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Neighbours Episode 2565 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2565
Australian airdate: 08/03/96
UK airdate: 12/09/96
UK Gold: 02/09/02
Writer: Victoria Osborne
Director: Sally-Anne Kerr
Guests: Catherine O'Brien: Radha Mitchell
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Lou gets caller on his radio show who tells him he's a buffoon and shouldn't be Mayor.
Cheryl asks Libby to use her influence over Brett to talk him out of sailing around the world.
Libby's bedroom
Libby tells Brett that everyone thinks they're together. Also she tells him about Cheryl wanting her to talk Brett out of going on the trip. Brett isn't pleased, but calms down and suggests they teach Cheryl a little lesson - to stop her interfering again.
Stonie tells Mal that he's going to listen to poetry today. Mal scoffs at him, but Stonie says he's not uneducated - he studied poetry with Annalise.
Brett comes out of Libby's room and exits the house.
STONIE: Hi Brett. Bye Brett. (To Mal) Where did he come from?
MAL:(shrugs) Libby's room.
STONIE: Libby's room as in...they're an item?!
MAL: I reckon.
STONIE: Woah!!! Brettles and Liberty! All right!
Stonie says this confirms that the sensitive wuss route is the way to go!
Brett comes in and says he's not angry with Cheryl anymore.
BRETT: I've decided I'm not going to go.
BRETT: Yeah. I'm not going to sail around the world.
CHERYL:(hugging him) Oh, darling, you don't know how relieves I am. What made you change your mind?
BRETT: Libby.
CHERYL: She did? Lou! She told him not to go!
LOU: Amazing!
BRETT: Isn't it though. And, um, the thing is, I didn't realise how much Libby actually liked me...
CHERYL: Oh, darling.
BRETT: So, um, I've asked her to marry me. Mum, did you hear that?
Cheryl is dumbstruck.
CHERYL:(faintly) When?
BRETT: Well, as soon as I can! I really love her. And it's obvious she loves me, otherwise she wouldn't have asked me to stay.
Cheryl starts to hyperventilate a bit and admits that she asked Libby to talk Brett out of going on the trip.
BRETT: That's alright. I still want to marry her!
CHERYL: What?! Dont' be silly, Brett, you can't, you're too young! Good lord! You just can't throw your future away like that! I think I would rather see you go round the world with Max and his leaky boat than see you throw your life away like this!
BRETT: OK, then, mum. I'll call Max and I'll let him know I've got your blessing.
Cheryl realises she's been set up and is speechless.
CHERYL: (to Lou) So this was a setup. He can be so devious when he wants to!
LOU: He certainly can! And I wonder where he gets it from.
Stonie and Catherine have been to a poetry reading. Catherine is surprised he was interested. She tells Stonie that he's a really nice guy and a good friend (but they'll never be more). She admits to Stonie that she likes Malcolm and she's not that great with relationships. She's not sure if Mal is over Danni though. Stonie is dumbstruck to hear that Catherine revealed her feelings to Malcolm at camp. She asks him to talk to Mal for her and he says he definitely will(!)
Brett and Libby are having dinner with Helen and Phil. Libby suggests that she and Phil could take part in the Kids in Crisis scheme - take in children whose families have problems. Phil says that it was good to help out by having Zoe to stay. Brett is really looking forward to his World Trip.
Stonie is ranting at Mal for letting him think he still had a chance with Catherine.
STONIE: Catherine is mine, OK, and I don't want you spurting any of your wussy come- ons in her direction!
Mal protests that he hasn't been. Stonie reckons he's going to make Catherine like him no matter how long it takes(!) and then stomps off.
Libby and Brett are dreaming about world travel. Brett tells Helen that he'll miss her and Libby so much - they are his two best friends in the whole wide world. They talk about Cheryl and Brett can't face the next two weeks arguing with her.
LIBBY: Two weeks is a long time to be arguing with your mum.
HELEN: I think you should avoid upsetting her any further.
BRETT: But I've tried everything. There's only one other way I know of.
BRETT: And...I don't really want to to it.
Stonie and Danni ask Marlene for love advice. She advises them that love is either on or off - they should try a cold shower or go out dancing with someone else!
Brett has come to look for Libby.
SUSAN: She's already gone to bed, she said she had an early start in the morning.
BRETT: Right. Um...well, I'm sorry to bother you so late, then.
