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Neighbours Episode 2587 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2587
Australian airdate: 09/04/96
UK airdate: 14/10/96
UK Gold: 02/10/02
Writer: Jenny Lewis
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Ben Dalziel: Stephen Pease
Rupert Sprod: Tobi Webster
Jeffrey Murphy: Michael Isaacs
Police Officer: Carl Lindgren
Summary/Images by: Graham
Libby realising she and Rupert Sprod have things in common.
Danni telling Ben that she doesn't see why they have to separate their personal and private lives. Ben warning her that she's not getting a free ride.
Hugh Murphy insisting that Karl and Susan stay at the farm!
No. 22
Lou heads into No. 22 and calls out to ask if anybody's home. Cheryl emerges from the kitchen and gives him a loving hug, telling him that she can't tell him how much she's missed him! Lou, however, muses that this much love means some disaster hit while he was away! At that moment, Danni comes downstairs and Cheryl tells Lou that her daughter has *so* much to tell him. Danni says she's only got a sec because she and Ben - her fiancé - are going out. She shows an astonished Lou her engagement ring. Ben comes downstairs at that moment and Danni introduces him, explaining that he runs a fashion company and she's his partner and Chief Designer. Cheryl suggests to them that they get going; they've got plenty of time to catch up. Danni and Ben head out, leaving Cheryl to comment to Lou:
CHERYL: I hope it was very relaxing up there in the high country, Lou, because trust me: settle back - it's all downhill from here!
No. 22
Sometime later, Cheryl and Lou are washing and wiping up, Cheryl sighing that if she stands in Danni's way she'll do a Brett on her, and if she stays silent then she watches her ruin her life. Lou asks if Danni could be in *love* with this Ben. Cheryl, however, retorts that you can't fall in love in two weeks; lust, maybe, but not love. Lou suggests that maybe, as Danni was devastated when she couldn't get into design school, having Ben by her side gives her the career she always wanted, and marriage to him *seals* the deal. Cheryl, however, insists that Danni wouldn't stoop so low.
Susan and Karl are lying in a creaky bed, having trouble sleeping as the bed squeaks every time they move! Karl tells Susan that at first light they're going to the nearest hotel. Susan, however, retorts that that would be rude. There's suddenly a knock on the door. It opens and Jeffrey Murphy comes in, carrying an axe and a can of oil, which he uses on the bed! He then puts the axe down and tells Karl and Susan to keep it handy, as they found a big King Brown snake in the room the other night. He heads out again, leaving Susan and Karl looking perturbed! Susan whispers:
SUSAN: That's it: first thing in the morning, we're out of here!
Holy Roll
The next morning, Libby sits down at a table with Rupert, muttering that she could *kill* Jo for opening her big mouth. Rupert points out that they should have *told* her the party was off. He asks Libby what her grandpa said and she replies that he was disappointed in them: not because they were planning to have a party, but because they felt they couldn't tell him. Danni and Ben come in at that moment and Danni introduces her fiancée to Libby and Rupert. She shows off her ring, shoving it in Libby's face, and Libby replies flatly that it's great. Ben suggests to Danni that she stay and have coffee with her friends. Danni realises suddenly that she left her credit card at home. Ben gives her *his* card, but warns her not to spend too much, as it's the company card, not hers.
Susan and Karl are sneaking out of the farm, Susan hissing at Karl that they didn't even say goodbye. Karl points out that they left a note. He adds that he wants to wipe the memory of this place out of his mind forever. As they struggle to carry their cases without dropping them, Jeffrey appears in front of them suddenly and asks tersely if they're going somewhere. Karl replies that, as a matter of fact, they're going to stay in town until the car's fixed. Jeffrey asks:
JEFFREY: Don't you like us or something?
SUSAN (laughs nervously): Oh, yes, yes, of course we do, you've been wonderful. It's just... [glancing at Karl] it's just... that we didn't think there was enough room here for us, that's all.
Jeffrey tells them that there will be now: his parents went to look after his Aunt Aggie, who's had another turn, so Karl and Susan can sleep in *their* bed. Karl smiles that they don't want to get in the way. Jeffrey says sharply:
JEFFREY: Look, I stayed *behind* because of you. Didn't want to leave you out here all on your own. Now, you're telling me I missed out on a big trip to Diamond Dam for nothing?
KARL: Can't you catch them up?
JEFFREY: They took the truck.
KARL (repeats): They took the truck.
JEFFREY: And besides, you did promise to teach me the rest of that song on my harmonica. Are you breaking your promise?
Susan looks at Karl and then tells Jeffrey that they really appreciate that he stuck around because of them - they'd *love* to stay. Jeffrey beams:
JEFFREY: You'll be heaps more comfortable in mum and dad's room: four generations of Murphys have died in that bed!
Holy Roll
Danni is telling Libby enthusiastically that she has the feeling that her time has come; it's not as if she hasn't waited for this or suffered for it. Libby doesn't look overly sympathetic! Danni goes on that the college will ask her back one day, but she'll be too busy overseas, expanding the business with Ben. She adds:
DANNI: Patience and hard work, that's what it takes, Lib.
LIBBY (flatly): What about talent?
DANNI (laughs): I don't think my talent's in any doubt, Libby! Ben wouldn't have hired me for the job and certainly wouldn't be *marrying* me. I bet you want to know how that all started!
Libby looks less than interested!
No. 24
Sam opens the front door and tells Marlene - who has her eyes closed - to step inside. She does so and Sam then tells her to open her eyes. She looks around at all the new furniture and gasps in astonishment that he got it all for *her*. She then gives him a hug and smiles that it's the loveliest thought. She adds that she's going to pay for it; she doesn't want him using the cheque from his modelling on *her*. Sam asks her just to promise that she's learned a lesson: she's going to pay her parking fines from now on. Marlene promises!
Holy Roll
Rupert and Libby are both listening to Danni enthuse about her new career, but neither looks interested. Danni eventually says she must be going: so many shops and so little time. She leaps up and heads out, leaving Rupert to exclaim at Libby:
RUPERT: Unbelievable!
Libby remarks that at least she's happy. Rupert retorts that at least she's happy with the guy's *credit card*; no wonder they're getting married. He adds that he can't believe he wasted two years of his life having a huge crush on her. Libby asks if that means the crush is all over now. Rupert replies:
