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Neighbours Episode 2553 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2553
Australian airdate: 21/02/96
UK airdate: 27/08/96
UK Gold: 14/08/02
Writer: Ian Coughlan
Director: Helen Gaynor
Guests: Judy Bergman: Merridy Eastman
Ashley Bergman: Damian Foletta
Rebecca Bergman: Naomi Wright
Martin Pike: Fletcher Humphrys
Emma McKillop: Sophie Collins
Rupert Sprod: Tobi Webster
Marilyn Tanno: Catherine Milte
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Danni complains to Libby about Mal doing nothing for Valentine's Day.
Susan tells Libby that she thinks she and Karl's marriage will be OK, but she can't make any promises.
Cheryl sees Brett and Judy kissing.
Lassiter's Lake
CHERYL:(faintly) Well...fancy meeting you two! Uh...
BRETT: You're a...um...bit off the beaten path, Mum.
CHERYL: The children and I were exploring...
JUDY'S DAUGHTER: Is that your boyfriend?
JUDY: Well, not exactly, no.
CHERYL: I'm sorry, we didn't mean to intrude.
BRETT: No, that's alright, Mum. Look, why don't you sit down and eat with us? Maybe we should talk about things.
JUDY: Get things out in the open.
CHERYL: Ah...no...you're both adults. Brett doesn't need my permission to uh...I will leave the children if you don't mind, I've just thought of something that I need to do. Come on, Lolly.
She walks off quickly.
Brett tells Judy he'll worry about Cheryl later on. He takes the kids off to play.
CHERYL:(to Lou) They were kissing!
LOU: Well...
DANNI:(in the background) Who was kissing?!
CHERYL: No- one! It's none of your business.
Cheryl explains that she was speechless and Lou says that it's hard to believe that Brett and Judy were together. Danni overhears this and looks shocked.
DANNI: Mum...she's almost as old as you!
CHERYL: No- one asked for your opinion! She's supposed to be my friend and this was going on behind my back!
Just then, Brett comes in. Danni laughs at Brett and says she's heard he's taken up collecting antiques(!) Cheryl sends Danni off. Lou also makes himself scarce.
CHERYL: Well, young man. Have you any idea how it made me feel walking in on that scene in the park?
BRETT: Kind of surprised, I suppose.
CHERYL: Surprised? I'll say I was surprised, I am amazed...
BRETT: Oh, Mum...sit down.
CHERYL: Don't you tell me to sit down, I've got things to say to you...
BRETT: No, Mum, for once in your life you're going to be quiet and listen to what someone else has to say. Sit down.
Coffee Shop
Stonie and Mal are wearing their pink uniforms. Sonny and Catherine are laughing at them. Angie tells them they could always go back to the theme costumes(!)
Karl is writing in his diary. He and Susan are getting on better this morning. Karl tells Susan that he's going to get rid of the photo of him and Kate.
Susan picks up the photo.
SUSAN: No, don't. She was a very good friend. There's nothing wrong with keeping something to remember her by. But if I were you, I'd put it somewhere a bit safer.
KARL: You're one in a million, you know that?
SUSAN: Only a million?
KARL: I couldn't live without you. I couldn't.
SUSAN: Me too. Karl, we've still got a lot of stuff to sort through though.
KARL: I know.
SUSAN: But I know I told you that Africa changed me...
KARL: Has it changed the way you feel about me?
SUSAN: Notin a bad way...it's just something that we need to start talking about.
KARL: Well, plenty of time for that. There's a whole lifetime.
SUSAN: Yeah. At least.
Lou has popped around to see Helen and Phil. Helen has been given a strip of condoms at Orientation Week(!) Lou asks Helen if he can do a radio show directly from the University and wants her to be the guest commentator.
BRETT: So, the point is exactly what I've been saying, right? I do love you, and I care about the fact that you care about me but...you've got to let me decide stuff for myself for now on.
CHERYL: Mmm- hmm. Is that it? Is it my turn now? Look, I'm not trying to interfere. I'm not trying to tell you how to run your life. I just want to know that you have really thought this thing through!
BRETT: Well, no. Not really. But I've thought about it enough to know that it's not doing any harm. And Jude and I enjoy each other's company, so I don't even see how there's even any vague problem in that.
CHERYL: Then why all the secrecy?
BRETT: What secrecy, Mum? I'm so sorry I didn't take out an ad in the Erinsborough News! But there's such a thing as personal privacy, right? No- one should know except Jude and myself.
CHERYL: Brett, you hardly know anything about women! You just read books all the time and have this distorted view of the way things are in the real world. Relationships between middle- aged women and teenaged boys hardly ever work!
BRETT: Oh, Mum, I think this conversation should stop while we're still on speaking terms!
CHERYL: Maybe you're right. It's your life. Don't expect me to be the one to pick up the pieces.
BRETT: No. I won't. Well, I'm glad that's all sorted out then.
