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Neighbours Episode 2566 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2566
Australian airdate: 11/03/96
UK airdate: 13/09/96
UK Gold: 03/09/02
Writer: Judith Colquhoun
Director: Geoff Hunt
Guests: Kimberley: Rebecca Macauley
Fabian Conte: Michael A. King
Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Mal and Stonie's car won't start.
Lou resigns as Mayor on the radio.
Brett leaves Cheryl a letter.
Cheryl storms out of the house to try to catch Brett. Danni tries to stop her, saying she's being unreasonable. Lou and Marlene turn up and Cheryl shouts at them that Brett has gone, ranting that he'll probably drown on his round- the- world trip. Lou says that Danni has a point - she doesn't know how Brett is travelling to Cairns. Just then she sees Libby and Helen drive up to No.26.
Helen and Libby are chatting about how much they'll miss Brett when Cheryl storms in, closely followed by Lou. Helen and Libby look very guilty and Helen tells Cheryl that she didn't think things through.
CHERYL: How could you be part of this conspiracy?
HELEN: It wasn't like that! It wasn't planned. Brett simply asked for a lift to the bus and I was happy to...
CHERYL:(angrily) And it never occurred to you that I might be able to drive him?!
LIBBY: He knew you weren't keen on the idea. He just wanted to avoid a confrontation.
CHERYL: Oh really?! So poor Brett can't cope with a scene, is that what all this is about?!
LIBBY: No, it's more than that. Really, he didn't want to part on bad terms.
CHERYL: Well, he's failed miserably!
Lou tries to usher Cheryl off, but before she goes Cheryl tells Helen their friendship is over and she won't be forgiving and forgetting this time.
Coffee Shop
Mal is serving coffee while Stonie is looking very tired at the counter. They talk about the car, and Stonie says he's bought a radio for the car for $50. Mal is not impressed - they don't have a roadworthy car yet! Stonie reckons he'll easily be able to fix the car - he's been fixing bikes for years.
Libby is stroking Dahl when Karl comes in. He's surprised to see the bird there and Libby explains that Brett has gone. Also that Cheryl is beside herself. Karl says that Cheryl will get used to things. Libby points out that she was very close to Brett and is upset too.
KARL: Your mother seems to think that you and Brett were...well, you know...
LIBBY: She was right.
KARL: I see. Well, mothers usually are. Sorry I was so backward.
LIBBY: It was kind of out of the blue. I don't know if it would have lasted. If you can be in love with your best friend. Can you?
KARL: I married mine!
LIBBY: Yeah, right. The thing with Brett was that we trusted each other. He liked me for me and I didn't have to prove anything. I guess that's why it happened.
KARL: "It?" Well, "it" is always better, medically speaking of course, when you're relaxed...
LIBBY: You're right about that. You know, this is the first time we've talked about things like this.
KARL: I guess it is. There should be more or it!
LIBBY: Yeah, there should.
Dahl squawks on his perch.
Coffee Shop
Luke is grilling Kimberley about the police entrance exam. He's really excited about getting in and Kimberley advises him to concentrate on the fitness exam. Also to get used to the fact that he probably won't have much free time once he's on the force.
Back porch of No.22
Cheryl is sitting brooding when Danni comes out with some washing. She tells Cheryl that she's acting as if Brett's dead - he's only gone sailing. She tells Cheryl that Brett loves her and he'll be in contact soon. Anyway, a bit of space between them might be a good thing. Cheryl starts accusing Danni of being in on it and Danni is not impressed.
DANNI: You blame us for all your troubles! When in fact you should take a long hard look at yourself.
She storms off. Lou overhears this last part and tells Cheryl to keep her voice down.
DANNI: No wonder Brett left. It's starting to look like a really good idea!
Stonie and Mal ask Libby for her opinion about their car. They want her to do a photo diary of the car as they do it up. She agrees, as long as they pay for the film. She goes off to get her camera.
Cheryl is ironing distractedly while Danni plays with Lolly. The phone rings and it's Brett. He won't tell her exactly where he is. She rants at him tearfully how selfish he's being and for not considering other people's feelings. But in the middle of the rant, Brett hangs up.
CHERYL: He hung up!
DANNI: Are you surprised?!
CHERYL: But he rang to say goodbye and he hung up!
DANNI: Well, I would have done the same thing! I mean, did you hear yourself? Blasting him like that, yelling at him? Why? Why couldn't you have just wished him luck? And thanked him for calling, maybe even said that you loved him? But oh, no, Mum, you haven't got a clue!
Cheryl is quiet.
Mal is working on the engine of the car but Stonie just wants to install the stereo! Mal asks Libby to pass him the air filter, but she doesn't know what it is. Libby asks Mal if she can have a share of the car as she'll be able to go for her licence in a few months. They flatly refuse. Karl comes over and advises them that their brake lights won't pass Roadworthy!
Outside the Pub
Fabian comes over and says he has something to discuss with her. He invites her to go to Sydney - he's putting on a fashion night at a top Sydney club. He wants her to come with him as his assistant!
Cheryl is holding Lolly tightly when Lou comes in. Lou points out that Brett is 18 and he can do what he wants - she has to learn to let go. He advises her to talk to Danni too.
KARL: You know, Dahl, if you're going to join this household, you should befriend the head of it. Me, that's right, it's me. And you would do well to remember that because I can make your life very pleasurable...or I can turf you out. You just keep a watch on that little beak of yours, alright? Do we understand each other?
Just then, Libby and Mal come in.
KARL: This gallah keeps giving me the evil eye!
LIBBY: Don't worry about him, Dahl! His bark's worse than his bite.
KARL: It's a shame the same thing can't be said for Dahl!
Karl asks Mal how the "dream machine" is coming on and he says it's fine. Mal asks Karl for a low- interest loan, but no chance! However, he'll think about a small donation.
Karl tells Libby and Mal that they have to think about Susan's birthday which is coming up. Karl wants to continue the water theme from last year.
Danni is really excited about the chance to go to the Sydney fashion show and get paid as well! Lou tells her that she needs to think about school, but Danni says she's leaving - fashion is the only thing she's ever wanted to do. She begs Lou to back her up. But he's flabbergasted to hear that Danni will be leaving this evening - Cheryl will be devastated to lose two kids in 24 hours.
Outside No.22
Danni is packed while Cheryl tells her off for packing school in on a fantasy dream! Danni tells her it's the opportunity of a lifetime, and anyway, she'll only be away for a couple of weeks. Cheryl hugs her goodbye.
She gets into the car with Fabian and drives off.
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