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Neighbours Episode 2586 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2586
Australian airdate: 08/04/96
UK airdate: 11/10/96
UK Gold: 01/10/02
Writer: Lyn Ogilvy
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Georgia Brown: Petra Jared
Tom Kennedy: Bob Hornery
Jeffrey Murphy: Michael Isaacs
Police Medical Officer: Tasos Petousis
Hugh Murphy: Alan McNab
Edna Murphy: Marie Trevor
Murphy: Trained by Luke Hura
Dahl & Casserole: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Graham
Philip talking to Debbie on the 'phone. Debbie telling him that things are awful in the US.
Hannah declaring angrily that she hopes George's dad dies. George overhearing.
Grandpa Tom turning up at the Kennedys' to stay, much to the kids' horror!
No. 26
Philip sits down at the dining table with George and Hannah, telling them that what they're going to try is a bit of conflict resolution. Hannah tells George that she didn't mean what she said about her dad; she's just sick of her being mean. George denies that she's mean. Philip tells the girls that she wants them to write down their grievances and then write down all the good things about each other and swap notes. He adds that they have until tomorrow morning. George and Hannah glare at each other.
No. 28
Mal and Billy shake their grandfather's hand and Mal comments that no one told them he was coming! Tom grins that it must have slipped Karl and Susan's mind! Billy takes Tom's case into the spare room. Tom then comments to Toadie that he must be Jarrod, and he shakes his hand. Cassie wanders round the lounge room, baaing throughout!
It's the next morning and we see a montage of Karl driving him and Susan along a country lane, Susan variously strumming Karl's guitar, pretending to play the drums and then looking at a huge fold- out map in front of her. Eventually, she tells Karl to take the next right, adding that it's not the most direct route, but there's a pretty creek. Karl turns right and then brings the car to a halt. The two of them climb out and look at the view. Looking impressed, Karl smiles that this is possibly the best idea they've ever had! He adds that he's starting to feel like a big kid again! Susan grins:
SUSAN: I wonder how *our* kids were with gramps turning up like that last night!
KARL (chuckles): I bet it rained on their parade!
The two of them take photos of each other as Susan asks Karl when he thinks they'll be able to accept that the kids are old enough to be responsible.
No. 28
Tom is serving up bowls of porridge as he asks the kids what they're doing today. Billy says he's going to go over to Mel's. Libby says she might go to see a film with Rupert. As the kids sit down at the table, Tom tells them that he's there to see they don't get into trouble, not to rain on their parade - so *he'll* be open with *them* if *they'll* be open with *him*. He then notices that Mal is holding his pink Holy Roll uniform and he exclaims in horror:
TOM: I hope you are not planning on actually *wearing* that rig, are you?
Mal tells him that Toadie's mum makes them wear it, otherwise they'll lose their job. Tom splutters that he knows of no industrial law that says anything of the kind: you've got to know your rights and employers will walk all over you if you don't know your rights. Mal insists that Angie is all right. Tom looks at Toadie and says:
TOM: No offence against your mother, mate, but anyone who walks the capitalist road is using other people's sweat for their own ends.
Libby gets up from the table and says she's got to go; she doesn't want to keep Rupert waiting. She heads out, leaving Tom to chuckle that *one's* escaped - how are the *rest* of them going to get away?! Meanwhile, Billy asks Toadie quietly why he doesn't *talk* to George: she seemed like she wanted to be friends last night. Toadie, however, says he thinks he'll let things be for a while.
No. 26
Philip walks into the kitchen and says a cheery good morning to Hannah and George. He gets muted 'Morning's in response, causing him to comment wearily that it appears that last night's exercise was less than successful. Hannah snaps:
HANNAH: She said I was interfering and insensitive.
GEORGE: Yeah, well, *you* said I was rude, bad- tempered and aggressive.
HANNAH: Well he said to be *honest*.
Philip stops them, pointing out that he assumed that they were both mature enough to accept each other's criticisms. The girls start bickering again, and no one notices as the front door opens and someone walks in and puts down a suitcase. Philip snaps at Hannah and George to shut up. The three of them all suddenly notice Debbie standing in the entranceway.
As Susan drives the car through the country lanes, she and Karl are playing I- spy. Suddenly, however, Susan notices steam start pouring from under the bonnet. Karl tells her to pull over, but before she can do so the car comes to a halt. Karl tells Susan to pop the bonnet. She does so and the two of them climb out to look at the engine - which is giving off an almighty hiss. Susan asks him if he has any ideas. Karl says:
KARL: Are you doubting my ability?
SUSAN (mockingly): Oh, *what* ability?
KARL: It's all right. I'm the man here: I'll do the manly thing - and pretend I know what I'm doing...!
No. 26
Hannah wants to try on a dress that Debbie has bought her. George tells everyone that she'll leave them to catch up, and she marches out. Hannah goes to her room to try on her dress, leaving Philip to give Debbie a big hug. He then tells her that he was worried about her: she sounded a real mess on the 'phone. Debbie comments mutedly that that was a fair assessment. Philip tells her that he's been trying to read between the lines ever since she called, but he's none the wiser: what happened? Debbie, however, replies that it was a really long trip; can they leave it? Hannah calls out to her sister and Debbie comments that it sounds like the fashion junkie needs some assistance!
Karl and Susan are still looking under car bonnet when a tractor approaches, the driver brings it to a halt and asks them if they've having a bit of trouble. He goes to have a squiz and then announces that the water pump's broken; they need a new one. He asks if they need to go anywhere urgent. Karl tries to explain that have a dinner reservation. Susan, however, stops him, telling the farmer that they don't. The farmer says he'll take them back to *his* place. Karl sighs at Susan that he wants to go to the winery; why can't they stay there and wait? Susan, however, pleads with him and he gives in.
No. 28
Libby arrives home and Tom asks whether it was a good movie. Libby says it was great, although she doesn't think he'd have liked it much as she got the impression that towards the end they were glorifying war. Tom declares:
