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Neighbours Episode 2560 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2560
Australian airdate: 01/03/96
UK airdate: 05/09/96
UK Gold: 23/08/02
Writer: Kate Langbroek
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Judy Bergman: Merridy Eastman
Emma McKillop: Sophie Collins
Catherine O'Brien: Radha Mitchell
Martin Pike: Fletcher Humphrys
Jake Wedd: Ian Toyne
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Sonny brings Mal and Stonie a battered crate over a car. It refuses to start.
Cody tells Sam that she has some news he won't like.
Cody explains that someone has dropped out of a scholarship, and they've offered it to her - but the scholarship is in Newcastle. Her brother is there, and he loves it. Sam says it's the chance of a lifetime and it's a brilliant opportunity for her.
SAM: You should grab it with both hands.
CODY: I was kind of hoping to grab you.
SAM: Yeah, me too.
They kiss gently.
Mal and Stonie have come to beg Helen for a lift to Psych Camp. She readily agrees. They explain that their own car is going to be superb, just not by tomorrow(!) They awkwardly ask if Emma and Catherine can come with them too. Helen says it might be a bit of a tight squeeze.
Cheryl is storming around the place in a right mood. Lou is reading a book about gardening - research for the radio show. He wants Cheryl to ring in and ask Marlene difficult questions about gardening to prove that Marlene does know everything(!)
Judy comes in and tells Cheryl that she's decided to stop seeing Brett. This is the first that Cheryl has heard of it, and she comments that Brett hasn't seemed down in the dumps at all.
JUDY: Maybe he's putting on a brave face?!
(Ha ha, we know better don't we!)
Judy goes on to explain that it wasn't an easy break- up for her and hopes that she and Cheryl are still friends! Cheryl assures her that they are.
Mal has invited Emma and Catherine into Helen's car.
MAL:(to Stonie) It was pretty touch and go and they weren't too happy going up in Mrs Daniel's car, were they?
SUSAN: Why on earth not?
KARL: Oh come on, Susan, you know what a hoon Helen is. She'll have the pedal to the metal, she'll be pulling 6Gs in the corner... Malcolm, you tell that woman no hanging doughnuts in the car park!
STONIE: Very funny!
Coffee Shop
Marlene is also reading up ready for the talk- back show. Cheryl pops in to buy skimmed milk and tips Marlene off about the gardening - "systemics". Marlene starts looking it up. Just then, Sam comes in and Marlene invites him to ask her any question he wants.
SAM:(quietly) Should I leave Erinsborough?
Marlene laughs but then realises he is serious. Sam explains that he and Cody are an item and she's been offered a scholarship in Newcastle. He's not sure what to do.
MARLENE: All you have to do is look into your heart.
Emma and Catherine have arrived with all their luggage. Helen doesn't know how it will all fit into the car. She tells them they can each only take one bag, so Catherine suggests they could get the bus. Just then another guy from Uni turns up and offers Emma and Catherine a lift in his (nice) car. Stonie does not look pleased!
Karl is ringing in to the radio show - Lou has asked him to ask Marlene a gardening question! Karl pretends to be "Kurt from Erinsborough" on the phone.
Radio station
Marlene and Lou are on the air. "Kurt" comes on and asks a question about systemics. Marlene fluently fields the question, much to Lou and Karl's horror!
Helen's car
Mal and Stonie are sulking about the classical music Helen is playing and she agrees to change to something of Stonie's choosing.
STONIE: Hey, Mrs D, I just saw a snail overtake us!
MAL: Yeah, and it was on crutches!
Helen says she can't go any faster because it's raining and reminds them of the story of the hare and the tortoise - slow and steady wins the race.
Lou is sulking that Marlene knew the answer to the systemics question, but of course he can't tell Marlene and Cheryl! He stomps off upstairs. Marlene tells Cheryl that the radio station manager wants to start giving a prize to people who can catch Marlene out. Cheryl explains that the systemics question was a plant by Lou and Cheryl tipped her off. Marlene is horrified by Lou's behaviour and asks Cheryl to keep her posted about any other dodgy questions. Meanwhile, she will cook up a few surprises for Lou!
Helen, Stonie and Mal finally arrive. Emma and Catherine are already getting on well with Martin and Jack. Stonie makes a crack about big cars and small brains! Mal advises him to calm down.
Stonie goes over to Cath and hangs all over her!
Cody is studying when Sam comes home. He's brought her a nice bunch of gerberas. She tells him that she's made her decision - she has to go to Newcastle. He thinks it's the right decision.
CODY: Professionally, yeah, it's a great opportunity, but I've got to turn my back on someone else.
SAM: You mean you and me.
CODY: Yeah...but I've thought about that and I can't risk everything else for a relationship that's so new...
SAM: You don't have to. Look, I think there are other options.
CODY: You're not suggesting a long- distance relationship from here to Newcastle?
SAM: No, I just think it'd be a shame not to know what could have been. That's why I've decided to move to Newcastle with you.
Torrential rain is falling. Stonie is still trying to hit on Catherine. She couldn't be less interested but Stonie reckons that "she wants me bad"(!)
The tutor does his introduction speech and says that they'll all be sharing experiences freely, so he wants them all to get to know each other. Stonie looks pleased - he's under teacher's orders to get to know Catherine!
Sam insists that he's ready for a change, but Cody doesn't want him to regret anything. Sam says that nothing is holding him in Erinsborough - his business is portable.
CODY: I can't believe you'd go to so much trouble for me.
SAM: It's not trouble! Look, if it turns out that we're not right...
They kiss.
SAM: I can always come back. I won't have lost anything.
CODY: Except your dignity...your will to live...your self- respect...!
They kiss again.
Cody says she wants to get herself settled in Newcastle first before Sam comes up and he agrees.
The students are serving up dinner. Stonie and another male student do a bit more posturing and they head off to chop wood.
Karl is examining his bald spot(!) He says that he's worried about the company Mal is keeping.
SUSAN: Karl, he's with Helen Daniels, she's a great- grandmother...!
KARL: You know what I'm talking about!
Karl goes on a rant about Rebecchi kids, but Susan says Mal needs a friend right now, especially after his breakup with Danni.
SUSAN: Anyway, there is definitely something in the Kennedy- Stark gene pool that makes our kids attracted to each other.
KARL: It's called opportunity, they only live two doors away!
SUSAN: It's certainly not for Libby and Brett...
KARL: Libby and Brett?!?! Since when?!?!
SUSAN: Since very recently, and you are not to fly off the handle about this, do you understand?
KARL: I'm sorry I'm not happy about this.
SUSAN: Well, darling, you don't have to be, because really, it's none of your business is it?
KARL: B...
Susan grabs his mouth in her hand.
SUSAN: Is it.
Mal and Catherine are chatting about boyfriends. Mal says that Catherine doesn't seem to like any of the boys there.
MAL: Is there anyone here you do like?
CATHERINE: As a matter of fact there is someone. You.
Mal looks stunned.
<<2559 - 2561>>
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