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Neighbours Episode 2567 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<2566 - 2568>>
Episode title: 2567
Australian airdate: 12/03/96
UK airdate: 16/09/96
UK Gold: 04/09/02
Writer: Jenny Lewis
Director: Geoff Hunt
Guests: Zoe Tan: Jeuliette Hanafie
Photographer: Paul Tolton
Brayden: Timothy Johnson
Brayden's Gran: Gillian Carpenter
Chloe: Kate Norton
Chloe's Gran: Helen Rayson-Hill
Larry Pile: Paul McCarthy
Waratah Kid 1: Jade Clarkson
Waratah Kid 2: Paul Czarnota
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Libby tells Helen and Phil that they'd be perfect for the "Kids In Crisis" scheme - for kids that need short- term housing.
Marlene persuades Sam to enter the Grandchild of the Year competition.
Hannah looks at the quiz questions for the Brainarama competition.
Danni leaves for Sydney.
Sam and Cody are amazed to hear that Brett has left without saying goodbye. Marlene tells Sam that the Grandchild of the Year photographer is coming around tomorrow morning. He does not look pleased and Cody giggles. Marlene reminds him that $10,000 is riding on it!
Hannah and Phil are randomly playing a "throw the ring over a pole" game and chatting about the "Kids In Crisis" scheme. Hannah says she'd be find with having another teenager in the house. Phil warns her that the kids are often from troubled backgrounds and they will bring their problems along with them. Hannah is unconcerned - no- one could be harder to live with than Michael or Lucy!
Zoe calls around to tell Hannah that she's got "the news of the decade". Apparently Robert is sick and Zoe is his replacement on the Brainarama team.
The Pub
Cheryl is moaning about "losing two kids in one day" and Lou points out that they've only gone away for a bit! He tells her that he's given them all her best qualities and they'll be fine. Cheryl's main worry is Brett - she's sorry she shouted at him on the phone now.
Marlene is advising Sam what to wear for the photoshoot, saying she wants him to look cute! She says she'll get him a nice pastel- colour shirt to wear.
There's a knock at the door and it's Luke (on his knees!) He asks them to adopt a "homeless boy" - he'd like to stay with them for a bit as his lease is up. Once he's on the police force, he can sort himself out. As a sweetener, he offers to get Sam into his gym.
Susan comes around to discuss a few things with Hannah about the quiz. Phil tells Susan about the "Kids In Crisis" scheme and asks her to write him a character reference.
SUSAN: Wouldn't you be better off with someone who'd write nice things about you?
Phil realises she's joking and they laugh. He's not sure he'll get in though - he *has* had a son in a juvenile detention centre after all!
Susan goes through to the kitchen and gives Hannah and Zoe the schedule for Brainarama - it'll be a long day, they'll have to get make- up done for TV and everything. She warns them that the questions will be harder that ones they're used to though.
No.24, the following morning
Sam comes out of his room wearing a salmon- coloured shirt. Marlene berates him for not wearing the T- shirt she got him, but he says it's horrible. It's too late though - the photographer has already arrived. A photographer and two ladies with babies come in. The ladies immediately start bickering and complaining that Sam shouldn't be in the competition. The photographer looks very bored with the proceedings!
Zoe and hannah are having their makeup done. The host (Larry Pile) comes in and tells them not to take things too seriously - they should just have fun with the quiz. When everyone has gone, Hannah tells Zoe that she can't go through with the quiz, but Zoe just tells her she has to.
Sam is having his photo taken with the two babies on his lap. He doesn't look very pleased and tells them that one of the kids needs a new nappy!
The quiz is going on. Zoe and Hannah are doing pretty well, although most of this is down to Zoe. Hannah looks rather nervous.
During a break in filming, Zoe asks Hannah what's wrong with her - she's not answering any questions. Hannah says she's just nervous and anyway, Zoe is doing well enough for both of them.
Cheryl drags herself out of bed and Lou gives her a hug.
CHERYL: Sorry, did I keep you awake?
LOU: Oh, no, all that tossing and turning just rocks me off to sleep!
He has set her out a lovely breakfast on the table to cheer her up. He wishes there was something he could do to help Cheryl - he doesn't like seeing her so upset about not making her peace with Brett. He wants to shout her a trip to Cairns and produces an airline ticket for her. Cheryl is delighted!
The scores are locked at 95 points each, and whoever answers the next question goes into the jackpot round - "What is the most poisonous spider in the world?". Waratah answer wrongly and therefore Hannah and Zoe go through. (The correct answer isn't revealed!)
When the cameras go off, Larry reminds Hannah that only the team leader can answer the last question for the final jackpot. Hannah looks worried!
The Pub
Cheryl is looking forward to going to Cairns. Marlene is sulking about the "neurotic grandmothers" she met today.
Coffee Shop
Cody and Sam are telling Luke about the nightmare grandmothers they met today. Luke asks Sam and Cody if they're together now, but they are cryptic. They all head off to Luke's gym.
Hannah is being read the last question. She tries to think of the answer, and suddenly thinks of it - "Sidney Nolan". Erinsborough go through to the grand final play- off!
When it's all over, Susan and Phil congratulate them on their victory. Hannah explains that Helen was talking about Nolan the other day.
PHIL:(to Hannah) No- one can say that you didn't earn your place on the team!
<<2566 - 2568>>
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