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Neighbours Episode 2552 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2552
Australian airdate: 20/02/96
UK airdate: 26/08/96
UK Gold: 13/08/02
Writer: Scott Taylor
Director: Helen Gaynor
Guests: Judy Bergman: Merridy Eastman
Toadfish: Ryan Moloney
Tim Powers: Luke Kilmany
Ashley Bergman: Damian Foletta
Rebecca Bergman: Naomi Wright
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Brett and Judy discuss their age difference and decide to keep things quiet until they're more sure about their relationship.
- Hannah is caught passing a note about a teacher.
- Mal finds a photo of Karl and Kate. Karl comes in and catches him.
Karl is very angry to see that Mal has been going through his personal possessions. Mal starts shouting that Karl has cheated on Susan.
SUSAN: Malcolm, your father's done nothing wrong.
MAL: He's lied to you, Mum!
He shows them the photo of Karl and Kate.
SUSAN: That's enough!
MAL: Mum, take a look at the photo, I'm only trying to protect you!
SUSAN:(angrily) Rubbish! You're on a witch- hunt. You don't care about the truth. Your father and Kate were good friends, nothing more. How DARE you accuse him without knowing the facts?!
Karl suggests having a family meeting to discuss it all (groan).
Cheryl asks Brett to babysit Lolly tonight and he reluctantly agrees. Just then, Judy comes in. Cheryl is just about to go out.
CHERYL: Now, I know what you're thinking. But you just keep your hands off him!
Judy and Brett both look shocked.
JUDY: Pardon?
CHERYL: Brett, it's a joke!
She tells them she has to go and tells Brett to look after Judy. when Cheryl has gone, Judy and Brett sit down together. Brett apologises that he's ruined another on of their dates.
The family meeting is going on. Karl is very upset with Malcolm for having so little trust in him.
SUSAN: Malcolm, your father did not have an affair.
MALCOLM: What about that picture and everything else?
KARL: This picture is a snapshot of two friends, one of whom is now dead. I don't know what you mean by "everything else". My dinner with Kate while your mother was away? My trip to Cairns for the funeral?
MALCOLM: Yeah, well, that'll do for starters.
KARL: Alright, well I guess I tend to hide my emotions to the point it might appear that I don't have any, but that's not true. Meeting Kate made me take a very good look at myself. She was an amazing woman. I still love your mother and I can't see that changing. But I really miss Kate.
LIBBY: Did you love her?
BILLY: No, you were just friends, right?
KARL: Kate Cornwall lived with the knowledge for two years that she would soon die. And that made her look at life very differently from other people - very differently from me. She showed me what it is to be brave. To have grace under pressure. She taught me something I think your mother learnt in Africa - that life is unbelievably precious. I was enchanted by Kate Cornwall. So no, Billy, we weren't just good friends. But we weren't lovers either.
SUSAN: You three have to understand that your Dad and I have got some emotional stocktaking to do and we don't intend to share every detail of it with you lot, alright?
KARL: So, now you know why things have been a bit strained since your mother came back, but you must also know that we will work through it. And we will do it because we love each other, and because we trust each other, which is something you might want to give some thought to, Malcolm.
Toadie comes to the door.
TOADIE: Ehhhh Phil, baby!
PHIL: Mr Martin will be fine, thanks.
TOADIE: Eh, whatever. Where's Hannie- baby?
PHIL: Why?
TOADIE: Cos we're in loooove!
PHIL: What?
TOADIE: Oh, you know, she tried to hold out for as long as she could, but in the end, could you blame her?
PHIL: Hannah! (goes through to the kitchen)
PHIL: Have you got a new boyfriend?
HANNAH: No, why?
PHIL: Thank God for that!
Toadie tells Hannah that he wants a chat about school stuff. He tells her he's got a plan to let them wag school for a while longer.
Judy tells Brett that she's not ready to tell Cheryl about her and Brett's relationship yet - she's not sure how Cheryl will react. Brett says he's knows exactly how Cheryl will react(!)
Phone box
Toadie is coaching Hannah on how to sound like his mum, so she can ring the school and tell them Toadie is sick. This mostly consists of calling everyone love and not using any big words(!)
HANNAH: G'day, who's this? How's it going! Calling about me son, Toadfish?
