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Neighbours Episode 2554 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2554
Australian airdate: 22/02/96
UK airdate: 28/08/96
UK Gold: 15/08/02
Writer: John Hanlon
Director: Helen Gaynor
Guests: Nadia St. Clair: Dale Stevens
Mr. Horwood: Ian DeLacy
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Marlene offers to fill in for Lou during his one- day suspension.
Mal tells Danni he's fed up about her hassling him and wants to break up.
Cody and Sam are back from Perth. LUke tells them that work is going well and he likes his new boss(!) Cody tells Luke about Sam's bet with Jo that aerobics isn't as hard work as jogging.
No.26, the following morning
Marlene shows Lou the playlist for her radio show tomorrow. Lou says that she can't devote the entire show to Elvis and thinks she should keep more closely to Lou's own format. But he does encourage her and says she'll be brilliant.
Coffee Shop
Helen has read Jen's scholarship application and tells her that it's really good. Danni comes in and asks Jen if she can cover her shift tonight.
JEN: I'm sorry to hear about you and Mal.
DANNI: What exactly have you heard about me and Mal?
JEN: Well, that...the relationship's over.
DANNI: It's not over. It's not over until I say it's over, OK?!
Danni asks Cheryl if Malcolm has rung. Cheryl advises her to give Malcolm some time. Lou is anxiously waiting for Marlene's programme to come on. It doesn't start too well with Marlene pressing the wrong button. However, she soon picks up and starts telling the listeners how much trouble Lou has got into over the University broadcast. Marlene suggests that they open the phonelines and all the listeners can ring in!
Sam and Cody are listening to Marlene giving advice on the radio, telling them all a skin problem that Sam had once(!) He laughs in embarrassment. Cody decides to ring in herself and pretends to be Jo. She tells Marlene how much she loves her show and how much she'd like to meet people to go out and have fun with. Marlene suggests going to the Uni cricket match today. Marlene is on to Cody and says she sounds like the sort of young lady who'd enjoy playing cricket(!)
Luke's office
Luke and his boss, Nadia, are kissing (yuck) A client comes in and tells them they're not happy with their timeshare resort. Nadia leaves Luke to sort things out(!)
Lou is trying to ringing in to Marlene's show now and gets through during the news bulletin. Marlene asks if he's calling to congratulate her(!) Lou says she's meant to be doing timechecks and weather reports, not just do her own thing.
But Marlene cuts Lou off and gets on with the show(!)
Luke's office
The client is explaining that the property hasn't been maintained and it is much further from the shops than they said. The client wants his money back - his wife needs an operation and needs the money. Luke says he'll have to talk to his superiors about it.
Lou's boss has rung him to says she wants him to "defer his return to the airwaves for another day" because of Marlene's intense popularity! He thinks it's a plot to get him back on the graveyard shift!
Marlene comes in at that moment and tells them what a marvellous morning she's had and how brilliant Lou's boss is(!) She thanks Lou for the opportunity but says she won't do tomorrow's show unless she's sure that Lou doesn't mind. Lou fake laughs and says he doesn't mind!
Coffee Shop
Jo invites Danni to come and do a weight circuit with her. Danni is in a bad mood and says no, so Jo suggests she goes to find Mal. Danni bites her head off and Jo asks if she's been dumped. Danni insists that he hasn't.
No.22, evening
Marlene is still talking about her radio show. Danni asks Cheryl if Malcolm came around or rang, but she says he didn't. Marlene says she's sorry they're breaking up. Danni stomps off to her room.
Marlene and Cheryl chat about Brett and Judy. Cheryl tells Marlene that she's talked things through with Judy, but she hasn't seen Brett since. She doesn't know what to do next, apart from "wait and see".
Sam and Cody are laughing about Jo's cheerfulness. Cody starts to imitate Jo.
CODY: And step, and giggle! Step and giggle, and stick out your bum! And step and giggle and stick out your boobs!
But Jo has come in and seen this. She looks upset.
Luke's Office
Nadia is undressing Luke. He tells her he thinks they should give the client a refund on his purchase. Nadia says it's "caveat emptor" (buyer beware) and he won't be getting a refund. Luke says they have a legal and moral responsibility to give these people their money back, but she says they have enough lawyers and the business is not a charity. If Luke feels badly about this, he can repay the Horwoods out of his own pocket(!) He'd better shape up or he'll be out of a job himself.
<<2553 - 2555>>
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