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Neighbours Episode 2598 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2598
Australian airdate: 24/04/96
UK airdate: 29/10/96
Writer: Christopher Gist
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Georgia Brown: Petra Jared
Melissa Drenth: Aimee Robertson
Rupert Sprod: Tobi Webster
Andrew Watson: Christopher Uhlmann
Coach Garfield: Peter Farago
Rachelle Stig: Natalie Engelman
Opposition Thug: Adrian Darwent
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Sal/Sal
- Andrew talks to Karl about being homosexual.
- Luke breaks down to Debbie about being scared over his cancer.
In 24, Luke says he feels like an idiot and he feels ok now. Luke tells Deb that apart from Karl and Susan that no-one knows. Debbie can't believe he hasn't told his family but he says there's only Jen and despite her probably wanting to know, Morgan's death screwed both of their lives up and he doesn't think she'll cope. Debbie tells him that a lot of people care about him and would want to help but he says that he doesn't want to cry on other people's shoulders and that people would treat him differently - just look at how Debbie's treating him now. Debbie asks if she can at least drive him to his first treatment. He refuses and he tells her that all he wants her to do is to not tell anyone.
In Chez Chez, Stonie comments on Luke's haircut and the fact he's not going to be a cop anymore. Stonie says cops always make him nervous - Shane reckons it's genetic. Stonie tries to drag Luke out but he's not having any of it. There's some clever bits in this scene...Stonie says stuff like, 'You have given up on that idea, haven't you?" and Luke affirms, "Yeah, I've given up." He also asks when was the last time he had a big night out and Luke says, "The last time I vomited?" Clever. Anyway, Stonie comments that Luke's looking like his grandmother just died and Luke goes on about how life's for the living etc etc. Stonie asks if he's put his foot in it but Luke tells him she hasn't - well, she did but it was a long time ago. Stonie manages to convince Luke to go out on the town.
In The Coffee Shop Luke and Stonie wander in - they're still going from the night before. They order breakfasts and Luke asks for water. She tells them to cheer up Toadie in return - he's worried about the game. They start talking and it comes out that Toadie's really suffering from withdrawal symptoms from the cigarettes. Stonie lectures him and Luke tells him about people whose lungs are so bad, they can't blow out a match. Stonie starts going on about guys with holes in their necks who try and smoke through it and Luke says he's actually serious. Stonie protests he is too but Toadie says he has to go. Luke tells him that it might be ok now but when you get sick... Toadie blows up and asks what those two would know about it. He "thanks" them for the lecture but says he's late for school and leaves.
Philippa Martinez
In 26, Phil's got writer's block - they want him to set his next book in modern times. Debbie thinks modern times should be easier to write about and Phil tells her that 'romance flowed like a fountain' in those days. Today, it's a lot harder - it's less romantic. He can do regency as easy as falling off a log but the social customs and language of today's youth is a bit of a mystery to him. Deb tells him to perve on young lovers in a singles bar. He laughs - 'How to win friends and influence people!' She tells him not to be too obvious, she doesn't want him arrested for being a peeping tom. Mal knocks at the door and invites Debbie to a late night movie.
MAL: Good, you're home!
DEBBIE: Yeah...I er, I live here.
She agrees and she tells him it's not a hot date. Phil looks surprised and she says that they're just friends. As she leaves, he contemplates singles bars.
The next day, two extras are acting lovey dovey in the Coffee Shop. *THAT* music is playing...I don't know what it is but it gets played ALL of the time...and it gets used all of the time in this scene too - about 3 times in fact. Anyway, Phil's staring intently at them and Mal asks him if he wants a refill. Mal tries to talk to Phil but he's engrossed in the behaviour of the extras. He asks what Debbie's doing and Phil distractedly answers. Mal asks if Phil knows them and Phil says he doesn't. Mal says he's been staring at them since they came in. Phil covers up for it by saying he likes the cut of the guy's jacket! Mal asks about Debbie and Phil starts quizzing him over Debbie and comments about him being single and starts to discuss Danni. Then Phil discusses the breakup of the relationship and Danni being with Ben over the road. Mal says she's doing her own thing - which Phil repeats, quite interested. Mal takes this the wrong way and insists he's not on the rebound if that's what Phil's worried about. Phil suddenly snaps out of his 'dreamy, lost writer's expression' and suddenly realises he's discussing his daughter. Mal asks why Phil's asking all of the questions and Phil just says there's no reason. Mal walks off, totally bemused.
