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Neighbours Episode 2559 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2559
Australian airdate: 29/02/96
UK airdate: 04/09/96
UK Gold: 22/08/02
Writer: Piers Hobson
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Kimberley Stevens: Rebecca Macauley
Zoe Tan: Jeuliette Hanafie
Club Official: Martin Hopkins
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Jen asks Helen to write her a reference for a scholarship.
Cheryl challenges Karl to a golf tournament.
Hannah's friend Zoe is upset about her parents arguing. Hannah invites her to stay.
Luke's date overpowers a drunk at the pub and explains that she's a cop!
Jen has got the scholarship and she and Cody are drinking champagne and telling Sam on the phone to meet them to celebrate. Luke and his date Kimberley (the cop) come in. Luke congratulates Jen. She and Cody head off.
When they've gone, Luke puts on some music and asks Kimberley about being a cop. He's surprised at the events of the evening. Kimberley says that a lot of guys can't handle women cops. Luke says he thinks they're great!
No.26, the following morning
Hannah and Zoe are still doing their "project". Phil tells Zoe that she'll have to go home tonight, as her folks haven't seen her in days.
Jen, Jo, Sam and Cody get in - apparently the club they were at was raided for under- age drinkers. They get into a conversation about the police. Luke waxes lyrical about how wonderful Kim is! Sam says jokingly that Luke could join the police force too, and he looks quite interested!
Coffee Shop
Sam and Cody are nursing their hangovers at a table. Jo is at the counter ordering some coffees. Cody says that she and Jo are getting on better now. Jo comes back and brings them breakfast and also invites them along to aerobics(!)
Golf course
Karl and Cheryl are playing golf and sniping at each other. Cheryl hits a decent shot, followed by Karl hitting a tree(!)
Coffee Shop
Kimberley is sitting at a table reading a newspaper when Luke comes in. He's been down the job centre, but no luck. He's considering turning to crime(!) He asks Kimberley how she got on so far - she says that she took evening classes after her university degree. He asks her about life in the police force and she asks if he's ever thought about joining. Luke says he's not cut out for it, but Kimberley says that he'll never know until he tries.
Aerobics room
Jo is leading Sam, Cody and Jen in aerobics. They look absolutely knackered and give up, saying they're wrecked. Jen tells Jo that her classes are really good and that she'll make a really good instructor. Jo looks pleased.
Golf course
Karl is currently in the lead, but Cheryl is confident she'll win the last four holes. Cheryl looks closely at her ball and accuses Karl of cheating - they've each been playing each other's balls. The instructor comes over and tells them to sort out their problems like adults. They continue to bicker, so the instructor expels them from the course! They walk off, still bickering!
Sam and Cody are weirdly lying on the same sofa. Cody is asleep. While she's sleeping, Sam muses aloud how he always calls Cody "mate".
SAM: I wonder what it would be like if we were more than just mates. it's a wonder we never got together. Suppose we were always with other people. I know sometimes I wish we were more than just good mates. A lot more. Then again, it's pretty hard to say something like that to you. You'd probably end up laughing in my face.
He lies down with an arm around Cody. Her eyelids flutter open because in true Neighbours style she wasn't really asleep!
Coffee Shop
Hannah and Zoe are hanging out. Phil comes in and Hannah goes over and tells him the full story about Zoe and her fighting parents. Phil says she can stay with them, but he'll have to talk to Zoe's parents first.
Cody is packing her bag for Uni. Sam invites her to go biking later, but Cody says she has to a tute followed by a lecture.
CODY: But I thought, when I get home, you could have a large capricciosa and a beer waiting for me?
SAM: Sure.
CODY: And after that, I think we should stay in. Just the two of us. Isn't that what you do when you're more than just mates?
Sam takes about two seconds to do the maths, then punches himself on the forehead.
SAM: Oh no, you were awake!
CODY: You'd make a lousy doctor! (Hugging him) Can't even tell when someone's sleeping?
SAM: What, you're not angry or embarrassed or anything?
She replies by kissing him.
CODY: I'll tell you when I get home.
Sam looks pleased, but a little shell- shocked!
Danni is still moaning about Mal. Jen tells her to move on to something bigger and better. But Danni says she still loves Mal.
Karl and Cheryl come in still bickering about golf. Jen and Danni roll their eyes. Danni suggests another way to settle their differences, like tiddywinks or putt- putt.
Coffee Shop
Luke tells Sam that he's thinking of applying for the police force. He says the idea is growing on him, and it's not because of Kimberley, though she did put the idea into her head. Sam tells Luke that his girlfriend will be a doctor.
SAM: Things are looking pretty good so far.
LUKE:(surprised) So far?! Who?!
SAM: Cody.
Luke drops his spoon.
LUKE: Cody?!
SAM: You've dropped your spoon.
LUKE: You did a great job keeping that one quiet, I had no idea!
SAM: Well, it's kind of new, you know? As in, not even yet.
LUKE: What, is it serious?!
SAM: Yeah. Well, from where I'm standing it is.
LUKE: Fantastic! Ah, so does that mean you want me to nick off for the evening?
SAM: That'd be great.
LUKE: I'll disappear right off the face of the planet.
SAM: Beautiful, thank you My pizzas are ready!
He leaves with his pizzas.
LUKE: Bon appetit!
Sam has got the pizza ready and beer is chilling in a bucket. Ah, and they say romance is dead.
Cody comes in and says she has to tell him something.
CODY: I've got some news. And I don't think you're going to like it.
<<2558 - 2560>>
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