SUSAN: Have you got an early start too?
BRETT: Yeah...I guess I have.
SUSAN: You and Libby aren't thinking of doing anything silly, are you?
BRETT:(truthfully) No. Libby's not doing anything silly. Except for being a good friend.
BRETT: I'm pleased. She has good taste in friends.
SUSAN: This is more than just saying goodnight, isn't it?
BRETT: You know the guy you went to Africa with? He's not the same guy that came back.
SUSAN: I know. It was an amazing trip.
BRETT: Yeah. It made me realise how much is out there. How young I am. And...when you talked about your mother...well, we had a long time to reconcile things. So I figured it's about time I got out there and started making a past for myself. You know, for the future.
SUSAN: I think that's a good idea.
BRETT: OK then, I'll go. Early morning, you know.
SUSAN: Yeah...Brett?
BRETT: Yeah?
SUSAN: (tearing up) I'll miss you...
They hug.
Early morning in No.22
Brett is packed, and Libby is already there.
LIBBY: I can't believe you're doing this.
BRETT: I know, she's going to freak. But I can't think of another way.
LIBBY: Do you think Helen's worked out why we asked her to meet us so early?
BRETT: Well, she must suspect something. But I didn't want her to know for sure, I mean, she's going to get in enough trouble when she finds out..when Mum finds out that she took me to the bus stop.
LIBBY: So why did you tell me?
BRETT: Do I seriously have to answer that?
LIBBY: No, I guess not.
BRETT: Well, I've got everything. I don't need much.
LIBBY: Dahl's going to miss you.
BRETT: Yeah. (strokes Dahl) Bye, Dahl. Hey, you wouldn't mind looking after her, would you? Just while I'm away.
LIBBY: Really?
BRETT: Yeah, I'd just be happier if I knew she had someone to talk to.
LIBBY: I'd love to.
BRETT: Good. Because I already said you would in the letter!
He takes out a letter he's written for Cheryl and positions it in the little sailor's wheel on on the wall.
BRETT: Let's go, eh? (strokes Dahl) See you, mate.
They move to the door. Brett picks up his rucks and holdall and has one last look around.
BRETT:(to Dahl) See you, little buddy.
He closes the door behind him. The letter rests quietly behind the sailor's wheel, addressed to "Mum".
Bus Stop
Helen and Libby are seeing Brett off. Libby is already crying.
LIBBY: I'm going to miss you so much, Brett.
They hug.
BRETT: Come here, you. No tears, OK? This is what I want. You should be happy for me.
LIBBY: I know, I'm just being selfish.
HELEN: We're very happy for you. I'm going to miss you to. And so will your mother. You really should tell her, you know.
BRETT: Yeah. I'll give her a call.
HELEN: Good boy.
She hugs him.
BRETT: Thanks, Mrs D.
He steps back.
BRETT: This is it.
HELEN: Come home safely.
BRETT: I will.
He picks up his bags and gets on the bus.
The bus leaves, taking Brett with it.
Cheryl and Lou are having breakfast, blissfully unaware that Brett has done a runner. They're talking about Lou's radio show. Lou leaves for work, leaving Cheryl with Lolly.
Mal knocks the door down for Stonie, telling him they're meant to be working on the car. He drags himself out of bed - apparently he had a late night out clubbing with Danni! He wants Mal to get back with Danni so that he's unavailable to Catherine(!)
They turn the radio on and hear Lou telling the world that it's rubbish that the Mayor can't have fun on radio.
LOU: If that's how you want me to behave, then I suggest you find yourselves another Mayor, because I resign!
Marlene suggests that the listeners ring in with comments.
Cheryl is playing with Lolly when she spots the letter. She casually takes it from behind the sailor's wheel and opens it, still watching Lolly. Then she starts to read.
Dear Mum
I've gone to Queensland this morning. As you know, we don't set sail for two weeks. But I don't think either of us needed to spend that time arguing, do you? I can be useful preparing the yacht and learning some of the finer points of life on the high seas. I'm sorry to take the last word like this, but you were never going to give it to me. Say goodbye to everyone for me. Tell them all I love them. I'll be in touch. And I love you, too, Mum, very much.
PS Libby will look after Dahl.
Cheryl gasps for breath and goes to the window.
CHERYL: Oh! You couldn't even trust me to look after your damn gallah, Brett!
She starts to cry.
<<2564 - 2566>>
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