RUPERT: Look, the girl's a babe, I can't deny that; and she's really hot looking - but you scratch the surface and there's just nothing there. I mean, it took me a while but I've finally realised that I like my girls kind, clever and down- to- earth - and if they're gorgeous as well, then it's simply a bonus!
With that, the two of them kiss.
Chez Chez
Sam walks into Chez Chez and smiles at Lou - who's behind the bar - that it's nice to see him again. Lou grins at Sam that the last time he saw *him*, he had no clothes on: he was looking at Lauren's magazine! He has a copy with him and goes to show Sam, but Sam grabs it and quickly walks out! As he does so, Ben comes in and asks Lou coolly if he's seen Danni, as she was supposed to meet him two hours ago. Lou suggests that maybe she got caught up with something else. Ben mutters:
BEN: Yeah - shopping with my credit card.
He sits down and asks Lou how long he's *known* Danni. Lou replies that it's two or three years. Ben sighs that he's starting to have doubts about her as a business partner: she seems a bit flighty. He adds that if she thinks she's going to use him for an easy ride, she's got another think coming.
Car Park
As they walk across the car park behind the Lassiter's complex, Libby comments to Rupert that it must be difficult for him living on his own, especially while he's still at school. Rupert sighs that he's just spent half his grocery money on petrol. With that, Libby runs to his car and asks him for his keys. Rupert warns her that she hasn't got her licence. Libby, however, asks how she's going to get it if she doesn't *practice*. Rupert hands over the keys and allows Libby to reverse out of the parking space. She puts her foot down and the car speeds back - just as a police car approaches. Rupert quickly goes to put on his seatbelt, but it's too late. Libby winds down her window and an approaching police officer asks for her licence. Libby tells him sheepishly that she's only got her learner's permit; she was just backing the car out. The policeman then asks Rupert if it's his vehicle. Rupert replies that it's his brother's. The officer warns them that they've both just broken the law.
Car Park
A few moments later, Libby and Rupert climb out of the car, Libby telling the police officer that she didn't know she was doing anything wrong. The officer asks for her name and she gives it as Elizabeth Kennedy. She then tries to explain that she knows she's not allowed to drive on the road with a P- plater, but she thought a car park was *different*. The officer just ignores this, though, and asks Libby for her address. Rupert mutters at him:
RUPERT: Look, why won't you listen to us? We're trying to *explain*.
POLICE OFFICER (tersely): No, mate, this is how it works: *I* explain things to *you*, and the story here is that your girlfriend won't be getting her licence for a very long time.
LIBBY (looking horrified): What?
POLICE OFFICER (to Rupert): And you'll probably lose yours, too.
Libby cries that it's not fair: she swears they've never done anything like this before. The police officer hesitates and then sighs and tells them that he'll let them off with a warning - but he's writing them each a $135 ticket for not failing to wear a seatbelt.
Chez Chez
Marlene and Cheryl head into the bar, Marlene exclaiming that she can't believe Danni's engaged to a man she doesn't even know. Lou joins them and gives Marlene a kiss before telling her that at least all her suffering wasn't in vain. Marlene asks him what he means and Lou explains that they've changed the no- parking zone behind the shop to a permit area, so she can park there to her heart's content. Marlene exclaims in annoyance that changing it now is like rubbing her nose in it. Lou, however, points out that at least she won. Marlene accepts this reluctantly and asks Lou to break out the champagne! Sam comes in at that moment and tells Marlene that his ad's hit the streets. He hands Cheryl a copy of the magazine Lou gave him. It's open at the page showing his ad for 'Stefano Gold' and Cheryl exclaims that it's great! Marlene takes a look. Looking impressed, she smiles that she's going to get a copy and take it down to the girls at the station: they can stick it up on their lockers!
No. 28
Libby and Rupert walk into No. 28, Rupert exclaiming that he's going to have to starve for *weeks* to pay off $135. Libby, however, tells him that there's plenty of food at No. 28 and she's sure her gramps won't mind having him around for a while - and she knows *she* won't! They sit down on the couch and Libby sighs that this wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for her. Rupert, however, tells her that he should have been firm with her and not let her drive. Libby tells him that she wants to help him with his fine - she'll donate her clothes allowance for the next couple of months. Rupert, however, says:
RUPERT: No girlfriend of mine is going to walk around in last season's clothes. I mean - what would Danni Stark say?!
No. 22
Danni is showing off her new, expensive outfits to Lou, Lolly and Cheryl. Cheryl asks her how she's able to *afford* all of these things, because *she's* not picking up the bill. Danni beams that she has her own expense account. The front door opens at that moment and Ben comes in. He doesn't look happy, and when he sees all of Danni's new outfits he remarks coolly that she spent all day shopping, didn't she? Danni goes to show him what she's bought, but Ben snaps:
BEN: What about the meeting?
DANNI (dismissively): Oh, yeah, I know I was going to join you, but it sounded so boring I figured you could handle it yourself.
BEN: I set that meeting up for *your* sake, Danni. The clients were *expecting* you. When you didn't show up, you made us look completely unprofessional.
DANNI: Yeah, OK, don't go on about it. I'll come to the *next* meeting.
BEN: What *is* it with you, Danni? You want the glory of being in fashion but you're not prepared to put in the work, right?
BEN: Because if that's the case, I can quite easily find someone who's far more qualified and talented than you are. Look, Danni, I love you, but don't for a minute think I'm going to do you any favours. You've got to prove yourself, just like any other employee.
With that, he goes to walk out - but he then turns and asks for his credit card. Danni hands it over reluctantly. Ben warns her that the company's expense account is now off- limits to her. He adds
BEN: We've got a meeting tomorrow morning at nine o'clock. If you're not there on time, considered yourself fired.
Cheryl and Lou sit there looking sheepish and embarrassed as Danni stands there looking astonished.
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Lou Carpenter, Cheryl Stark in Neighbours Episode 2587
Lou Carpenter, Cheryl Stark

