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Neighbours Episode 2610 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2610
Australian airdate: 10/05/96
UK airdate: 14/11/96
Writer: Scott Taylor
Director: Geoff Hunt
Guests: Andrew Watson: Christopher Uhlmann
Georgia Brown: Petra Jared
Catherine O'Brien: Radha Mitchell
Rupert Sprod: Tobi Webster
Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Sal
George and Billy talk about Mel.
Stonie joins an environment group.
Toadie gives Billy a present from Mel and George blows up.
Libby says that Billy points out that George obviously loves him more than he loves her. Toadie says he'll go after George but Susan says that Billy ought to go. Billy gets really annoyed and says that the only thing he did wrong was have a birthday. He storms off to get George and Susan shouts after him that he can't go, he's got presents to open. He leaves anyway - they can wait.
Billy's caught up with George. She says he's in love with Mel. Billy says that he really likes George but George points out that it's not as much as Mel. She says it's probably for the best as she's leaving soon anyway. Billy asks if they're still friends and Billy agrees. He kisses her and leaves. George sits down, looking glum.
Stonie is raving to Cath about Angie's desserts. Angie walks in with pea and ham soup but Cath's a vegetarian. Angie says she forgot but this one time won't hurt. Cath protests that being a vegetarian means that she doesn't eat meat at all. Stonie suggests that they go onto the main course but Angie points out that it's a roast. In desperation, Stonie suggests that Cath should just have the veggies with some gravy on - after all, Angie makes the best gravy. Cath asks if it's made from the juices of the meat... Angie goes silent and suggests making sandwiches. Cath apologises for it but Stonie says that his mum makes great sangas. Stonie says that it's his own fault - he should've taken them out but he's skint. Cath asks why he's got no money - he seems to work really hard. He tells her he blew it all on the car which got stolen and she says that if he meets her outside the Coffee Shop tomorrow, she might be able to sort him out with a second job.
George is brushing down Holly. Phil walks in and says that Holly's never been spoilt so much until George got there. George says that Holly's always happy to see her and Phil mentions she's good like that. Phil's evidently in perceptive mode for once and picks up on the fact that she's a bit down and offers her a friendly ear. George points out that she's got two - Holly's! - right there. Phil says that Holly's a great listener but not so good on advice and offers himself for the job, adding that is, unless George doesn't think he's up to it. George tells him it's about Billy.
PHIL: Something he's done? Something he hasn't done? None of the above?
George tells him that they split up. Phil says he's sorry to hear it but George says she should've worked out that he liked Mel more - it's funny how you convince yourself of stuff if you want it badly enough. She says it doesn't matter anyway, she'll be gone soon. Phil tells her that there will be the right person, somewhere, who'll want to tell the whole world about her because she's a very lovely young lady. George says that sometimes she doesn't think she is - she practically stole Billy from Mel. George says it'd be good if people were like Holly - happy to see you, no matter what you've done.
Billy's sitting alone, in the dark with a voice over. [You know it's dodgy when you find Dahl more interesting in the background.] Billy's VO says it wasn't the worst birthday he could imagine but it was close - except for Mel's present. He opens it and reads the card. It says that Mel's had the present ready since before they broke up. He speaks out loud, exclaiming, "Why did I do that?" The voice over continues with "I hope you're happy - happier than me. I still love you, Billy, I don't think that will ever change." He opens the present and it's a photo frame of the two of them together, in a heart shape. Billy happily says, "She still loves me!"
Outside the Coffee Shop
A Koala is um, outside the Coffee Shop. Stonie is approached by it - it's Cath. This is going to be his second job - collecting money for the environment fund.
STONIE: You don't have to go on like a bear with a sore head.
Hannah's getting ready for school and Phil shouts George. Phil asks if George is ok and she asks why she wouldn't be. The phone rings and Phil goes to get it, leaving Hannah and George by the door. Hannah quizzes George over Mel, asking her what she's going to do. George says if she was Mel, she wouldn't want to see her. Hannah says it isn't George's fault. George asks whose it is. Hannah points out that it's Billy's because he had to decide - George couldn't help liking him because he's a spunk. George says she wishes it was that simple and Hannah says it's just the way she sees it. In the background of all of this, we can hear Phil talking on the phone. When the girls have finished talking, he rings off and tells George her dad's leaving hospital today and she'll be able to go home this evening. He says she'll have to come straight home from school so she'll have time to pack. George rushes back into the house, saying she's not going to school - she'll pack now and meet her dad at the hospital later. Phil and Hannah watch in bemusement and Phil says Hannah's right - she really didn't want to go to school.
Coffee Shop
Cath is telling Stonie about the job - the guidelines, the catchphrase and the fact that Stonie has to go to Koala school. Stonie says Angie'll love it, she's been trying to get him into a costume for ages. Cath says Stonie always jokes about stuff but if she asks a serious question, would he give her a serious answer. He agrees and Cath suggests that Stonie's only a vegetarian and joined the wilderness society just to impress her. He agrees - partially but saves it by saying that by being a vegetarian - even for just a little while gives him an insight into what an animal's gone through to let him eat meat. Cath smiles and ooo, all is happy.
STONIE: I love being pawed by you.
