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Neighbours Episode 2558 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2558
Australian airdate: 28/02/96
UK airdate: 03/09/96
UK Gold: 21/08/02
Writer: Jeff Truman
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Zoe Tan: Jeuliette Hanafie
Toadfish: Ryan Moloney
Kimberley Stevens: Rebecca Macauley
Yobbo: Lawrence Price
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Marlene is given a job on the radio with Lou - "Marlene and the Mayor".
- Jen tells Helen she should go to the Psych Camp.
Helen is packing for Psych Camp and Phil winds Hannah up saying that the students will be doing the same things white mice do - like running through mazes!
Hannah asks if Zoe can stay over, but Phil refuses saying it's a school night. Hannah says they're doing a project together for school. So Phil relents and says he'll check in with Zoe's parents.
Coffee Shop
Billy creeps in, followed by Toadie. He's been cleaning off the copycat tags. Angie wants to know what they're doing with buckets and rags, so Toadie tells her they've been cleaning the outside tables(!)
Billy asks Toadie who could be doing the copycat tagging, but he doesn't know.
Marlene and Lou are having artistic differences over their radio show. Luke sits down with them and they start grilling him as a potential listener! He says he doesn't have much time to listen to the radio - although he might now that he's left the time- share business. Lou insists to Marlene that the listeners want Music and News, not phone- ins.
Luke admires a girl sitting at a table and Lou encourages him to go and ask her out(!)
MARLENE: You can't just barrel over there, bold as brass, women don't like that.
LOU:(surprised) Don't they?!
MARLENE: No. Subtlety wins ever time!
Luke says it doesn't matter, she's probably turn out to be an alien or something and suck the life force out of him(!)
LOU: But what a way to go!
Helen has finished packing and Phil sits down to watch TV. Phil tells her she'd better watch out for uncivilised students.
Hannah and Zoe are at the kitchen table. Zoe says her parents fight all the time and it's awful. Hannah shares her own experiences about Phil and Julie and invites her to stay as long as she wants. Apparently she "knows how to handle my Dad"(!)
Marlene and Lou are still bickering, and Luke still hasn't asked the girl out. Just then, the girl comes over to the bar to order. Luke smiles at her. She looks interested in him and goes back to sit down. Lou tells Luke he's a wuss! He leaves, and the girl looks somewhat disappointed.
Susan storms up to Toadie and tells him he's in serious trouble. She shows him a Toadfish tag on the blackboard. He protests his innocence, and Billy backs him up, but Susan throws Billy out of the classroom! Toadie just keeps repeating the he didn't do it, but Susan won't listen.
Radio Station
Marlene and Lou are doing their broadcast and bickering on air about whether to do phone- in calls or music(!)
Coffee Shop
Phil and Luke are listening to Lou's program while sitting at the counter and laughing. Angie gets a call from Susan about Toadie and sighs in disbelief. She asks Luke to fill in for her for an hour or so while she gets down to the school.
Apparently Toadie has had a week's detention from the Principal, and is on a last chance from being expelled.
When Susan has gone, Angie rounds on Toadie. He insists that he didn't do it.
ANGIE: You're going up to Port Keats to work with your old man.
TOADIE: What?!
ANGIE: A few months' hard yakka on the barge might wake you up to yourself!
Toadie can't believe it. He insists he's being set up, but Angie doesn't believe him. She stalks off.
Coffee Shop
Helen is surprised to find Luke serving in the shop. She orders a cup of tea and some carrot cake. Marlene and Lou's radio show is still playing in the background.
Radio Station
Marlene starts talking about Luke's love problems (without mentioning any names).
Coffee Shop
Luke hears Marlene talking about him and cringes. Helen tries not to laugh.
Susan instructs Toadie to go on graffiti removing duty. Billy says he's staying to help Toadie out.
When Susan has gone, Toadie puts his head in his hands and complains that life sucks. They talk about who the copycat could be.
TOADIE: All these years, I've got away with heaps. I mean, I was a legend! And now I didn't even do it and I'm busted worse than ever. It's not fair!
Billy says that maybe working on a barge will be fun(!)
Marlene has popped around for tea with Helen and Phil. Hannah asks Phil if Zoe can stay over again. He agrees, as long as they help to cook dinner.
Marlene thinks the bickering is quite fun, but Helen says Luke was a little embarrassed. Marlene says noone else would know who she meant.
Lou is commiserating with Luke. Lou encourages Luke to start a petition against Marlene!
Just then, the girl from the previous evening comes in and sits down at the bar next to Luke. She recognises Lou's voice from the show and says she finds Marlene absolutely hysterical. In some weird leap of logic she says she hoped Marlene was talking about Luke today. Luke is pleased and says that she was. The girl introduces herself as Kimberley and offers to buy Luke a drink.
Billy comes in and tells Susan that Toadie didn't do the tagging. She is skeptical, but Billy is insistent that Toadie is innocent. Susan looks conflicted.
Luke and Kimberley are having dinner. He admits he's been thinking of giving up on women.
A bloke comes in and starts accusing Lou of short- changing him. He's obviously drunk and Lou offers to call him a pub. The bloke starts a fight. Kimberley quickly gets up and tackles the bloke, twisting his arm behind his back. Lou and Luke look at each other in bemusement! Kimberley, meanwhile is arresting the bloke and handcuffing him.
KIMBERLEY:(to Luke) I should have told you. I'm a cop!
<<2557 - 2559>>
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