Lou has his equipment set up for the radio show - he's covering the "Iron Gut" competition. Stonie and Mal are both entering. It seems that the Iron Gut competition is a drinking competition.
Judy comes in to see Cheryl. She smiles awkwardly and suggests that they have a talk. Cheryl doesn't think it's the time or the place, as she might want to shout a bit(!)
JUDY: You must know, I never planned for this to happen. If I'd seen it coming, I'd have run a mile. Brett and I were just good friends. And somehow it became more than that without either of us noticing.
CHERYL: I see. When was it that you did notice? Was that around the time you gave me that heartfelt speech about letting Brett become more independent.
JUDY: I would have said that anyway. Cheryl...I've never been interested in younger men before. But Brett is special. You must know that.
CHERYL: Yes, I do. He's sensitive, caring, intelligent...all of that. But he's also very inexperienced.
JUDY: How do you mean?
CHERYL: Oh, how do you think I mean!
JUDY: Well, I'm...not so sure about that.
CHERYL: Well, be sure about it. I don't know, maybe he suddenly believes that he's ready for a serious relationship. Although, you might have noticed he's not confiding in me these days. Oh, Judy. I'm not happy about the way I'm feeling about all this. I always thought I'd be very cool, very nineties, if I had to face a situation like this one. But I have to admit that now when it comes to my youngest son, I am a little bit old- fashioned. I do think that it should be with someone closer to his own age. I'm really sorry. That is, of course, just my opinion.
Helen tells Lou that she's been talking to the boys about "the race" but he's busy setting up his equipment. The programme starts and so does the race.
Danni and another boy listen to Lou's programme on the radio. The student are all looking a bit worse for wear and one goes off to be sick(!) There are obstacles incorporated into the race, one of which is to turn on the spot with broomsticks. The race is finally won by an Asian girl who goes off to be sick(!)
Radio Station
The station manager is ranting at Lou because the race winner apparently vomited on the radio equipment! She's putting Lou on 24 hour suspension due to complaints from listeners. She says Lou will have to line someone else, or she'll get Phil Friendly!
Coffee Shop
Mal and Stonie are looking dreadful after the race. Danni comes in and mocks them. She isn't impressed and says she's going home, and has a go at Mal for being out at Uni all the time.
Judy has come around to see Brett. She tells him that she's been to see Cheryl to clear the air a bit.
JUDY: I think she accepts that you're a mature young man now and...not without some experience.
BRETT: Yeah, sure. Why, would it matter if I didn't have experience?
JUDY: I don't know...uh...I assume it's a hypothetical question?
BRETT:(awkwardly) Yeah...of course...I haven't had much though, to be honest...experience with women.
JUDY: It's nothing to be ashamed of, Brett.
BRETT: Oh, no, I'm not ashamed...I just haven't found the right person until now.
He takes her hand.
JUDY: And are you sure that I'm the right one?
BRETT: you're having second thoughts, aren't you.
JUDY: Maybe.
BRETT: We've got to at least try to give this a chance.
JUDY: I want to. I do want to. It's just...
BRETT: It's just Mum stuck her nose in and she's ruined everything.
JUDY: No, she hasn't ruined it, it's just...maybe stop and think.
BRETT: What's there to think about? This isn't an intellectual exercise for heaven's sake, these are emotions...they're feelings.
JUDY: Yeah, things that get hurt.
BRETT: Yeah, well, I'll take that risk.
JUDY: I'd never forgive myself...
BRETT: So it's finished?
JUDY: I just need some time. A day or two, that's all. Give me that?
Brett just nods, looking upset.
Cheryl is serving Marlene, Phil and Helen. They are laughing about the Iron Gut Race. Just then, Lou comes in and sits down, crossly. Cheryl mocks him and he tells them he's been suspended for the day. He asks Phil to cover his show, and then Helen, but they're both busy. Marlene says quietly that she could do it. Lou is surprised, but agrees. Marlene says she'll do it as long as she can play some Elvis!
Danni has been talking to Mal, but he's still feeling ill and isn't listening properly.
DANNI: What did I just say?
MAL: That you didn't want me having as much fun.
Danni protests that she's fed up of him mucking about instead of spending time with her. Mal reckons that Danni is jealous - if she was at Uni, she'd be mucking around just as much. Danni says she probably would, but she's still at high school thanks to Malcolm. Malcolm shouts that he didn't make her fail Year 12! Danni says that Malcolm talked her into repeating.
MAL: Look, it would be great if you were at Uni too, but you're not, and I'm not going to sit around on my hands for you, just because if I have a little bit of fun, you feel left out!
DANNI: Fine, if that's all you care about me, why are we still together? You know, we might as well break up now.
MAL: Well, maybe we should because Danni, as far as I'm concerned if you keep on acting like this, then the sooner the better!
<<2552 - 2554>>
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