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Neighbours Episode 2600 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2600
Australian airdate: 26/04/96
UK airdate: 31/10/96
Writer: Piers Hobson
Director: Tony Osicka
Ben Dalziel: Stephen Pease
Georgia Brown: Petra Jared
Melissa Drenth: Aimee Robertson
Interested Woman: Belinda Lees
Summary/Images by: Alan
Rupert and Billy quiz Jo over equal rights wanting her to fight for men's access to the gym. Ben is impressed with Danni's ideas for Chicain and wants her to take them to Syndey. Billy tells Mel he wants to break up.
Mel asks if the break-up is because of George but he says she has nothing to do with it. He says there was nothing in their kiss. Mel gets very upset and thinks they've been laughing behind her back, she's always been honest with him but he didn't have the decency to tell her something was wrong. He says he should have been honest with her weeks ago but he didn't know how to tell her, she says she hopes he's happy with George and leaves.
Toadie tells Billy that Mel was giving him the third degree at school - Billy says he broke up with her and Toadie thinks he's mad. Billy goes on to say they were going their separate ways but Toadie suggests there might be more to it and that he's dating George, but Billy denies it. He changes the subject and asks about the party Toadie and Rupert went to, but Toadie is hazy and just says that a good time was had by all. Meanwhile, he's craving his cigarettes.
George runs into Melissa and asks what's up with her - Mel tells her that she knows all about her and Billy being together. George says she has no idea what she's talking about but Mel says that she and Billy have broken up and she's the reason why. Later, George goes to see Billy and says she heard about the break-up - she asks about her involvement, but Billy says that he didn't say she was involved. He apologises that she's become a part of it but George says she's been hanging out for him ever since they kissed. She kisses him again. He doesn't respond and she asks what's holding him back, he says he really does like her but it's all too quick, he and Mel only broke up that day. George gets up to leave but he says he doesn't want her to go, he needs a friend and she's the only one he can trust. They watch TV and are getting on really well, they talk about her Dad and she says he's much better and should be able to go home soon. They end up kissing.
The next day, Mel goes to see Billy and apologises for blaming George and acting like she did. Just as she does, there's a knock at the door and it's George who runs in and gives Billy a kiss. She turns and see Mel who storms off saying she wishes she hadn't bothered. Billy and George feel bad about what happened but don't know what to do. Billy says he doesn't know what he wants. Toadie runs into Mel at The Coffee Shop and they talk about the pair of them. Mel says she caught them kissing that morning and Toadie says she's got to be joking because Billy swore there was nothing going on between them.
Jo wants people to sign her petition about the gym going women only - Ben thinks it's downright discrimination but Cheryl thinks it's a good idea so that women don't have to put up with the 'leering types.' She says the men should go elsewhere and it's good that people get a choice. Jo says there's nowhere else locally for the men to go. Cheryl eventually comes around and signs the petition. Later, it hits a big snag when Jo is told she's a troublemaker and gets the sack from the gym for disagreeing with the new arrangement. Sam asks where her boss was but Jo says he didn't say anything because he didn't want to get off side with the new management. Marlene suggests he could get her more work elsewhere but Jo says he thought it was better she had nothing to do with him for a little while. She doesn't know what to do. Sam says there are heaps of opportunities out there for someone like her.
Marlene sees a competition to win-a-date with 'Sammy' in her Womyn's Stuff magazine. Sam reveals that he isn't very happy about it all so Marlene suggests she knows enough about him to enter and probably win. Sam gets a lot of attention following the competition - a lady at The Coffee Shop purposely drops her keys in front of him to start a conversation. She says she's been admiring his portrait and wants to see his eye colour to finish her entry form. Sam is uncomfortable with it all but Jo says it's part and parcel of being famous. She suggests he could be the public face of her gym campaign, but he tells her to forget it! Later, Marlene gets a call from Sam's 'girlfriend' but it's just someone fishing for clues for the competition. Marlene Sam onto her but he puts the phone down when she says something obscene. He decides that he's going to call off the whole thing.
Danni continues working on her designs but Ben tells her to relax because he's already chosen her to go to Sydney. Danni is irritable and just wants peace to finish them. After spending more time with them she is still unhappy but Ben tells her to pull herself together as they will be catching the plane soon. She continues to work on them but he says they're perfect and to leave them alone. Danni continues messing with her designs and ends up modifying them so badly that they are unrecognisable and eventually gets so fed up she begins drawing all over them and screwing them up. Ben arrives home to find them ripped up and littering the floor. Danni is sitting crying and Ben gets mad because he told her not to touch them. He says it's ok as they can use the copies, but she says she didn't keep any. He goes mad and tells her she's an idiot. She says she'll do roughs but he says they can't go into a presentation with roughs! He thanks god for Suki...
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