone than I would be in a less than perfect marriage.
JO: But lonely?
ROB: You see? I haven't got everything...
He turns the subject on to Jo, and asks why she's still single. She says she hasn't had much luck with men.
ROB: Give me a clue, Jo. Can I perhaps hope that you might think your luck's just changes.
She knocks over her wine in shock. Rob goes to get something to mop it up.
Karl and Susan are making a birthday board for Billy. Susan hopes that Billy will enjoy the balloon ride as much as they will(!) Karl thinks even if he doesn't, he has a surprise present for Billy. He won't tell Susan what it is, though(!)
Rob's house
Rob has wiped up the wine. Jo apologises for chipping the glass as well. He tells her to grab herself a fresh glass from the shelf. She goes over to the shelf and sees a photo of Rob and Emily (his dead wife). She looks conflicted.
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