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Neighbours Episode 2557 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2557
Australian airdate: 27/02/96
UK airdate: 02/09/96
UK Gold: 20/08/02
Writer: Craig Wilkins
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Toadfish: Ryan Moloney
Sonny: Tom Hutchings
Rupert Sprod: Tobi Webster
Dexter: Nicholas Jones
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Mal and Stonie get excited about buying into a car.
Toadie tells Billy that he'll soon get back in Angie's good books by getting a couple of good marks in school.
Libby tells Mal that Rupert is in love with Danni.
Brett and Libby are play- wrestling when they have a moment - they start kissing.
Libby and Brett come downstairs looking rather sheepish, buttoning up their clothes. They have obviously just Done The Deed. They are both smiling shyly, almost afraid to look at each other.
BRETT: Whoops.
LIBBY: Are you OK?
BRETT: Yeah...
LIBBY: Mind on other things?
BRETT: Isn't yours?
LIBBY: Hard not to be. I don't know...one minute we're sitting here, having a tickle fight...and now we're, um...well, I don't know what we are, it's...different, that's all.
BRETT: Mmm. I must admit, it took me by surprise. I mean, if we were boyfriend and girlfriend...
LIBBY: Yeah, I know! Don't worry, I surprised myself!
They both break into giggles.
BRETT: This is so weird...
LIBBY: It's *really* weird...but good though, don't you think?
BRETT: Yeah, for sure.
LIBBY: So what happens next?
BRETT: I don't know. Do you want something to eat, I'm starving.
LIBBY: No thanks, I'm fine.
He goes to the kitchen.
BRETT: Tea or a coffee?
LIBBY: Yeah...alright.
BRETT: You alight?
LIBBY: Yeah, I think so
BRETT: Cos...please tell me if you're not.
LIBBY: I just can't get over what we've done. And I really don't know how to handle it.
Coffee Shop
Angie is explaining to Stonie that she's not shouting at Toadie anymore - he can do what he wants and face the consequences. Stonie suggests that Toadie could take over his shifts for him to go to camp on the weekend. Angie says they'll work something out.
Stonie tells Mal that things are going to be great this weekend, but Mal is looking fed up. He's still dark about the Rupert/Danni rumour. Stonie rolls his eyes and says a few Uni babes this weekend will sort him out!
Brett is sitting in a romantic haze. (Yuk)
DANNI: Brett, what am I going to do about Malcolm?
BRETT: Beats me.
DANNI: He's so stubborn.
DANNI: If he's not careful he's going to lose me for good. You know, there are plenty of other guys I could go out with. Rupert's hot for me.
BRETT: Really.
DANNI: But then again I could always just hunt Mal down and shoot him like a dog.
BRETT: Yeah, whatever you think's best.
DANNI: You haven't heard a word I've said, can you pay attention next time?!
DANNI: Because, it's important!
BRETT: Yeah, important to you.
DANNI: Yeah!
BRETT: Well, whatever happens, happens. Don't stress about it.
DANNI: Oh, that's good, coming from Mr 'Woe is me'. What has got into you all of a sudden?
BRETT: Nothing. Nothing at all.
Malcolm and Libby are sitting on the sofa.
MAL: What's up with you?
LIBBY: Nothing!
MAL: You're about a million miles away.
LIBBY: No, I'm not.
MAL: Sonny still getting to you?
MAL: Yeah, right.
LIBBY: It's true!
MAL: Well what about all that hassle with Jo?
LIBBY: What?
MAL: Come on, don't tell me you weren't annoyed when you found out he was after her!
LIBBY: Look, if you want to talk about jealousy Malcolm, let me just say two words. Rupert. Sprod.
MAL: Hey look, I'm not having a go at you, right? I'm just trying to sympathise with you.
LIBBY: Trust me, I don't need sympathy.
MAL: OK. I'm glad you're over him. Wish I could say the same about Danni.
LIBBY: It'll happen.
Mal goes off to bed. Susan gets up from the table and goes over to sit with Libby.
SUSAN: So, is everything really alright with you? I couldn't help overhearing about Sonny.
LIBBY: Yeah, I'm fine.
SUSAN: Cos you know, bottling things up only makes it worse.
LIBBY: Yeah, I know. Thanks for asking.
SUSAN: Well, any time you want to talk, I'm always here for you.
LIBBY: Mum, I'm so over Sonny. It was just a stupid infatuation. I realise that now.
SUSAN: Teenage heart's quite resilient, which is just as well!
LIBBY: Yeah, I'm happier now that I have been in ages.
SUSAN: I'm glad to hear it.
They have a little hug.
Coffee Shop, the following day
Danni and Rupert are hanging out before school. Danni is distracted, looking to see if Malcolm is there. Just then, he comes out of the kitchen to take their order, with a face like thunder. Danni hangs all over Rupert and even kisses him now that Malcolm is in full view.
Ramsay Street
Toadie is cleaning the car as part of his "brown- nosing plan". Billy laughs to hear that Angie hasn't even acknowledged his efforts. Just then, Angie comes out, gets in the car and drives away as Toadie is still cleaning(!) He looks crestfallen.
Coffee Shop
Malcolm is in a foul mood, glowering over at Danni and Rupert. Stonie tells him to calm down, saying Danni is just trying to make him jealous. He advises Mal to give Danni a taste of her own medicine by telling her about Psych Camp this weekend.
