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Neighbours Episode 2568 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2568
Australian airdate: 13/03/96
UK airdate: 17/09/96
UK Gold: 05/09/02
Writer: Lyn Ogilvy
Director: Geoff Hunt
Guests: Zoe Tan: Jeuliette Hanafie
Bruce Styles: Paul El Deir
Robert Dong: Nelson Leongue
Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Jo tells Toadie that he has to eat more healthily from now on.
Karl suggests a water theme for Susan's birthday. Libby and Mal aren't happy.
Lou buys Cheryl a ticket to Cairns to go to say goodbye to Cairns.
Hannah and Zoe appear on Brainarama and manage to get through to the final.
Helen is pleased to hear that the girls got through to the Brainarama final - especially as she inadvertently gave Hannah the answer. Hannah is looking very guilty and doesn't want to talk about the $100 she's won. Susan says that the school is very grateful for the computer and tells them they're a credit to Erinsborough High! Phil presses Hannah as to why she looks a bit flat and she snaps that she'd rather talk about something else.
Coffee Shop
Libby and Mal are packing up food into a hamper and Toadie is trying to steal some of the food(!) He pleads with Libby that he's starving and she gives him one vol- au- vent. But Jo comes in and catches him. Toadie says he's feeling funny but Jo just tells him to eat a stick of celery!
When Jo has gone, Toadie tells Mal that an aerobics class is heaven because of all the women in tight lycra. Mal says he might come along some time(!)
Libby is on the computer when Karl arrives home. He goes off to hide something in the laundry. Apparently there's going to be a party for Susan at lunch time. Just then Susan comes in, so they put on their innocent faces. Susan isn't fooled though and asks them what they're hiding(!) She tells them about Brainarama and Hannah winning for the team. Karl is surprised and says that Hannah didn't seem to know a thing the other night(!) Susan is surprised and suspicious to hear about Hannah visiting.
Susan comes for a quiet word with Hannah. She asks her about waiting inside on her own while Karl was out the back and whether there's anything Hannah would like to tell her. Hannah admits that she looked at Susan's notes.
No.32 (evening)
Toadie creeps into the kitchen looking for food, only to find a chain on the fridge!. Everything in the cupboards is healthy with a note "HA". The cake tin is empty too. Toadie picks up the phone and dials for a pizza!
Susan doesn't know what to do about the Grand Final. Hannah says she doesn't want to be in it - maybe Robert could fill in for her? Also, Hannah can donate her prize money to charity. Susan tells Hannah that she's really disappointed in her. Hannah begs Susan not to tell Phil, but Susan says that's up to Hannah.
When Susan has gone, Hannah confesses to Phil and Helen that she cheated on the quiz.
No.32, the following morning
Toadie puts his pizza boxes in the outside bin and finishes off the last piece. Jo comes in and catches him. He protests that he was hungry, and besides she shouldn't barge into her house(!) Jo tells him that he's banned from her class. Toadie pleads with her and Jo says she'll give him one last chance. He has to drink 10 glasses of water and then no junk food before meeting Jo at the gym. He reluctantly agrees. She warns him not to spoil her first class.
Karl is going over the plan for Susan's surprise party with Libby and Malcolm. When Susan comes in they all act very innocently and wish her a happy birthday. Karl heads off to work saying they can do something nice tonight if he's home early enough(!) The kids rush off too. Susan does not look pleased.
Coffee Shop
Robert is telling Hannah and Zoe that he's pleased they won. Hannah confesses that she cheated to get on the team and Robert will be replacing her in the Grand Final. Zoe and her mates stalk off, but Robert stays and tells Hannah that it took guts to own up.
A road
Libby has told Susan that she's seen a man looking very suspiciously near the school, but this is just a ruse for Malcolm and Karl to jump out of the bushes wearing bandanas and bundle Susan into a car! Mal blindfolds Susan with his bandana and they all drive off, laughing.
Cheryl is saying goodbye to Lolly before she leaves for Cairns. She's worried that Brett will still be angry with her. Lou says he's rung Brett already and he's looking forward to seeing Cheryl up in Cairns. Cheryl says she's not angry with Brett anymore and she'll give him a proper goodbye.
Karl, Mal and Libby are leading Susan to a boat. She sees a small boat and isn't too impressed at what might be "another birthday boating disaster". Karl says that's why they've hired a bigger boat this year. Susan is chuffed.
Jo's students are warming up when Toadie comes in. He complains that he's starving and might pass out in her class. This, however, gives him a pleasant day- dream about all the fit ladies fawning over his prone figure(!) Jo rolls her eyes.
The head instructor introduces Jo to the class. Toadie just admires the lycra- clad women(!)
The sea
Karl, Susan, Libby and Mal are enjoying a boat ride and a bit of fishing through a musical montage. Susan opens her presents and is clearly enjoying herself very much. They finish by eating cake.
Jo is doing very well in her class until Toadie decides to collapse. He's hoping for some mouth- to- mouth resuscitation, but the male head instructor steps in and Toadie quickly comes to with a shout of, "Yuk!"
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