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Neighbours Episode 2563 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2563
Australian airdate: 06/03/96
UK airdate: 10/09/96
UK Gold: 29/08/02
Writer: Hugh Stuckey
Director: Sally-Anne Kerr
Guests: Zoe Tan: Jeuliette Hanafie
Robert Dong: Nelson Leongue
Lance Hails: Andrew Bibby
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Cody decides to make the best of the three weeks she has left with Sam.
Hannah sees the quiz questions on Susan's table.
Zoe and Phil are washing up. Phil hasn't talked to Zoe's parents recently and suggests Zoe gives them a call.
Hannah comes in and says she's realised it's not fair to ask Susan for special help on the quiz, so she's going to study more on her own instead and goes off to her room.
Cody and Sam are dining on what looks like burnt chips and a bit of fish. Sam says he thought it was going to be a "special" dinner and they laugh and have a few long looks.
SAM: I'm not getting the wrong signals here, am I?
CODY: I don't think so. The last thing I'd want to do is confuse you.
SAM: Well, I just thought...you said that...
CODY: Read my body language, Sam! Or are you body illiterate?
SAM: I can't believe this is happening.
CODY: Believe it.
They kiss.
CODY: I thought we'd better make the most of the next three weeks. To see what happens.
SAM: Fine by me.
The kiss again, then break off to eat the fish and chips.
CODY: Better eat first.
SAM: First. Before what?
CODY:(laughing) Just eat! Could be a long night, you need to keep your strength up!
Karl is out tending the barbecue while Susan work on the quiz questions. Libby and Brett are also there. Karl comes in and starts teasing Brett, asking if Brett and Libby are an item(!)
RealCheryl is randomly back! Complete with ginger hair that FakeCheryl didn't have! Lou is sulking about the radio show. Marlene comes in and challenges Lou to a quiz between her and Lou on the radio! Lou confesses that he set up the question on systemics. Marlene counter- confesses that Cheryl tipped her off! Lou starts to laugh.
LOU: What say we let bygones be bygones!
MARLENE: I'd like that!
Cheryl says that now they're working together, they can make the best radio show on the air!
Oh dear, I need to brace myself here.
Sam and Cody's clothing litter the floor of the No.30 living room, and Cody is parading around half- naked in a towel, having just been in the shower. Sam has also been in the shower (yuk) and is wearing a towel around his waist. They hug each other.
SAM: This has been a long time coming, eh?
CODY: Yeah. I think it's because we both haven't been ready at the same time.
SAM: Until now.
They lie down on the sofa (still half- naked) and kiss a lot. Yuk.
Cody starts laughing and says how ridiculous it is - she feels like she's kissing her cousin Stanley!
SAM: Oh, great! Well, I wouldn't know, I've never kissed your cousin Stanley.
CODY: Confess, Sam. The earth didn't exactly rock and roll, did it?
SAM: Yeah...I have to admit it felt pretty weird.
CODY: I think the problem is that we're just really good friends and not lovers.
SAM: Do you reckon that's better than being lovers?
CODY: I reckon it'll last longer! But we need to be sure, don't you think?
SAM: Yeah.
They start kissing again and laughing as well.
CODY: This is the safest sex I've ever had!
Karl forces himself down between Libby and Brett and starts talking about football.
SUSAN: We don't drink warm cocoa in this house, Brett, we just listen to Karl!
Karl asks Brett if he's trying to get into his good books, but Libby says she and Brett are just friends. Susan drags Karl off to bed.
When they've gone, Libby moans that a girl isn't allowed to have a really good male friend without something going on between them. Then they both giggle (because in fact they did sleep with each other about a week ago!)
BRETT: I'm glad we went through it though.
LIBBY: Even if we have to put up with all this?
BRETT: Yeah. And we will, because noone will ever understand why we're so close, and if we try to explain it, they're just going to jump to the wrong conclusion.
LIBBY: Yeah, I guess. I just think it's really sad that some people think like that.
BRETT: Where there's smoke, there's fire you mean?
Karl rushes out of his bedroom hoping to catch them in the act of something, but they're still just sitting there.
SUSAN:(from the bedroom) KARL!!!
Sam and Cody are watching a movie, still rather scantily clad, and Cody says it was "nothing like she expected" (yuk) Sam agrees. They really did have the hots for each other, but now they know you can't go from friends to lovers very easily. They decide to put another video on.
SAM: Hey, you know what I reckon about us, Code?
CODY: What?
SAM: I reckon we're just not ready for the big commitment.
CODY: Not to each other, anyway!
SAM: Not to anyone. I can't exactly see you shacked up with a tribe of kids. It's not me either. I used to think it was. Not anymore, though.
CODY: Well, maybe someone will come along one day that will just feel right.
SAM: Yeah, maybe.
CODY: But they'd have to be pretty special to take the place of what we've got.
SAM: I'll drink to that!
No.26, the following morning
Hannah and Zoe are firing quiz questions at each other. Hannah is displaying a suspiciously mature attitude towards the quiz!
Helen surprises them by arriving home earlier from the psychology camp - she's come to say goodbye to Jen. Phil invites her to join the airport run.
Luke and Jen are hanging out when Cody finally surfaces. She tells them it was a good night, but it wasn't like they are thinking! It was fun, but she and Sam have decided to be just good mates.
Radio Show
Lou and Marlene are good- naturedly doing the radio show.
Cheryl and Brett are listening in to the radio show (good lord Cheryl's hair is appalling) The phone rings and Brett answers it - it's Max from the sailing. Apparently he wants to meet up with Brett - a space has come up on the Round the World sailing trip and he wants Brett to join him.
The last four in the quiz are Hannah, Zoe, Robert and Lance Hails (yes, that Lance!) They each answer a question correctly.
Cheryl is really wound out up Brett going Round the World. She begs him not to go, but Brett reminds her that she previously gave him her blessing! She starts ranting, but Brett says it's his decision.
As he walks out, Lou and Marlene come in. Apparently the radio manager said their show was boring(!)
Lance is eliminated from the final four. Hannah is doing very well. Then Zoe is eliminated, leaving Hannah and Robert as the winners. Zoe magnanimously congratulates Hannah.
Ramsay Street
Everyone is saying goodbye to Jen. Cody and Luke hug her. Jen tells Cody that she thinks it's the right time to be going, and she's heading off on an adventure. She gets in the car with Phil and Helen and they drive off to the airport.
Coffee Shop
Marlene rushes in looking for Sam. She says she's got the best news - she's entered a Grandchild of the Year competition. She hasn't won yet - but she and Sam are finalists! Sam looks dumbstruck.

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