Malcolm goes over to Danni and Rupert, and Danni asks him to bring the coffees outside for them. He does so, and then flounces off back inside.
Rupert asks Danni if she's really over Malcolm and she assures him that she is - and that she really likes Rupert.
At another table, Jen tells Helen that she must go to the Psych Camp. Helen doesn't think so - everyone will be very young and wild. Jen tells her not to worry about it - Helen is perfectly entitled to be there. Stonie comes over and Jen asks his opinion. Stonie says they'll look after Helen!
Susan opens the door to Brett. He has a nervous look about him and is finding it hard to look Susan in the eye(!)
SUSAN: So, are you enjoying yourself?
BRETT: Sorry?
SUSAN: Enjoying your freedom?
BRETT: Oh, right. Yeah, sure.
SUSAN: Oh, I bet you are. What I wouldn't give for some freedom every now and then.
Libby comes out, dressed in her school uniform and a nervous atmosphere descends.
BRETT: Hi. I...um...I thought I'd come over and walk you to school. For old time's sake.
Susan has sensed the atmosphere and is looking at them curiously in her personal ninja style.
LIBBY: Great.
Susan smiles.
SUSAN: Well, isn't that a nice surprise!
LIBBY: Yeah, it is.
SUSAN: Well, I'd better get a wriggle on. I've got to marks some papers before classes start. See you at school.
LIBBY: See you.
She goes to the door.
SUSAN: Bye, Brett.
Susan closes the door behind her.
BRETT: Is everybody else gone?!
LIBBY: Yeah! How did you go with mum?
BRETT: It was pretty awkward. Nervous.
LIBBY: You couldn't tell...much.
BRETT: It's pretty funny, mind. Your mum and I are great friends and now all of a sudden I'm this gibbering mess around her.
LIBBY: Well, you have de- flowered her baby girl.
BRETT: Ah...I feel guilty enough, thanks.
LIBBY: Nah, don't be.
BRETT: I'll get over it.
LIBBY: Course you will.
BRETT: It's funny though. I mean why has this happened now and not earlier?
LIBBY: Because earlier, Brett, you thought I kissed like a fish.
BRETT: Oh, that's right. And I had so many girls to compare you with!
They laugh.
BRETT: I guess our timing was just wrong.
LIBBY: Yep. And now we've finally synchronised.
BRETT: And we got to be friends first.
LIBBY: Best friends!
BRETT: Alright then, best friend, what is the chance of me coercing you into wagging school today? We could have some fun, go for a picnic, go to the zoo or something.
LIBBY: Don't tempt me Brett.
BRETT: But it was a nice idea, right?
LIBBY: The nicest.
BRETT: Alright then, cool, let's get you off to school.
BOTH: Urghhhh!
Mal and Stonie are waiting for Sonny to bring their car. He draws up and Mal and Stonie are very excited. It's an old crate, but Sonny assures them that everything is OK with the car. Mal asks after the brakes and Sonny says they're fine now. Mal tries to start the car, but it won't start!
A nerd (Dexter) comes over to talk to Toadie. He's come to talk to Toadie because he's heard he's a genius(!) He offers to be Toadie's study partner. Toadie tells Dexter to get lost!
Ramsay Street
Sonny, Mal and Stonie are trying to fix the car when Angie arrives home. She wants to know how long their "fine- tuning" will take and that the car will have to go somewhere else.
Libby arrives home and Susan comes out of the bedroom and starts stalking her as she walks into the kitchen(!)
SUSAN: So...everything alright with you, is it?
LIBBY: Yep, fine, why wouldn't it be?
SUSAN: Oh, I don't know...you just seem...different, somehow.
Libby is startled.
SUSAN: Yeah...can't quite put my finger on it. You were a million miles away in class today.
LIBBY: Come on, Mum, you're exaggerating!
SUSAN: No, all your other teachers said the same thing.
LIBBY: I can't always be the perfect student.
SUSAN: No, I know, I don't expect you to be, I want to make sure that...there's nothing wrong with you that's all.
LIBBY: I'm fine. I promise.
SUSAN:(pointedly) It was nice to see Brett this morning.
LIBBY: Yes, mum, we're friends.
SUSAN: He's also a really great guy, I discovered that in Africa.
SUSAN: What?
LIBBY: What are you getting at?
LIBBY: Yes, you!
SUSAN: I simply made a perfectly innocent comment about what a great guy Brett is, since when is that a hanging offence?
LIBBY: Subtle, mum. Really subtle.
SUSAN: So what's going on?
LIBBY: Nothing! We're friends!
SUSAN: Oh duh!!! Why else would he be walking you to school?
LIBBY: OK. Stop the carry on. Brett and I have...become closer.
SUSAN: You see, that wasn't so hard to tell me.
LIBBY: There's not that much to tell! There's not!
SUSAN: Well, you seem happy, that's the main thing.
LIBBY: Yeah. For the first time I don't have to question what I'm doing. I just know.
SUSAN: Must be right, then!
LIBBY: It is.
They laugh and then hug.
Billy is playing footbal while Toadie hangs upside down from a climbing- frame(!) They talk about Toadie's reformed behaviour. Billy points out a tag drawn on a pipe that appears to be Toadie's. Toadie insists that he didn't do it - it must be a copycat tagger. Billy warns him that his mum will freak when she finds out.
TOADIE: It's almost like someone's trying to frame me!
BILLY: Maybe...
Scary music plays.
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