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Neighbours Episode 2564 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2564
Australian airdate: 07/03/96
UK airdate: 11/09/96
UK Gold: 30/08/02
Writer: Ray Kolle
Director: Sally-Anne Kerr
Guests: Rupert Sprod: Tobi Webster
Max Geppert: Jim Daly
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Cheryl moaning about Brett's life plans. He tells her it's his life.
Mal is mad that Danni is flirting with Rupert.
Lou and Marlene's show has apparently become boring since they started fighting!
Marlene enters her and Sam for Grandson of the Year competition.
Coffee Shop
Sam is horrified and says the competition is for babies! Marlene says that's why her entry stood out - there was no age restriction, so she just sent a recent photo of Sam. Apparently now they're one of three finalists and Sam has to do a photoshoot with the other finalists who are babies. Sam tells her to forget it and stomps off.
Libby's bedroom
Brett tells Libby that he's going to sail around the world and she is delighted for him. Brett says it's not definite yet - he's still not sure what to do about Cheryl. Libby says that's it's his own decision. Brett thought he had sorted all this out with Cheryl last year but apparently not.
Coffee Shop
Danni comes in and asks Mal if they can talk. Mal says he doesn't want a scene, but Danni only wants to say that she wants them to stay friends. Mal is pleased until Danni asks him to come and say hello to Rupert when he arrives. Mal stomps off to the kitchen.
Rupert arrives and sits with Danni at a table. Danni is clearly trying to make Mal jealous by kissing Rupert in front of him.
Cheryl is moaning on at Brett again, but he's being very calm and knocking down all her objections one by one.
Coffee Shop
Mal is glowering at Danni and Rupert. Rupert suggests they go back to his place, but Danni isn't keen and suggests going to the cinema instead. Mal continues to glower.
Marlene is telling Lou about the Grandson of the Year competition while Sam sulks over a beer. Lou and Marlene talk about their radio show, and decide to be nasty to each other on purpose on the air, for the sake of the ratings. Sam is still sulking over the Grandson competition but perks up when he hears there is $10,000 prize money on offer!
Danni and Rupert are home from the cinema. She tries to get rid of Rupert, but Brett offers him a coffee(!) Danni goes off to bed!
When Danni has gone, Rupert tells Brett that Danni is a bit hot and cold. He waxes lyrical about how great Danni is and Brett tries to humour him(!)
Sam is sudden very interested in the Grandson competition(!) Marlene suggests they split the cash 60- 40, but Sam beats her down to 50- 50.
MARLENE: You're much too serious for your own good, you want to loosen up a bit!
LOU: What have you got to lose?
SAM: Every shred of dignity I ever had!
MARLENE: Oh, but you'd sell it all for $10,000 wouldn't you?
SAM: I'd sell my own grandmother for that!
Lou chuckles loudly.
MARLENE: That's my grandson! Perfect candidate for Grandchild of the Year!
Libby's bedroom
Mal comes in. They talk about Brett and Mal asks Libby what's going on between her and Brett. She winds Mal up a bit, but then tells him there's nothing going on. Mal doesn't think Libby trusts him, so decides to tell her a secret of his own. He's sick of Danni - what she's doing with Rupert is the same as what she did with him - Danni hasn't changed.
No.22, the following morning
Danni wishes she could go around the world with Brett! Brett tells her off for using Rupert to make Mal jealous. Cheryl starts on Brett again (oh shut up you old hag). Both Brett and Danni tell her to get off Brett's back.
Radio Show
Marlene and Lou are faux- bickering on the radio. A caller rings in and rants at Lou, saying a mayor should be dignified, not making a buffoon of himself on a public station!
Danni asks Libby anxiously if Mal has started seeing anyone. Libby tells her there is such a thing as family loyalty although, she doesn't think Mal is seeing anyone. Rupert overhears this conversation and is very angry.
RUPERT: You should take a look at yourself, Danni! Before it's too late, cos the way you're going, you're not going to have any friends left.
Coffee Shop
Lou is sulking about the woman who phoned in. He thinks she might have had a point, but Stonie protests that Lou's show is excellent. Lou resolves to be a new- style mayor and stick to it.
The phone rings and Cheryl answers it. It's Max calling for Brett. Brett isn't there, so Cheryl starts going on at Max at how dangerous the trip is going to be. She asks him to talk Brett out of going!
Fortunately, at that moment Brett comes in through the back door and overhears this conversation. He grabs the phone, telling Max not to listen to his mother - he's made up his mind: he's going.
Cheryl starts screaming at Brett, but he just screams back that he's had enough and storms out. Cheryl picks up the phone and flings it.
Danni comes around to see Mal. She's come to apologise for her stupid behaviour lately and admits she was using Rupert to make Mal jealous. Mal is not impressed. Danni still loves Mal and wants him back.
DANNI: If we get back together, I promise things will be different, and I'll try to be more mature about things...
MAL: Danni. I think it's really great that you've realised you needed to change. But I don't think you and me getting back together is a good idea.
DANNI: No, it *is*
MAL: I'm sorry...
DANNI: Please, Malcolm!
MAL: Look, I think we rushed into the whole thing, OK?
DANNI: What's that got to do with it?
MAL: When I got to know you, I didn't always like what I saw.
DANNI: But like I said, I've changed...
MAL: Maybe, but I don't feel the same about you anymore! So it wouldn't work out with us anyway.
DANNI: (tearfully) Yeah, but we could try...
MAL: Look, Danni, we'd only end up hurtinge ach other again. It's time to let go. Accept that it's over.
DANNI: What, for good?
MAL: Yeah.
Danni leaves, crying.
Libby comes into the classroom and asks Rupert if he's OK. He's obviously still very upset about Danni. Just then, Cheryl comes in looking for Libby for a "quiet word".
CHERYL: I need your help.
LIBBY: With what?
CHERYL: This business of Brett sailing around the world...it's *extremely* dangerous and he could be killed Libby, and I've tried talking to him, but nothing that I say makes any difference.
LIBBY: So what do you want me to do?
CHERYL: Well, I'm being very presumptuous here but...you have been seeing a lot of each other lately...
LIBBY: Yeah, we're best friends.
CHERYL: Yes...well, you seem to have become even better friends in the past week.
LIBBY: So what are you saying?
CHERYL: Ah, Libby. As Brett's mum, if you have any influence over him at all, and I suspect that you do, I'm asking if you would use that influence to talk him out of this trip.
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