Erinsborough High
ANDREW: It doesn't matter if they stick out or not! Flicking someone's ears is not funny and you're a cretin if you think it is.
Andrew sends the random extra on his way with a punishment. Susan asks if it's the usual way he handles something like that. Andrew says it isn't - it's been a hard day. Susan asks if he wants to talk about it but he doesn't want to speak in the corridor. Susan says she's meeting Karl at the pub - she'll ring him and tell him to give them half an hour or so alone. Andrew says it's fine for Karl to be there - the more advice he can get, the better. Susan says it sounds serious. Andrew looks down.
Toadie and Billy are looking at photos when Libby comes over. Toadie won't let her see the footie party photos - you have to be on the team to see them. Billy refuses to show her either but Libby manages to grab some by Toadie's side and Toadie chases her for them. When she sees them, they're of Rupert kissing Rochelle. Toadie tries to cover up, saying that they were just joking around and Rupert didn't mean for anything to happen. Libby says she might keep the photos to give to Rochelle to remember him by because by the time she's finished with Rupert, there won't be much of him left.
George is having one last stroke of the dog when Phil asks if she's all ready. He sits next to her on the step and says that Holly will probably mope around for days after she left. Phil tells George that he wanted her to know how much they've loved having her around. George asks if that's Debbie kicking her out of the room or her and Hannah fighting. Phil grins and tells her that she certainly became part of the family, he'll give her that. George comments that she enjoyed it and she might have liked a sister. Phil says he can probably spare one if she really wants one. Phil says as long as she knows just how much they've enjoyed having her around. George thanks him and says that in fact, if she had to be with anyone but her dad, she was glad it was them. Phil thanks her and asks how they'll get it through to Holly that George is leaving. George suggests they could visit and Phil says that he expects her to write, let them know how things go. George says she'll miss everyone and Phil says they'll miss her too. Aww.
Ramsay Street
Toadie, Billy and Libby are storming down the street and Toadie is desperate to get the photos back. Libby blows up, saying that if Rupert's stupid enough to do something like that whilst someone's taking photos, it's his own fault. Toadie tells her that Rupert didn't know he was taking photos - he did it for a joke. If Rupert finds out that Libby's got them, Toadie will be dead. Libby says she'll make sure she'll send flowers! Toadie reckons he'll get the blame but Billy points out that it's Rupert's fault and Rupert's fault only - the only thing pointed at his head was Rochelle's lips and he didn't have to kiss them!
Andrew says he loves teaching and he doesn't want to give it up. Susan says that if parents think that a teacher's unfit, it doesn't matter how great you are at being a teacher, your career can be gone. Karl exclaims that there must be enough enlightened parents out there but Andrew doesn't want to put his job on the line over it. They ask what the complaint was and Andrew tells them that they think that he's giving all of his attention to the boys and ignoring the girls. Karl and Susan say it's ridiculous and Andrew says he thought that but then he started thinking... Susan says it isn't true but Andrew asks what if it's a subconscious thing. He says he's scared that if it gets out of control, it could end up anywhere.
Ramsay Street
George is leaving. She gives Toadie some footie tips, and he asks what the coach will do without her. George hugs Hannah and thanks her for everything. Rupert runs over and says goodbye to George and George asks him to look after Billy and Toadie on the field. She hugs Billy goodbye and Phil calls her over to the car. She tells them to write if they want and Toadie points out that Billy can't write. They rush out into Ramsay Street, chasing each other as Phil draws away with George. Hannah waves with Rupert from the front of 26 whilst Billy and Toadie wave further up the road.
Libby is messing with the photos and Dahl, and crying a bit. Rupert arrives and says he was seeing George off. He asks if something is wrong and Libby asks how Rochelle is. Rupert asks what she's got to do with anything and Libby shows him a photo.
RUPERT: Oh no.
LIBBY: Oh yes.
Rupert tells her it was a split second thing and Libby apologises and says she just saw the photo and thought the worst. Rupert tells her it wasn't what it looks like. He asks if she forgives him and Libby says yes...and then tells him he's dropped. He can't believe it - Libby tells him to run off to Rochelle. She says Rochelle thinks the captain of the footie team is sucha great guy but she knows better. She throws him out and says she never wants to see him again.
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Philip Martin, Georgia Brown in Neighbours Episode 2610
Philip Martin, Georgia Brown

Catherine O
Catherine O'Brien, Stonie Rebecchi

Philip Martin, Hannah Martin in Neighbours Episode 2610
Philip Martin, Hannah Martin

Andrew Watson, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2610
Andrew Watson, Susan Kennedy

Toadie Rebecchi, Billy Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2610
Toadie Rebecchi, Billy Kennedy

Rochelle Stig, Rupert Sprod in Neighbours Episode 2610
Rochelle Stig, Rupert Sprod

Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2610
Libby Kennedy

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2610
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Georgia Brown, Toadie Rebecchi, Billy Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2610
Georgia Brown, Toadie Rebecchi, Billy Kennedy

Toadie Rebecchi, Billy Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2610
Toadie Rebecchi, Billy Kennedy

Rupert Sprod, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2610
Rupert Sprod, Libby Kennedy

Rupert Sprod in Neighbours Episode 2610
Rupert Sprod

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