TOM: Sometimes war is the only answer. It was a war that got me into the Communist party.
BILLY: What war? Vietnam?
TOM (sarcastically): Vietnam?! I think you need a history lesson. What do they teach you at school these days? The Spanish Civil War.
TOADIE: Never heard of it.
TOM: It was before World War II: Franco wanting to take over Spain with help from Nazi Germany and fascist Italy. Someone had to try and stop him.
BILLY: And the Communist party did?
TOM: With others: intellectuals, writers, socialists from all over the world. One of my teachers from school went, to join what was called the Intellectual Brigade. Made me see what fighting for freedom was all about.
LIBBY: Did they win?
TOM: Nah. Rest of Europe turned a blind eye - just as they did later on with Hitler; and I suppose you all know what happened *there*.
Libby asks her grandfather if he's still a member. Tom, however, tells her that he left the Communist party when the USSR invaded Czechoslovakia in 1968. The kids look at him blankly. Tom sighs that they terrify him: they're obviously intelligent and well- read but know nothing about history. He goes on, though, that he still believes in the concept:
TOM: You tell me what's wrong with abolishing class distinction, paying workers a fair wage, abolishing private property.
TOADIE: So you're telling me that you can't own your own house?!
Tom tells them to do themselves a favour: read Karl Marx. He heads off to his room. When he's gone, Libby tells Billy and Toadie to call everyone and cancel the party.
Police Academy
Luke is running on a treadmill, being assessed. He then does sit- ups, has his body fat measured using callipers and has his pulse taken. The medical officer frowns that it's taking a bit longer than he expected for Luke's pulse to slow down, especially considering his other results, and he asks him if he's had a cold or the 'flu recently. Luke explains that he had a bit of a cough and a sore throat and his glands have been a bit swollen. The physician checks his glands and then comments that there appears to be lump there. He asks if it's been there long and Luke replies:
LUKE: I don't know. A week or two, maybe.
POLICE MEDICAL OFFICER: We'd better get it checked out.
LUKE: Is there a problem?
POLICE MEDICAL OFFICER: We can't tell until after the biopsy.
LUKE (exclaims): Biopsy? For a swollen gland?
POLICE MEDICAL OFFICER: Well, I'm not sure that's all it is. It's better to be safe than sorry. This afternoon OK?
LUKE: Um, yeah, I guess.
He then asks if he passes his medical. The medical officer, however, tells him:
POLICE MEDICAL OFFICER: Sorry - not until we get the results from the biop.
Luke stands there looking disappointed.
The tractor pulls into the yard of a farm and Susan and Karl climb off the back, where they've been sitting on bales of hay with a dog! They say a cheery hello to a woman standing by the house. The woman, however, suddenly picks up a rifle and points it in their direction. They quickly duck as the woman fires and declares:
WOMAN: Dinner!
The farmer tells Susan and Karl that she's the best shot in the district! Another, younger, slow- looking man emerges from the house, playing a harmonica. He notices Susan and stares at her adoringly! Susan smiles back at him slightly nervously!
No. 26
Debbie and Hannah are in Hannah's room, still talking about clothes. Debbie then asks her sister what the fight was about this morning. Hannah sighs that she's *sick* of George: they took her in and she should at least try to be nice to them. Philip comes in and tells the girls that George rang and won't be home for dinner tonight. Hannah comments that that's the best news she's heard all day. Philip warns her that she could try to understand: George is an outsider and you can't blame her for acting like one. He then tells Debbie that he'd particularly like it if *she* could become friends with her. Debbie mutters:
DEBBIE: I've got enough troubles of my own without having to worry about *her* state of mind.
PHILIP: Yeah, I know, but at least you've got the support of your family.
DEBBIE (irritated): Fine, all right, I'll be nice to her. Just get off my back, OK?
She then apologises, saying it's just strange settling back in - and she's probably got jetlag. Philip and Hannah leave her to it. Debbie closes the door behind them and closes her eyes, wearily.
No. 28
On the sofa, George and Billy are watching TV. Toadie is watching George! Over in the kitchen area, Mal, Tom and Libby are talking about fixing Mal's car, Libby insisting that Rupert is a good mechanic. Tom asks if *he* can help out, as he was pretty good with old bombs. Back on the couch, George thanks Billy for inviting her over for dinner: she had to get out of No. 26 for a while. Billy asks if there isn't some way she can patch things up with Hannah. George, however, sighs that it's not just Hannah - she seems to be getting on the wrong side of *everyone*. Tom wanders over and says:
TOM: Toadie, are you going to speak to our guest at *all* tonight, or are you just going to embarrass her by staring at her like you've been doing so far?
There's suddenly a knock on the front door and Toadie leaps up to get it. He finds Jo standing on the step. She heads inside and asks if any of them have seen Luke, as he hasn't come home yet and he had his medical for the police force this morning. Mal suggests that maybe he's out celebrating. Jo accepts this. She then says:
JO: While I'm here, do you want me to bring a plate for the party tonight? Sounds like it's gonna be huge!
Tom stares at her and then asks:
TOM: *What* party? [To the kids, sternly] So much for our little talk this morning. Well, guys, you've just blown it: no more Mr. Nice Guy.
Karl is strumming his guitar as the younger man at the farm tries to play his harmonica in tune with him. The 'phone rings and the farmer answers it. Susan joins the farmer's wife and asks if there's anything she can do to help. The woman just retorts:
WOMAN: No. Siddown.
The farmer hangs up the 'phone and his wife tells him they need more wood. The farmer then tells Karl and Susan that that was Stretch: the new water pump will be there soon. Susan smiles in relief:
SUSAN: That's wonderful! When's 'soon'?
FARMER: Couldn't say for sure. Maybe a week.
Susan gives Karl a glance. Karl asks if there's a hotel nearby. The farmer tells him that they don't mind him and Susan staying there. Susan insists that they've been so kind: they can't impose any longer. The farmer insists:
FARMER: Yes you can. We *like* company - though we don't get much of it these days.
He then hefts an axe onto his shoulder and adds:
FARMER: In fact, we *insist* you stay.
Susan and Karl look at each other warily!
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Georgia Brown, Philip Martin, Hannah Martin in Neighbours Episode 2586
Georgia Brown, Philip Martin, Hannah Martin

