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Neighbours Episode 2607 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2607
Australian airdate: 07/05/96
UK airdate: 11/11/96
UK Gold: 30/10/02
Writer: Jenny Lewis
Director: Geoff Hunt
Guests: Ben Dalziel: Stephen Pease
Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Karl tells Debbie that he's pleased that Luke has her to talk to.
- Marlene trips on Lolly's toy and falls to the ground clutching her heart.
The Pub
Sam is telling Lou what happened on the date with Catherine. Lou is very amused that Catherine did it on a dare. Cheryl calls Marlene but can't get though, and hopes she is OK. Sam thinks they should leave Marlene be for a while.
Marlene is still lying on the floor in pain and Lolly is crying.
MARLENE: Somebody please come home!
Debbie pops round to see Luke who is resting after his chemotherapy. He tells her it was pretty awful. She says she'd be happy to go with him next time, but Luke won't hear of it. Luke is thinking of going to work tomorrow - he is worried about losing his job. He is a bit irritated, but then suggests they have a cup of tea.
LUKE: Just...just thanks. I'm glad you're here.
Cheryl, Lou and Sam come in to find Marlene still on the floor. Sam gets straight on the phone for an ambulance. Marlene is in a lot of pain.
Luke is dozing while Debbie drinks her tea and reads a magazine. Presently he wakes up, and Debbie says she'd better be off.
As she's leaving, Danni and Ben arrive back. They think Luke looks sick but he says he's fine. Debbie leaves and Luke goes off to bed.
Danni tells Ben that she's giving him another chance, but if there's any sign of his temper re- emerging that'll be it for them. Apparently he's got rid of Suki, so Danni is now their head designer. Danni still doesn't really think Ben respects her professionally, but she's determined to prove herself to be an asset to the company.
Everyone is back from the hospital. Apparently it wasn't a heart attack, Marlene hurt her ribs and her ankle (it was the rib pain that seemed to be a heart attack, but it wasn't). Marlene tells them to stop mollycoddling her. Cheryl says she'll never leave Marlene's side again(!)
(The following morning)
Marlene is reluctantly taking painkillers. Danni comes in and greets them all. Cheryl is surprised to hear that Ben has come back with Danni, and hopes that she's not making up with Ben just to get ahead with his career.
Danni gets on the phone to someone called Toni. Apparently she's faxed some designs to her and tells her not to call Ben as he's "interstate".
DANNI: I'm very keen to work with your company.
Cheryl and Marlene look suspicious.
No.24 (garden)
Luke is finding it hard to get all his work done. Sam is not impressed and tells Luke that if he's not interested, he'll give the work to someone else. Luke begs Sam not to sack him, saying he's just slack. Sam says it's not like Luke, and says he'll get him some breakfast to pep him up a bit.
Ben is on the phone to someone about fabric. Danni comes in and takes the phone off Ben and hangs up(!) She tells Ben that she's been on the phone to a new fashion label in Perth called "Funk Clothing". Ben is pleased, and is even more pleased to hear that their buyer is going to ring him this afternoon. Danni says she hopes this proves to Ben that she's got what it takes.
No.24 (garden)
Sam comes out with some breakfast for Luke, and finds him asleep in a deckchair. He crossly wakes him up. Sam demands to know what's going on with Luke, and he says perhaps it's just a virus.
Sam is moaning to Marlene about Luke. He doesn't think Marlene will be able to go home for another week. Cheryl thinks there must be something up with Luke - he's been acting strangely. She thinks Luke must be having some sort of crisis.
No.24 (garden)
Luke is coughing at the paint fumes. Debbie hears him and comes over. Luke tells her he's worried about losing his job. Debbie thinks Luke should tell Sam, but he insists he doesn't want sympathy.
He takes a letter out of his pocket, from the kid, Charlie, that he met at the clinic. Charlie is not doing so well and is back on chemo himself. He asks in the letter to get together with Luke again.
Phil is writing a romance novel when there's a knock at the door. It's Lou, carrying some beers. He suggests that he and Phil watch the basketball together. Phil expresses concern about Marlene. Lou says the worst part is Cheryl's nursing.
Lou picks up a romance novel and scoffs at it. Phil tells him that romance novels are very popular and they're just harmful escapism. He's clearly stung by Lou's comments though.
Danni is working on a design when Ben comes in. He's in a very bad mood, telling Danni that she's "just a little girl playing dress- ups". It seems that Danni promised the Perth people samples in 3 days, which isn't possible. Ben's temper is out again.
BEN: I should never have taken you back. I should have sacked you when I had a change!
DANNI: Well, go on then, why don't you?! Just see how long you last without me. All your clients will follow me.
BEN: Pah!
DANNI: Haven't you heard what they've been saying about you, Ben? That the only reason you've made it is because the people you hire carry you. Mmm- hmm, that's what they've been saying. That Ben Dalziel's a no- talent hack.
Ben suddenly turns back to Danni and slaps her. So hard, in fact, that she falls to the floor clutching her face.
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