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Neighbours Episode 2555 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2555
Australian airdate: 23/02/96
UK airdate: 29/08/96
UK Gold: 16/08/02
Writer: Elizabeth Packett
Director: Helen Gaynor
Guests: Sonny Hammond: Tom Hutchings
Rupert Sprod: Tobi Webster
Nadia St. Clair: Dale Stevens
Marilyn Tanno: Catherine Milte
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Judy has second thoughts about Brett.
Lou isn't happy about Marlene's success on the radio.
Danni tells Sam that she and Mal haven't split up.
Nadia tells Luke she won't give a customer a refund, and if he's not careful, he'll be out of a job.
Jo is devastated by Cody's words and says she knows Cody has never liked her - that Cody thinks she's stupid. Sam tells her she's taking things way too seriously. Jo tells them tearfully that she may not be a brainy med student but she always does her best by people.
JO: I'm not the waste of space you once called me.
CODY: I didn't say that! (pause) OK...I said that.
JO: I always remember when people say horrible things to me. But I never make a fuss because...I don't like fighting. I just want everyone to be friends.
Cody is looking very guilty.
CODY: If I did say that, it was through anger, Jo. I didn't mean it.
JO: Yeah, that's what they all say. Just...next time you want to make fun of me, remember that just because I always look happy, doesn't mean it's the same on the inside.
She walks of dejectedly to her room, leaving Sam and Cody to cringe in guilt.
Luke tells Jen about the problem at work with Nadia refusing to refund the Horwoods - and she's happy to rip them off with the help of her lawyers. But if Luke helps them out, his job will be on the line. Jen thinks it's outrageous behaviour on the part of Nadia and Luke should consider his position very carefully. She suggests that Luke has another talk with Nadia and tell her how strongly he feels about the situation.
Brett is depressed about Judy who hasn't called him for a few days. Libby tells him that he and Judy are great together. She repeats Brett's advice that he gave her about Sonny: "Nothing's ever easy and you're not the only one". Brett smiles wryly.
Sam and Cody are cooking and talking about Jo. They agree that they are both nasty back- stabbers and vow to make it up to Jo.
Marlene comes in and tells them that they want her to fill in for Lou again!
MARLENE: I do like my callers to have genuine problems, Cody. Impersonating others will only get you into trouble!
CODY: Now she tells me!
Brett and Libby are watching a romantic comedy and agree it's the closest either of them will get to a happy ending!
Danni calls around and taunts Brett a bit about Judy, so he taunts her about Malcolm. She decides to go to the pub.
Coffee Shop
Nadia bumps into Luke while buying milk. She apologises for losing her temper earlier. Luke sits with her at a table and tells her that the company should make an exception for the Horwoods. But Nadia is firm - there will be no refund.
NADIA: Now why don't you join my back at the office.
LUKE: No. I think I'll stay here, like I'd planned.
NADIA: I think I made it pretty clear earlier that if you don't like the way I run things, you can always leave.
LUKE: ...
NADIA:(slightly panicked) But I think you'd be pretty stupid to ignore the opportunities that I can give you.
LUKE: ...yeah. I know. It's a shame. But I think I'd rather be stupid than heartless.
NADIA: Your choice.
No.24, the following morning
Cody calls in to apologise to Jo again. She tells Jo she's realised some important stuff - that she and Jo are very different people and she's always been quick to put Jo down.
CODY: You're quite perceptive...
JO: Perceptive?
CODY: Yeah...you know what's what...
JO: So, you don't think I'm stupid?
CODY: No! No, no, no, if anything, I think we probably don't know each other that well.
SAM: Um, Jo, look...I feel the same. We've been living together for a while now, and I guess I've always thought of you as...Annalise's little sister. You know, and I think, um, it's about time that I started to see you as a person in your own right.
CODY: So, do you forgive us?
SAM: Jo, we really want to start again, you know?
JO: Yeah, of course.
CODY: Thanks, Jo.
JO: Maybe you guys could join me for some aerobics sometime? Not today, of course.
CODY: Yeah...
SAM: Yep, that'd be good.
Malcolm crawls out of bed to find Libby getting ready for school. Libby asks him to return a book to Sonny for her, and also that he should have a word with Danni. It's obvious that Danni isn't coping without Malcolm and Libby thinks he should talk to her.
Danni is sitting alone in the classroom. A boy (Rupert) comes in and starts chatting her up. Danni is oblivious at first but then twigs. He admits that he's liked her since her very first day at school, but she was always with someone else. He also tells her that practically every guy in the school thinks she's a goddess!
Lou can't get through to the radio station as the lines are jammed with callers for Marlene! Jen diplomatically says that all the callers might be ringing to ask when Lou is coming back(!) She says that Marlene has a grandmotherly persona that people want to talk to - about anything.
LOU: Did you hear whawt her topic was this morning? Inventions! Now come on, how many people around here are seriously interested in that?!
He switches on the radio.
MARLENE:(on the radio) Well, I never knew Erinsborough has so many would- be inventors out there!
Lou's face is a picture.
School (Classroom)
Danni asks Libby what she thinks Rupert Sprod...he's a lot better- looking than he used to be. Libby says she hasn't noticed. She tells Libby that apparently lots of guys like her! Danni is very excited, but Libby says there's not much point when she's still hung- up on Malcolm.
Coffee Shop
Danni comes in and buys a drink. She asks Malcolm how things are going with him and he says everything is great. He asks her how school is, and Danni says everything is great. He observes that Danni has been dropping around to No.28 a lot, but Danni says her and Libby are best friends these days, now that they're in the same school year!
MALCOLM: Come on Danni, why don't you just admit that you've been dying to see me?
DANNI: What? Don't flatter yourself!
She storms out.
Libby comes in, witnesses the end of Danni's storm out and tells Malcolm that at least Danni has Rupert to turn to!
LIBBY: According to Rupert, every guy he knows is after her. She's a wanted woman! You're just lucky she's not over you yet!
Malcolm does not look pleased.
Marlene is talking to the radio programme manager at a table and Lou is glowering at them from behind the bar. He makes his way over and congratulates Marlene on her radio show. The programme manager thanks Lou for bringing Marlene to the station - from now on she wants Lou to take Marlene under his wing, because she's giving Marlene her own show!
Coffee Shop kitchen
Malcolm is stomping around and Libby tells him that he and Danni are both as bad as each other.
Jo comes in and tells Libby she's going on a date - she's just met him. The door opens and Jo's date comes in - shock, horror, it's Sonny!
<<2554 - 2556>>
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