The Footy, the Billy/Mel/George Triangle and Andrew being gay
In 28, Libby and Mel are watching the football video. Libby asks if Mel and Billy are going out later and she comments that her and Billy haven't done anything by themselves in ages. Billy, George and Toadie walk in and Billy's ribbing Toadie over smelling like a toilet. They all want to watch the video but Mel wants to go out. Billy says they can see a film another night whilst George agrees with Billy. Mel looks a bit annoyed, not least when George starts pushing Billy jokingly whilst they're watching.
They're on the 3rd watch of the video and Mel and Libby are bored. Toadie leaves - he's feeling awful about not having a cigarette. He leaves. Mel suggests going for a walk but Billy wants to watch the video again. George says Libby should be pleased that they want to watch it and they put it back on. Mel is bored.
Karl tells Susan - on the phone - that she should stay as long as she's needed. Rupert's at the door, he's wound up about the game tomorrow. He mentions he saw Andrew Watson and his boyfriend. He says they were kissing in the changing rooms and 'dancing' (think YMCA style) in aerobics. They all laugh but Mel is totally uncomfortable and tells them to shut up. Libby tells Mel that Rupert's only joking. Karl, who's now sitting at the computer asks if Rupert was only joking. Rupert says he wasn't - Andrew really was there but Karl gets out of him that they weren't kissing or dancing. In fact, he was just talking. Karl points out that he could have been talking to anyone at all. They all protest that Rupert was just joking but Karl is not happy. Libby tells him to chill out but Karl says he expects more of them and although he can't control the outside world, under the roof of 28 he expects them to act like tolerant human beings and if Rupert can't, he should leave.
Karl, Billy and Libby are washing up. Karl apologises for embarrassing them earlier but he thought Rupert was way out of line. Billy says that other people are being worse and Rupert makes a joke out of everything. Karl asks what they're saying and says it's a great shame, he thought Andrew was well liked. He points out that Andrew has been a great help to Libby and particularly Billy with his dyslexia. He leaves. Billy says to Libby that if Karl's upset about other people's reactions, he should be talking to them - like Mel, for instance. Libby says that she doesn't agree with Mel but she's going to stick up for her because of the hard time Billy's been giving her. Libby asks if he's told her how he felt and he says he didn't want to hurt her. Libby points out that treating her like dirt all afternoon hurts her too. Billy says he doesn't know what to say and Libby tells him to try the truth but it takes more guts and that he can't be a wimp all of his life.
The next day, Mel and Libby are talking in the yard when some random annoying extra - Rachelle - wanders up and asks why they're not being really supportive - i.e. no banner - of the footie team seeing as they're dating the biggest spunks on it. They tell her that they don't need to try so hard - they support behind the scenes. She warns Mel that Billy's bored of her and the guys on the team are talking about dumping her for George Brown. Libby tells her to shut up but she tells her not to be so sure of herself - Rupert's been around. Libby says she's an idiot but Mel's worried about it being true.
In the only classroom in Erinsborough High, Andrew's talking about the footie match and offers his congrats to Billy, Toadie and George. Rochelle appears and Andrew asks why she's late. They chat about footie and the banner and Rochelle whispers that she bets Andrew is a fan of footie - all those lads in shorts. Andrew asks if she's got something to say but she says she hasn't. Then Rochelle carries on saying to her friend that Andrew will be down there perving on them. Andrew tells them to get on with their work.
On the pitch, the coach is psyching them up. They're talking about the other team being dirty (something Stonie mentioned earlier to Toadie too). Libby's filming and Angie and Mel are watching.
Karl finds Andrew in the Coffee Shop. He tells him that he's got a message from Susan - she's back and she'll see him at the footie match. Andrew says he's thinking of not going as he's sick of his sexuality being an issue. Karl tells him to stop brooding and to go and watch the footie match. Andrew asks who made him the school bully and Karl tells him 'she who calls the shots'. Karl tells him to fight it.
The lads play footie and Rupert, Billy and Toadie are all doing well. Least, I presume they are - they look like it - I haven't got a clue how Aussie rules works. Susan and Andrew are also there. There's a lot of pushing and shoving going on - especially between Billy and one of the opposite team. Toadie keeps scoring to Angie's delight.
8 12 60
Wattle Bend
8 13 61
Billy gets the ball and starts running. Right infront of Susan he's knocked to the ground. He doesn't move and the RSR gather round him. As Susan strokes his hair and tries to get a response, Mel looks over and catches George's worried expression. Billy doesn't respond at all.
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