TOADIE: Jarrod!
HANNAH: Jarrod, sorry, blasted nicknames! Forget what his real name is sometimes! Yeah, yeah, terrible flu. Wouldn't want the rest of the kids coming down with it, eh? Yeah. Coupla days at least. Better to be safe than sorry, that's what I reckon! Right you are then!
It seems to have gone quite well. Now it's Toadie's turn to impersonate Phil.
Karl and Malcolm are having a bit of a strained chat.
MALCOLM: Look, what happened last night between us...I didn't get much sleep thinking about it.
KARL: Unsurprisingly, neither did I.
MALCOLM: I was way out of line. But what you said about re- thinking things between us. I'd hate for you to do that.
KARL: Last night I got kicked harder than I've ever been kicked in my life. And when I looked up, you were wearing the boots.
MALCOLM: I'm really sorry. If that helps anything.
KARL: Yeah. Yeah, it does.
He gets up.
KARL: Mal, you are very special to me. All three of you are, but you drew the short straw, you came along first, so I tend to drive you a little harder as a result of that. I push you along faster. Now maybe that's the wrong thing to do, but sorry, I can't help it. Now last night you made a very big mistake. Providing you learn from that mistake, you'll never be a disappointment to me.
MALCOLM: So you forgive me?
KARL: I'll let you in on a little secret. It's very rare for a parent not to forgive their kid. It kind of goes with the job.
MALCOLM: Thanks, Dad.
KARL: Come here, mate. Come on, nice and close.
They hug.
KARL: I figure this is something we haven't done nearly enough of in the past. It's never too late to fix that, if that's alright with you.
MALCOLM: Yes, it's fine.
Toadie is retelling his telephone call to the school, impersonating Phil.
TOADIE: It's Philip Martin here, ringing to tell you that Hannah's sick? Oh, a customer's just come in. Gotta go!
They decide to have a game of cards.
Mr Powers has dropped in to check on Hannah. Phil says that everything seems OK about the Valentine card.
MR POWERS: As long as she's not staying home to avoid me.
PHIL: Sorry?
MR POWERS: Her being sick today.
PHIL: Hannah's not sick.
MR POWERS: The school said you rang this morning.
PHIL: No. I saw her leave myself.
MR POWERS: She never turned up, Philip.
PHIL: Are you sure?
MR POWERS: We got a call from two parents this morning. One about Hannah...and one from Mrs Rebecchi about Jarrod.
PHIL: Toadfish!
MR POWERS: He's sick as well.
PHIL: Not as sick as he's going to be!
Coffee Shop
Mr Powers and Phil have come to talk to Angie, who confirms that Toadie isn't sick. Billy overhears their conversation. Angie says she doesn't care what happens to Toadie anymore - she's through worrying about him.
PHIL: Maybe there's an explanation.
ANGIE: Phil, this is Jarrod. There'll be an explanation, alright. But it won't be good!
Toadie and Hannah are playing a strip card game. Toadie isn't doing very well and has unbuttoned his shirt. Billy rushes up and tells them the game is up - they know they've been wagging school.
TOADIE: Who knows?
BILLY: Phil, Angie, Mr Powers...practically the whole school.
TOADIE: Oh, Mum's going to kill me!
BILLY: She said she was going to give up on you. Maybe she really means it this time.
TOADIE: Oh, this is not good!
HANNAH: What did Dad say about me?
BILLY: Nothing, but he looked pretty damn mad, I can tell you that.
HANNAH: How mad?
BILLY: Uh- oh.
PHIL:(looking at Toadie's unbuttoned shirt) What's going on?!
TOADIE: I was hot!
PHIL: You ought to be locked up! No wonder your mother's so upset! (To Hannah) What do you think you're doing, hanging around with this hoodlum?
HANNAH: I'm really sorry, Dad!
PHIL: I hope you don't think that fixes things because if you do, you are sadly mistaken!
HANNAH: All we did was miss school.
TOADIE: Yeah, I mean, we don't complain when a teacher stays home(!)
PHIL: Be quiet! If you haven't got anything intelligent to say, say nothing!
HANNAH: I couldn't go back, not after everything that happened.
PHIL: So it was this business with the note. Mr Powers came to the house to check on you.
