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Neighbours Episode 2601 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2601
Australian airdate: 29/04/96
UK airdate: 01/11/96
UK Gold: 22/10/02
Writer: Jo Horsburgh
Director: Sally-Anne Kerr
Guests: Georgia Brown: Petra Jared
Tom Kennedy: Bob Hornery
Melissa Drenth: Aimee Robertson
Ben Dalziel: Stephen Pease
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Summary/Images by: Pete
Danni and Ben argue about the mucked up designs
Debbie comforts Luke
Melissa catches Billy and George kissing
Billy and George
Billy and George discuss what's just happened. George wants to know what's going on. She goes to leave, but Billy says he doesn't know what to do. He wants to have a relationship with George, but he doesn't want to make another mistake.
Toadie, Karl and Tom
Toadie is about to light a cigarette, when Karl and Tom come along singing. Karl tells Toadie not to give up on the giving up smoking. He says he'd get on a lot better if people stopped hassling about it. Tom says he used to smoke, he never thought he could give up, but he did, and now he's a lot healthier for it.
Luke and Debbie
Luke finds Debbie reading books about cancer in the Coffee Shop. Deb says he's being paranoid, no-one would connect the books with him. She just wants to help. He says he's just a bit strung up because of the chemo session tomorrow. He doesn't know what it's like or whether it'll work. Debbie says he's really brave.
Ben and Danni
Ben comes home with a bunch of flowers. The house is in darkness, and he looks for her. When he goes into the living room, he discovers a note. She's left him and the company and doesn't want to see him again.
Cheryl comes in asking to see Danni.
Karl and Debbie
Karl offers Debbie a full time job at the surgery. Debbie thanks him and tells him that she's trying to help Luke out. Karl says that she never should have mentioned it to Luke, as the information in his file is confidential. Debbie says that she thinks Luke was glad she found out, and she won't mention it to anyone else. Karl says he's glad at least that Luke has someone to talk to. He walks out and Debbie closes the door looking really smug.
Ben and Cheryl
Ben tells Cheryl that Danni suddenly had to go to Sydney to show her designs to someone. Cheryl is please that Danni's career is, as she sees it, taking off. She asks where Danni is staying, but Ben puts her off by saying he doesn't know yet.
Toadie and Billy
As Toadie walks to school, Billy tries to catch up, but Toadie's not happy. Toadie says that Billy has done the dirty on him and won't forget in a hurry. Billy says he never cheated on Melissa and didn't lie. George hears part of the argument. She tells Billy to sort it out or they'll never be able to move on.
Ben and Luke
Ben walks into the pub and Luke is there. Luke says he's late for an appointment, but doesn't say what. Ben comments that he looks rough and Luke says so does he. Ben begins fishing for information on Danni's friends. Luke sees through it Ben covers by saying he's planning a surprise party for her.
Luke says that Sam wants to paint the house. Jo and Marlene are moving to Cheryl's while the work is going on. When Luke says that he's going to brave the fumes, Ben invites him to move into No 30 for a couple of days and gives him a key. He says that Luke should keep thinking about Danni's friends and tell him anything he can remember.
Toadie and Billy
Toadie and Billy arrive at school. Toadie takes his seat next to Melissa with George behind. Billy says "Hi Mel" but she completely blanks him, doesn't even acknowledge he's there.
Toadie tells Melissa that Billy "never meant to hurt you, he's just confused". They both agree however, that it doesn't excuse his behaviour.
Tom and Karl
At Lassiters, Tom wants to know when Karl is going to tell the kids the truth about him. Karl says he thought about it, but doesn't think it's relevant. Tom points out he's not their real grandfather. Karl just doesn't think the time is right. Tom asks if Karl wants to join him for a fishing trip to really talk. He's booked a cabin and is meeting up with some mates. Karl says knowing his mates; they won't get much talking done.
George and Billy
Billy wants to keep their relationship a secret so as not to hurt Mel. He says he'll have to sort Toadie out, and will go looking for him after school.
Ben and Cheryl
Ben goes to see Cheryl and says that he argued with Danni before she left. Cheryl says Danni won't let an argument upset her. She says she'll be swanning around Sydney with Fabian not even giving a thought to 'us mere mortals'. She thinks though that Ben is quite sweet to worry about her.
Tom and Karl
Tom goes to leave for his fishing trip And Karl has decided to go too. 'On one condition: you don't sing' 'What? Not even The Red Flag? Asks Karl. They both leave in the car singing The Red Flag as they go.
Luke begins his cancer diary. We hear his entry in voiceover as he lies on the couch. He remarks on the smell of hospitals and vomit and the injections. His stomach hurts and he is tired. He didn't even notice the nurse and says next time he'll remember to check her out "Next time I'm completely wasted, and there's gonna be a next time.
Melissa and Toadie lying close together in the park, looking at the sky. Mel says men stink, but she really means Billy. She says she thought they were soul-mates, together forever. Toadie says George is the same. They try to convince themselves that they can live without them. Toadie says that at least they have their friendship. Melissa turns her back away and Toadie leans over her. She starts getting upset, but Toadie tries to cheer her up.
MEL: I can't handle this anymore, I just want Billy so much, why does he hate me?
TOADIE:He doesn't hate you, no-one could hate you, you're beautiful.
She looks at him and they begin kissing. Just then, Billy walks past.
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