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Neighbours Episode 2556 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2556
Australian airdate: 26/02/96
UK airdate: 30/08/96
UK Gold: 19/08/02
Writer: Deborah Sheldon
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Toadfish: Ryan Moloney
Sonny: Tom Hutchings
Judy Bergman: Merridy Eastman
Dahl & Casserole: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Marlene gets her own radio show.
Jo tells Libby she's going on a date - shock horror, it's Sonny!
Coffee Shop
Libby is shocked to see Sonny and tells Jo that he's her very recent ex- boyfriend. Jo is mortified and says she and Sonny are just friends. They invite Libby to join them for coffee(!) but she decides not to (funny, that)
FakeCheryl is feeding Dahl while Lou broods. (Although actually, Lolly looks a lot more like FakeCheryl's daughter than she does RealCheryl's!). Brett comes down and tells them he's off to meet Judy. Cheryl stiffly tells him to have a good time.
Karl has been trying to print something out for the last 15 minutes apparently(!). There's a knock at the door and it's Toadie. Karl asks Billy for the computer's manual(!)
Toadie tells Billy that he needs help with his homework - Billy is immediately suspicious that a) he wants his help and b) that Toadie is doing homework at all(!) Toadie explains that he has to impress his mum with some good marks so his home- life will be tolerable again.
Karl finally works out how to print the document(!) and explains to Toadie that intelligence is like a car - you have to learn to drive it if it's to be any use. He hands Toadie a printout of a cartoon titled "Summa Sedes Non Capit Duos". Karl explains it means, "There's only room for one at the top". Toadie looks confused and decides to go back to his homework(!)
Ramsay Street
Jo has fixed up aerobics class for Jen and Marlene tonight. Marlene suggests that Jo could give some fitness talks on the radio - they are always looking for new speakers.
Libby comes along, and Jo goes over to apologise to her again about Sonny. She insists she and Sonny only had a coffee for about ten minutes and then he left.
JO: He's worried you might get the wrong idea and think he was a rat.
LIBBY: Well, he is.
Cheryl is looking for her lucky golf ball. Lou is working on his radio show and asking Cheryl for ideas. She suggests having a golf pro on to give tips.
Marlene comes in with the radio roster and explains that she is going to be Lou's partner on his show! Lou is stunned.
Brett meets up with Judy. They sit down for a chat. Judy explains that she's very fond of Brett, and really wants to start an affair with him, but she's decided not to. She isn't really sure what's stopping her, but thinks it's a combination of everything - Cheryl, Brett's inexperience, her kids, the age difference etc. They shouldn't kid themselves that it would last, and Judy thinks Brett will get over her quickly. She wants them to stay friends and just enjoy the thought of what might have been. Brett looks gutted.
Cheryl has set up a golf net in the back yard. It doesn't seem to help though, as her first golf ball goes over the wall and hits Karl on the head. He assumes it was Toadie and goes off to kill him(!)
Karl comes in and goes for Toadie with a rake, but Billy protects him and protests that Toadie hasn't done anything.
There's a knock at the door and it's Cheryl looking for her golf ball(!) Toadie looks smug!
Room (I know not where)
Jo is leading Jen and Marlene in an aerobics workout. She takes their histories down, like do they have any injuries, or are they pregnant(!)
Lou is fuming about Marlene being made a partner on his show. Cheryl said he should try a bit harder to make things work with Marlene. He reluctantly agrees.
Karl comes in with Cheryl's golf ball. He shows her the lump on his head, but she just comments on him going bald(!) He makes some cracks about Cheryl not being a "real" golfer. She takes offence and dares him to enter her club's tournament. Karl says he'll take the challenge!
Jo, Jen and Marlene are going for it with the aerobics. Billy and Toadie come in. Toadie starts ogling Jo and she is not impressed. Toadie asks if he and Billy can join in the class(!) Jo is sceptical but agrees, although warns Toadie not to mess around.
Brett is confessing all his dating woes to Dahl(!) when Libby calls around. She's fed up of Sonny and he tells her about Judy calling things off. They talk about their relationship woes.
BRETT: What is it about this love thing that's so hard to figure out?
LIBBY: I was hoping you could tell me.
They hug on the sofa. Cosy.
Billy, Jen and Marlene are absolutely knackered after the aerobics class, but Toadie says he was just getting warmed up(!) Jen suggests that Jo makes her class a bit more suitable for beginners, but it was very good in general.
Lou is running through his radio script. Marlene comes in and is shocked to see that she only has one line. So she takes her own script out of her bag! Marlene wants to call the show "Marlene and the Mayor" and apparently the radio controller agrees!
Brett and Libby are still hanging out. Brett is still going on that he's a loser. Libby starts tickling him and he retaliates. They end up having a long "moment" and then slowly start kissing. Dahl nods his approval(!)
<<2555 - 2557>>
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