Danni Stark, Ben Dalziel in Neighbours Episode 2587
Danni Stark, Ben Dalziel

Lou Carpenter, Cheryl Stark in Neighbours Episode 2587
Lou Carpenter, Cheryl Stark

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2587
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Rupert Sprod, Ben Dalziel, Danni Stark, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2587
Rupert Sprod, Ben Dalziel, Danni Stark, Libby Kennedy

Jeffrey Murphy, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2587
Jeffrey Murphy, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Jeffrey Murphy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2587
Jeffrey Murphy, Susan Kennedy

Danni Stark, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2587
Danni Stark, Libby Kennedy

Marlene Kratz, Sam Kratz in Neighbours Episode 2587
Marlene Kratz, Sam Kratz

Danni Stark, Rupert Sprod, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2587
Danni Stark, Rupert Sprod, Libby Kennedy

Sam Kratz, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 2587
Sam Kratz, Lou Carpenter

Libby Kennedy, Rupert Sprod in Neighbours Episode 2587
Libby Kennedy, Rupert Sprod

Libby Kennedy, Rupert Sprod, Police Officer in Neighbours Episode 2587
Libby Kennedy, Rupert Sprod, Police Officer

Sam Kratz in Neighbours Episode 2587
Sam Kratz

Cheryl Stark, Sam Kratz, Lou Carpenter, Marlene Kratz in Neighbours Episode 2587
Cheryl Stark, Sam Kratz, Lou Carpenter, Marlene Kratz

Libby Kennedy, Rupert Sprod in Neighbours Episode 2587
Libby Kennedy, Rupert Sprod

Lou Carpenter, Louise Carpenter (Lolly), Cheryl Stark in Neighbours Episode 2587
Lou Carpenter, Louise Carpenter (Lolly), Cheryl Stark

Danni Stark, Ben Dalziel in Neighbours Episode 2587
Danni Stark, Ben Dalziel

Danni Stark in Neighbours Episode 2587
Danni Stark

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