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Neighbours Episode 2570 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2570
Australian airdate: 15/03/96
UK airdate: 19/09/96
UK Gold: 09/09/02
Writer: Helen MacWhirter
Director: Geoff Hunt
Guests: Kimberley: Rebecca Macauley
Sonny: Tom Hutchings
Tracey Bird: Helen Mutkins
Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Luke tells Kimberley that his police exam went well.
Phil asks Susan to be a reference for him for the "Kids In Crisis" scheme.
Sam takes part in a photoshoot for "Grandchild of the Year"
The police raid the house to search Mal and Stonie's car. The police tell Mal, Stonie and Sonny not to leave the house until they're finished.
Coffee Shop (kitchen)
Toadie tells Angie that there's a sandwich thief at Erinsborough High who stole his salad sandwich. Angie rolls her eyes and says he'd better not be looking for a second lunch and allows him to make a second salad sandwich.
Phil has come to ask Angie if Toadie would be able to take over a paper- round for him until Billy gets back from football camp.
ANGIE:(stunned) A job? You're offering my Jarrod a job?!
PHIL: Yes, I know a lot of people would say I've got rocks in my head...but I'm willing to give him a go.
Angie is very excited and agrees that Toadie will be able to start today after school. Toadie is eating a doughnut and doesn't look too pleased!
The police have now finished their search. Kimberley shows them some drugs in a plastic bag and asks them what they know about it. Apparently the car was used as a drop- off point for some small- time dealers in the area. Sonny explains it was his car which he sold to Mal and Stonie, and that he was beaten up by the guys who were looking for it only this morning. He swears he hadn't seen the guys who beat him up before. Kimberley says they'll all have to come down to the station with her.
A social worker has come to assess the house for the "Kids In Crisis" scheme. Unfortunately it's not a very good time as Helen has been painting and then a wet Holly comes in and jumps on the furniture! The social worker says she prefers to see normal families doing normal things. Helen offers her a cup of tea.
In the kitchen, Helen tells the social worker that there are 3 people living in the house at the moment. The social worker mentions seeing a police car driving off and Helen is shocked. Helen says it could have been Luke's girlfriend. The social worker asks about the street in general and Helen tells her it has an "old- fashioned village atmosphere". Everyone knows everyone else's business, but everyone pitches in in a crisis.
Luke and Sam are having a beer to celebrate Luke passing the intelligence test for the police force. However, Luke is not looking forward to the agility test. Sam tells him he'll be fine after all the workouts he's been doing recently. Luke invites Sam to join him at the gym this afternoon but he doesn't want to - apparently Cody showed them up last time(!) Sam says he's just not interested in hanging around with poseurs!
Phil has joined Helen and the social worker. They are just concluding their meeting and the social worker says that they seem like very good care providers and Ramsay Street seems like a very nice place. As the social worker is leaving, Toadie arrives.
PHIL: Toadie. What are you doing here, your paper- round doesn't start until after school.
TOADIE: Yeah, but I don't think I'll be able to make it. Got to go down the cop shop. Mal and Stonie got busted with a whole heap of drugs! The cops found them in that bomb they bought from Sonny and all three have to go down for questioning!
SOCIAL WORKER: A drug raid? Does this sort of thing happen often?
PHIL: No! Never!
HELEN: I can assure you that this is highly unusual.
TOADIE: Anyway, Stonie wants mum to pick him up, but she reckons after all the times she had to go down and bail out Shane she can't face the cops on her own! So that's why I've gotta go. Man, can you believe it? A drug raid, and I missed it!
Phil and Helen despair. The social worker just says that she'll be in touch!
Cody and Kimberley come in. Luke tells Kimberley that he passed his intelligence test. However, this is not a social call- she's come to tell them about the drugs raid. Mal and Stonie have been questioned and cleared. However, they were trying to get the drug dealers before the car was moved. Now they want to use Number 30 as a stake- out.
KIMBERLEY: We've got the drugs, but the dealers don't know that. We figure that it'll only be a matter of time before they move in for the pick- up. And when they do, we want to be in a position where we can see everything. And Number 30 has got a clear, unobstructed view of the Kennedy driveway.
Luke isn't sure about this, but Sam says it sounds like a perfect opportunity for Luke to get work experience. Kimberley tells Cody and Luke to ring her when they've decided.
Angie is ranting at Stonie, Sonny and Mal.
ANGIE: Do you realise what it's like to walk in there and have every policeman on duty know your name?! I mean, they even remembered how many sugars I had in me coffee!
Stonie protests that it wasn't even their fault, but Angie is upset that cops seem to follow her family around. When Angie has gone for a lie down, Toadie wants to know all the details of proceedings in the cop shop(!)
MALCOLM: If Dad knew that car was under investigation for a drug case, he'd go totally nuclear!
They agree not to tell Karl, but Sonny doesn't think it's that simple - the dealers will turn up sooner or later.
Luke isn't sure about the stake- out. He wonders if Kimberley is just using him - the car did appear in Ramsay Street the very day he met her. Sam says it's just a coincidence. Cody says it doesn't matter if she's using him or not - they can't bring personal feelings into it.
Stonie, Mal and Sonny are playing cards and jumping at every noise. Just then, the lights go out! They pick up saucepans, but it's only Toadie messing about.
Marlene and Phil are having a cup of coffee. Helen has heard from Rosemary's boyfriend in New York - it seems that Rosemary has had a nervous breakdown and is in hospital. Also, Debbie and Rosemary haven't been getting on very well recently. They want Helen to fly out and help to sort things out. Marlene and Phil sympathise.
Stonie, Mal and Sonny are ranting at Toadie and Stonie seems to be trying to smother him(!) Toadie just laughs and calls them a bunch of girls! So they give him another torture session(!)
Coffee Shop
Luke has agreed to the stake- out. Kimberley asks why he was so reluctant. Luke wants to know if Kimberley is using their relationship to crack this case. Kimberley says he has a suspicious mind, but it's a good asset for a cop. There's no connection between Luke and the case.
Sam is on the phone to someone about the Grandchild of the Year competition - apparently Teen Girl Magazine saw his photos and want him to be their next pin- up guy(!) "Face of the Nineties". Marlene is amazed and says he's going to be a supermodel!
Sonny rushes in and says his shop has been trashed. He's already called the cops and thinks it might be the same guys - one of the things missing was his address book. He reckons the dealers will be visiting them very soon!
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