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Neighbours Episode 2569 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2569
Australian airdate: 14/03/96
UK airdate: 18/09/96
UK Gold: 06/09/02
Writer: Karyn Noble
Director: Geoff Hunt
Guests: Kimberley: Rebecca Macauley
Detective: Chris Doyle
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Sonny Hammond: uncredited
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Angie tells Mal and Stonie that the car can't stay parked on the driveway of No.32.
Toadie orders pizza over the phone.
Karl takes Susan on a birthday boat trip.
Toadie pretends to collapse in Jo's class.
Jo is telling Angie that Toadie collapsed. She's too stupid to realise it's a ruse, but Stonie is on to him straightaway! Jo is not impressed and calls Toadie a "slimy pig". Toadie says it was enough punishment to be kissed by Bruce the Instructor. Jo tells Toadie never to speak to her again and tells him he'll never have a girlfriend because he's disgusting.
The Kennedys are back from boating. Mal is moaning that he lost he favourite fish hook and also that Libby caught far more fish than him(!) Karl tells Mal to have some dinner waiting for him tonight or else!
When the kids have gone, Susan tells Karl that he's done well.
KARL: Totally devoted husband. Totally. Now and forever.
Susan starts to giggle and wonders if any students saw her being whisked off with a blindfold(!) Karl says he should whisk Susan away somewhere again - just the two of them.
Stonie has now bought some tail lights for $45 and Malcolm is not impressed, reminding Stonie that the engine still doesn't work! Libby says they might as well put them on.
Angie tells Stonie that Phil isn't happy about the car - it is his house after all. She wants the car out before she returns from work today because she doesn't want to upset Phil - he is the landlord after all, and she wants to be a good tenant. Stonie suggests sweet- talking Karl into letting them store the car at No.28!
Stonie has already moved the car to the No.28 driveway, but Karl isn't home yet(!) Stonie says Karl is a softie and will soon come around. Just then, there's a squealing of brakes and the sound of metal clashing. Stonie, Mal and Libby run to the window. Susan just grimaces.
Outside No.28
Karl has crashed his car into the wreck in the dark.
Coffee Shop
Jo is looking very dejected and orders some fairy bread (break with hundreds and thousands). Angie sympathises with her about Toadie's behaviour today and apologises. Jo feels like she's lost her confidence in the class, but Angie says dealing with injuries is all part of the aerobics instructor job. Angie offers to come and have a go at one of Jo's classes herself and she'll persuade the rest of the street to come too, to make up the numbers. She includes Sam in her list of Ramsay Street girls and Jo giggles.
Karl is not impressed when Malcolm says the accident was Karl's own fault for not watching where he was going(!) Libby berates Karl for breaking the tail- lights - they'd only just got them on. Karl says they'll have to pay for the damage to his car and they flatly refuse. Susan tries to calm Karl down, but Karl just tells Stonie to get rid of the car!
Toadie is gorging on junk food which he bought from the supermarket. He's feeling depressed and tells Stonie that he can't change what's inside - a pervert, a criminal, a genius and a sloth. It doesn't matter what he looks like. He's decided to eat until he explodes(!)
Susan, Mal and Libby are eating Susan's birthday dinner without Karl, who has stormed off.
After a few minutes, Karl returns and tells them he's got an announcement about the car. They can continue to work on it providing they work on it in the garage rather than the driveway (as it's lowering the tone of the street!) Susan wonders what's brought about this sudden bout of being reasonable in Karl. He says strainedly that he's realised he was "misguided" (but not wrong!)
SUSAN: Malcolm. Better reconnect the brakes on your father's car.
MALCOLM: No problem!
No.28, the following morning
Libby begs Mal not to stuff the car up. He tells her seriously that she's learning really fast.
Just then, Sonny comes round. He's bleeding from his forehead and his lip is split. Some guys bashed him up for selling the car. Mal looks very worried. Sonny reckons there's something the guys want in the car - they should find it first and send it back to them by special delivery - preferably before they find out where the car is!
Toadie is eating cake and cream for breakfast. Angie tells him off but he says he doesn't want to eat anything sensible. He can't change overnight and he's fed up of everyone watching him, now he's a genius and all. Angie sympathises with him and says she hadn't realised the pressure he was under. She sits down with him and promises to sort something out. Toadie starts to cry and says he can't stop eating.
TOADIE: What's wrong with me, mum?
Angie hugs him.
Stonie, Sonny, Libby and Mal are discussing what could be hidden in the car. They haven't found anything yet. Libby suggests that Sonny tells the police, but he says they'll probably just get into more trouble.
Stonie, Mal and Sonny still haven't found anything in the car. They ask Sonny exactly what the blokes said. Apparently Sonny told them who he sold the car to (Mal and Stonie) but not where they lived. Mal is livid and asks what will happen if Libby is at home by herself when they turn up?! Stonie moans that the car has been nothing but trouble. Mal wants to call the police.
Lassiter's Lake
Toadie opens his lunchbox which is full of brown bread, salad and fruit. He takes a bite of celery then grimaces and throws the rest to the ducks. He sees a couple playing frisbee and goes over and nicks their chicken(!)
Mal and Stonie both want to go to the police now and Sonny finally agrees. There's a knock at the door, and it's the police! In fact, it's Luke's girlfriend Kimberley and three other officers. They want to talk to the owner of the car - they have a warrant to search the premises. No- one is to leave the house until they've finished their search!
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