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Neighbours Episode 2561 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2561
Australian airdate: 04/03/96
UK airdate: 06/09/96
UK Gold: 27/08/02
Writer: Christopher Gist
Director: Sally-Anne Kerr
Guests: Toadfish: Ryan Moloney
Trevor Burke: Anthony Campbell-Black
Kimberley Stevens: Rebecca Macauley
Jake Wedd: Ian Toyne
Emma McKillop: Sophie Collins
Catherine O'Brien: Radha Mitchell
Martin Pike: Fletcher Humphrys
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
The tutor at the Psych Camp tells the students to get to know each other. Stonie is pleased at the excuse to get closer to Catherine!
Luke tells Sam he's thinking of joining the police force.
Toadie gets framed by a copycat tagger.
Catherine tells Mal she likes him.
Mal stutters and says he's flattered, but he's just come out of an intense relationship. Also Stonie is a really good friend of his and he thinks Catherine should give him a chance. Just then, Stonie runs in laughing his head off at another student who has fallen over in the mud. Catherine doesn't look impressed!
Coffee Shop
Angie is making Toadie wash endless dishes in the kitchen. Susan pops in for a word with Angie. She tells her she's reconsidered - Billy is so adamant that it wasn't Toadie, and there isn't actually any proof that Toadie did it. Angie agrees to delay shipping Toadie off to his father, but tells Susan not to tell Toadie until he's finished washing up(!)
Luke tells Kimberley that he's going to apply for the police force. They agree to meet up for a chat about it later in the afternoon.
Jen looks very surprised at Luke's decision and cynically tells him that he only wants to join because of Kimberley. He says it isn't like that. Besides, if he gets in, he can move in with the other cadets when Jen goes up to the Northern Territories.
Everyone is sharing their reasons for coming to study Psychology. Helen tells them about how much time she's spent bringing up her family and her grandchildren too, now it's time to get back to study. Martin tells them that his father wants him to do Law, and he'll transfer at the end of the year if he can. Stonie heckles Martin about going to an all- boys school. Catherine and Emma roll their eyes.
Outside the Coffee Shop
There is an extreme closeup of Toadie sucking the jam out of some doughnuts and putting them back in their box (yuk). Billy comes up and Toadie asks for his help in tracking down the copycat tagger. They can get up early.
Jo comes along and confiscates Toadie's doughnuts saying he should be eating healthily!
Stonie is telling Mal that Catherine will soon be his! Mal tells him that Catherine isn't interested and is hoping that Stonie will drop out of the course(!) Stonie is shocked.
Coffee Shop
Jo gives the doughnuts back to Angie and she says Toadie must have got them out of the bin! Ew! Toadie confirms this. Jo tells Angie that Toadie's diet needs looking at. They start making a list of Toadie's food intake. The amount is somewhat ridiculous!
Kimberley rushes in and says she can't stay - she's been called in to work. She asks Luke if he's really serious about joining the force - she wants to be sure he's not doing it for the wrong reasons (ie her). Luke says that she gave him the idea, but he's got plenty of his own reasons to go for it. Kimberley is pleased and gives him the application forms. She tells him to organise a medical over the next couple of days so they can get cracking.
When Kimberley has gone, Luke goes over to Karl and asks him to organise a medical for him. Karl agrees as long as Luke will let him off parking fines(!)
Coffee Shop
Jo is still making a list of Toadie's food intake. It's at least twice the normal amount for his age. Angie is not happy and Jo says Toadie needs straightening out before he gives himself serious health problems.
Outside the Cabin
Everyone is playing "trust others to catch you as you fall backwards". Martin strops off. Mal advises Stonie to behave more maturely around Catherine and stop bickering with Martin.
Susan has to write some general knowledge questions for a quiz tomorrow. Karl offers to help.
Everyone is sharing their upbringing. Stonie tells them how his mother and older brother Shane sat up fighting all night. Then, when his grandpa died, his father was away and Shane was locked up. It was only him, his mother and Toadie at the funeral. He comes across all sensitive and seems on the verge of tears.
Later, Mal and Stonie are chatting and he tells Mal it was all true, but he just pretended to be upset to impress Catherine!
Susan and Karl are making up quiz questions. Susan tells Karl that Billy is staying at Toadie's place, and he is not pleased. He goes to call Toadie, but Susan tells him not to - Billy has to be given freedom to choose between right and wrong.
Dark Place
Toadie and Billy are sneaking around in the dark. Toadie thanks Billy for coming with him - it really means a lot to him. Now all they have to do is wait.
Toadie and Billy are sound asleep, but Billy wakes up to the sound of an aerosol being shaken. He rouses Toadie and they realise it's a kid called Trevor - but he's a very big bloke.
<<2560 - 2562>>
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