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Neighbours Episode 2562 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2562
Australian airdate: 05/03/96
UK airdate: 09/09/96
UK Gold: 28/08/02
Writer: Rick Held
Director: Sally-Anne Kerr
Guests: Toadfish: Ryan Moloney
Zoe Tan: Jeuliette Hanafie
Trevor Burke: Anthony Campbell-Black
Dexter Jensen: Nicholas Jones
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Susan tells Angie that she has reconsidered her stance on Toadie's graffiti accusation.
Toadie and Billy stay out all night to stake out the copycat graffiti artist. It turns out to be a very big bloke.
Hannah asks Phil if Zoe can stay at their place as her parents are fighting constantly. Phil says he'll have to talk it over with Zoe's parents first.
Angie comes around with a school lunch for Toadie. They swap notes and realise that Billy and Toadie haven't been home all night. Karl immediately goes ballistic and rushes off, closely followed by Angie.
Toadie has got his knee on the neck of the copycat graffiti artist while Billy holds his legs! While they struggle, Karl, Angie and Susan arrive. The bloke turns out to be Trevor, the school groundkeeper. Susan looks at his hands and sees they are covered in ink. Trevor confesses and says he's sick of Toadie goading him constantly like he's stupid.
Hannah and Zoe are telling Phil about the Brain- o- rama quiz trials. Zoe thinks she's going to try out and she and Hannah start bickering.
Coffee Shop
Angie is cleaning up Toadie's knee. Toadie says Trevor is a weirdo, but Angie says the main thing is that Toadie is in the clear. She suggests a "hero's breakfast". Toadie is delighted, but unfortunately it's Jo in the kitchen and she brings him out a bowl of muesli(!) Angie says he can have either strawberry or apricot yoghurt on it!
Karl is ranting at Billy for staying out all night. Karl says he's grounded, but then relents and says Billy can consider it a suspended sentence. But if he lies again he'll be grounded forever!
Jen is packing and Cody is doing some reading. Mostly though she is looking at some old photos. Jen tells Cody that she's heard about Cody and Sam. Cody says she's not sure she wants Sam to move to Newcastle. Jen advises her just to enjoy the last three weeks she has with Sam and see how it goes.
Susan tells Toadie she's heard he's been giving Trevor a hard time. She wants to know if Toadie is discriminating against Trevor because he's on a Community Work Order. Toadie is stunned - he didn't know. Susan says it could be Toadie's brother, or he himself after his last stint with the law! Susan tells Toadie he has to stop making trouble for other people.
SUSAN: You have got the chance to make something extraordinary of your life. Don't blow it.
Cody tells Jen that she's decided to take her advice about Sam, and asks if she could make herself scarce tonight.
Phil comes in to have a chat to Jen.
PHIL: I just didn't want you leaving without saying a proper goodbye.
JEN: Thanks, Philip. That means a lot to me.
PHIL: We had something pretty special there for a while, didn't we?
JEN: Yeah. We did.
PHIL: So...um...here's to your future. May it be full of wonderful surprises, love, and good friends.
Susan makes an announcement about the Brain- o- rama competition. They're going to have the selection quiz tomorrow and it will General Knowledge questions. Zoe and Hannah press her for details of the questions, but Susan won't be drawn! Hannah has an idea though.
Lassiter's Lake
Billy and Toadie are sitting and chatting. Toadie lights up a cigarette. They talk about Trevor, who the school will probably give a second chance to.
Jo rushes up and berates Toadie for smoking. He quickly stubs it out, but Jo confiscates the whole packet! She warns him that if he misses any fitness classes from now on, she'll tell his mother she was smoking!
Coffee Shop
Toadie protests to Angie that he's starving - he can't go from loads of food to nothing overnight. She offers him a salad sandwich.
Karl comes to talk to Angie for ranting about Toadie undeservedly this morning.
ANGIE: Karl Kennedy! Are you...apologising?!
KARL: Well...yes, yes, I am.
ANGIE: Good God I might get me salts!
Angie says that's fine, but he needs to apologise to Toadie too. Before Karl can protest, Angie calls Toadie from the kitchen.
ANGIE: Well, go on.
KARL: Jarrod, I...um...
ANGIE: Oh, for goodness sake! (To Toadie) He wants to apologise about all the things he said about the graffiti.
Toadie looks utterly stunned.
ANGIE:(to Karl) Don't you?
KARL: Yes, yes, I do.
Toadie half- nods and wanders back to the kitchen without a word!
Phil is testing Hannah and Zoe on quiz questions. Zoe does very well and Hannah doesn't look pleased. Hannah wants to go over and grill Susan for answers, but Phil says it's pointless. They'll have another round themselves instead.
Toadie tells Billy that Karl apologised to him and Billy can't believe it(!)
Toadie calls Dexter over and says he's like to be his study partner after all. They can start tomorrow...or the day after. Susan comes up and Dexter tells her he and Toadie are going to be study partners. Both Susan and Billy look stunned.
Toadie sees Trevor cleaning graffiti off and goes to talk to him. At a distance, we see him and Trevor shaking hands!
BILLY: This has got to be a day for miracles.
SUSAN: Well, maybe he's just...seen the light?
BILLY: How about Dad apologising to him?
SUSAN: Your dad?
BILLY: Yeah! This day's been very weird.
Susan sees Karl sitting at a table and says she's heard Karl's been out apologising(!) Karl looks a bit serious and says that Billy has good morals, but he thinks Toadie is a bad influence. Susan says Toadie isn't the evil force Karl makes him out to be. She thinks he could be an upstanding citizen one day.
SUSAN: With any luck he'll drag Billy along with him.
KARL: Mmmm, right through the mud!
Jen comes in to find Cody setting up a date - she's going to cook home made fish and chips. Cody thanks Jen for making herself scarce tonight. Jen says she doesn't want a big send- off tomorrow, and Phil is giving her a lift to the airport.
Cody hugs her.
CODY: We've had some great times together.
JEN: We sure have!
Jen goes off to get changed.
Hannah calls around to grill Susan about the quiz, but she's not in. Karl says Hannah is welcome to wait, but he has to go out the back to tend to the barbecue.
Hannah sees the quiz questions on the table. She looks torn whether to look at them or not.
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