HANNAH: Oh, no!
PHIL: Who rang the school pretending to be me?
Toadie looks shifty.
PHIL: They thought *you* were *me*?!
TOADIE: Yeah, well, I have less hair on the phone!
Billy bursts out laughing and tries to stifle it. Phil sends him off. Phil then tells Toadie he's sick of him and isn't surprised that Angie is giving up on him. Toadie confesses to writing the Valentine's card to Hannah.
TOADIE: I've gone too far this time, Mr Martin, I can see that. I'll make it up to you, Hannah. To the both of you.
He runs off.
PHIL: There goes a superhero the world could do without. Come on, let's go.
Susan is reading at the table when Libby comes in. She sits down for a chat.
LIBBY: Now, I know you and Dad said that you'd work things out. But will you? I don't want you guys to break up. I couldn't handle it, Mum, none of us could.
SUSAN: I see, your Dad and I are like a pair of bookends, are we? You take one away and all the little Malcolm, Libby and Billy books fall over.
LIBBY: What?
SUSAN: Your Dad and I are not joined at the hip, Libby! Once up on a time I was just like you, and then I became a parent and like the Pope, was expected to be infallible!
LIBBY: You're getting mad.
SUSAN: Well, just a bit, I thought you understood who I was a bit better than this.
LIBBY: I do!
SUSAN: Then why are we having this conversation?
LIBBY: Because I care!
SUSAN: You care about *you*! How upsetting it would be for *you* if your Dad and I split up, how *your* exams would suffer, how *you* would cope!
LIBBY: I care about Malcolm and Billy too, Mum.
SUSAN: And what about *me*, Libby. Me, not your mum, *me*, Susan Smith? I'm a lot of things! Being your mother is just one of them.
LIBBY: I'm sorry.
SUSAN: I know you get upset when your Dad and I fight, but you've got to try and understand that he and I turned up to this dance without any partners. We've been dancing together this long not because of you kids. But because we love each other.
LIBBY: Yeah, I know.
SUSAN: And lately, we've just got a bit out of step, and we're doing everything we can to try and fix it, but I can't, I won't, make any promises. I *think* it's going to be alright, OK?
LIBBY: OK. I want you to know that I'm still here if you need someone to talk to. I mean, I've sort of gone through the same thing with Sonny.
Susan smiles.
SUSAN: Well, thanks, Lib, but I think what we really need is some time to ourselves. I hope you can understand that.
LIBBY: Absolutely.
SUSAN: Good, then can you explain it to your brothers? If Karl and I have to try communication, there's no reason you three shouldn't either!
Mr Powers has come around. Apparently Toadie has been to see him and explained about the card. Mr Powers tells Hannah not to be embarrassed - he's pleased to have her in his class and hopes they can put everything behind them at last!
Toadie creeps in. Angie is watching TV and knitting and barely looks up.
TOADIE: I suppose you're wondering about today.
ANGIE: No, not really.
TOADIE: Can I turn off the telly?
ANGIE: Suit yourself.
TOADIE: It's just I want to talk.
ANGIE: I said, suit yourself.
He turns off the television.
TOADIE: There's a reason why I didn't go today.
ANGIE: There's always a reason with you. Susan tells me you're a bright boy, as if that makes up for all the trouble you've caused.
TOADIE: That's why I didn't go.
TOADIE: Because they think I'm so smart.
ANGIE: Let me set you straight, young man. No matter how smart you are, there's only so many ways to make a licence plate.
TOADIE: Mum, I'm not going to end up like Shane!
ANGIE: I hate to tell you this, sweetheart, you already have.
TOADIE: Mum! I'll try harder from now on. Please!
ANGIE: Jarrod. Mothers are supposed to defend their kids right up to the time they throw the switch. I'm through defending you. Even I think you're bad.
ANGIE: Sorry, love. You've used up all your chances. There's nothing more I can do for you. From now on you'll just have to look after yourself.
Lassiter's Lake
Brett and Judy are having a picnic. They chat and then have a bit of a snog. Unfortunately for them, Cheryl walks past with Lolly and Judy's two children! Cheryl looks very shocked. Brett sees her and breaks the kiss. Both look up at Cheryl with trepidation.
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