Casserole the sheep in Neighbours Episode 2586
Casserole the sheep

Billy Kennedy, Malcolm Kennedy, Tom Kennedy, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 2586
Billy Kennedy, Malcolm Kennedy, Tom Kennedy, Toadie Rebecchi

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2586
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2586
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Libby Kennedy, Billy Kennedy, Tom Kennedy, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 2586
Libby Kennedy, Billy Kennedy, Tom Kennedy, Toadie Rebecchi

Debbie Martin in Neighbours Episode 2586
Debbie Martin

Hannah Martin, Georgia Brown, Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 2586
Hannah Martin, Georgia Brown, Philip Martin

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2586
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Philip Martin, Debbie Martin in Neighbours Episode 2586
Philip Martin, Debbie Martin

Hugh Murphy, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2586
Hugh Murphy, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Billy Kennedy, Libby Kennedy, Tom Kennedy, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 2586
Billy Kennedy, Libby Kennedy, Tom Kennedy, Toadie Rebecchi

Luke Handley, Police Medical Officer in Neighbours Episode 2586
Luke Handley, Police Medical Officer

Edna Murphy in Neighbours Episode 2586
Edna Murphy

Jeffrey Murphy in Neighbours Episode 2586
Jeffrey Murphy

Debbie Martin in Neighbours Episode 2586
Debbie Martin

Toadie Rebecchi, Joanna Hartman in Neighbours Episode 2586
Toadie Rebecchi, Joanna Hartman

Malcolm Kennedy, Tom Kennedy, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2586
Malcolm Kennedy, Tom Kennedy, Libby Kennedy

Hugh Murphy in Neighbours Episode 2586
Hugh Murphy

Hugh Murphy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2586
Hugh Murphy, Susan Kennedy

Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2586
Karl Kennedy

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