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Neighbours Episode 2599 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2599
Australian airdate: 25/04/96
UK airdate: 30/10/96
Writer: Clare Mendes
Director: Tony Osicka
Tom Kennedy: Bob Hornery
Ben Dalziel: Stephen Pease
Rupert Sprod: Tobi Webster
Melissa Drenth: Aimee Robertson
Summary/Images by: Alan
Rochelle tells Melissa that Billy is bored with her and he's going to drop her for George. Cheryl and Ben congratulate Danni on her design work. Billy is knocked unconscious on the football pitch and Melissa notices how anxious George is about it.
The Kennedys take Billy home and Karl checks him over, he checks out ok but anyway Billy is more worried that the rest of the team will think he's a wuss. Karl tells him to spend the rest of the day in bed, but Billy thinks they're overreacting and this is all a part of football. Susan is upset that another player could hit him without provacation but he doesn't think it's a big deal. Karl is shocked and says football is supposed to be a game. Later, Melissa and Libby discuss what happened to Billy and how brutal guys playing football can be. Libby says it's part of the mystery of sport and she's only just beginning to understand it herself.....and her almost endeth the lesson of the day.
Rupert and Toadie ask Libby if the filming of the game went ok and she said that she got it up to Billy being floored. Rupert tries to get Billy up to go to a party at Rochelle's place. Melissa and Libby say he's not going anywhere and Rupert is none too pleased that Libby won't be going either. The girls have a go at them for thinking it's cool that Billy was injured, but Rupert says that Libby is being uptight about it and he and Toadie both leave. Libby isn't happy with the way Rupert behaved and starts to wonder if he's just another yobbo like the others. She wonders if the yobbo is the real him and the nice guy act is a cover up. Melissa defends him saying that he was just upset she couldn't go to the party. Toadie and Rupert head to the Coffee Shop and Toadie digs up him about Rochelle having the hots for him. The next day, Rupert meets Libby in Ramsay Street and apologises for being a jerk and says she was right to go off at him. She says he was pretty obnoxious but she was full-on too and was just worried about Billy - they call a truce. She asks about the party but he's hazy and says it was just the boys and he didn't stay that long. They kiss.
Angie tells Toadie she's proud of him but then realises he's been smoking - he says it's a party and everyone smokes at parties, she says that's no good and it takes will power. If he has another cigarette that evening he'll have to stay there and wash dishes. He agrees and they head back to the party. The next day Angie tells Toadie she's disappointed that he couldn't get through the night without a fag and that he didn't keep his promise to her. She tells Karl and he gives him a lecture about it but Toadie says it all just makes the craving stronger. Angie says he's been smoking since he was 10 but the heavy-handed approach doesn't help, so she's trying other things. Karl suggests he try cutting down on the number he has a day, or uses nicotine-flavoured chewing gum, but he still needs will power. Toadie says he hasn't got any. Later, he tries using a lolly stick to replace the cigarette and tells Melissa that trying to control his smoking is a hundred times worse than controlling his eating, she says he'll get there in the end.
Ben is on the phone to important fashion magazine Fad, arranging to talk about Chicain (sp?) being part of a spread on young Australian designers - they could get a chance to showcase their designs in a national magazine. Danni is very excited but Ben says that they will need to put up the best possible designs so she will have to compete with Suki - the best designer will get in the spread. Later, Danni tells Cheryl and Lou about it and doesn't think she has enough time to revamp her designs - Cheryl tells her she can do it because she's a talented girl and she wants to see her put her head down and go for it. Danni works on her design ideas and Ben wants her to take a break she says her creativity is flowing and she must carry on. She has a great idea to modify the design and ends up falling asleep on them. Ben carries her to bed in the morning. Ben takes a look at Danni's designs and says they're fantastic - original, the lines are strong and fresh and have a life of their own. He says the designs Suki showed him don't even come close and that hers could put Chicain on the map. He wants to take them to Sydney and present them to Fad.
Lou and Cheryl discuss how serious Marlene's collapse was and how stubborn she is when they try to help. Lou suggests they back off but Cheryl says she'd be 10 times worse if they didn't interfere.
Susan says that May feels really alone as Sylvia was the last of the group, but she's a 'tough old bird.' Karl tells her that Andrew Watson has been getting hell from the kids at school.
Tom and Karl go out for a meal but Tom neglects to tell him it's a union fundraiser! Karl isn't over-the-moon but they head to the pub and have a laugh over it. Lou asks if they'll have some wine, they go with the red - "what else?" says Tom.
Later, Tom talks to Susan about not being Karl's real father. He says he's been wondering for years whether he should tell him. He is also upset that Karl hasn't told the kids and asks if she will talk to him about it. She says it's not really her place as it's up to Karl, Tom says he'd tell them himself but he's got to respect what Karl wishes - although he doesn't like lying to them anymore. Susan says she thinks Karl is worried that the kids will reject him, but Tom says that's silly. Susan adds it's as silly as him not telling Karl for all these years. She suggests he talk to him a bit more and once Karl is comfortable enough with it, everything else will follow. Back at No.28 later, Libby takes the mickey out of Karl's dinners saying that they ate a lot better when Tom was looking after them. She makes a crack that he didn't inherit Tom's cooking expertise, which clearly unsettles him a bit.
Melissa talks to Libby about Billy and says she is still worried about what Rochelle said and that he's been ignoring her lately. Libby says they need to talk and have it out, but Melissa wants Libby to talk to him for her. She says Mel has to be brave and do it herself. The next day when Billy gets up, Libby tells him that he's a scammer and should be at school - he says he had a serious head injury! Libby says that he should have a talk to Melissa because she knows something is going on and keeps asking questions about what he's thinking - he's got to say something soon beacuse it's not fair to anyone, especially Melissa. Meanwhile, Melissa talks to Toadie and she asks if Billy is planning on dropping her for George. He says it's the first he heard of it and he hopes it's not true because George is his girl......sort of!
Melissa goes to see Billy and he tells her he's just scoring a day off. She says she seriously needs to talk to him about their relationship. He admits that he's not been very fair on her and she agrees. He adds that he feels they've been drifting apart lately. She asks if he likes her anymore and he says he's sorry, but he thinks they should break up...
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