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Neighbours Episode 2547 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2547
Australian airdate: 13/02/96
UK airdate: 19/08/96
UK Gold: 06/08/02
Writer: Helen MacWhirter
Director: Geoff Hunt
Guests: Toadfish: Ryan Moloney
Catherine O'Brien: Radha Mitchell
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Special Guest Appearance By: Clive James
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Stonie and Mal tell Angie they're embarrassed by having to wear costumes to work in the Coffee Shop.
Cheryl is irritated that Brett is living in a tent in the garden.
Andrew and Susan tell Angie that Toadie's test shows he has a very high IQ.
Stonie and Toadie are bickering about the dyslexia issue when Angie comes in. She rounds on Toadie and wants to know why he lied to her. He starts confessing about the dream he had about being good at school and how he thought up the dyslexia thing to help him catch up...but Angie isn't interested in that, she wants to know why Toadie lied about being brilliant! Toadie is rather confused, to say the least.
ANGIE: The results of that test you took show that you haven't got dyslexia at all. You are, in fact, a *very* bright child with a very high IQ.
TOADIE:(laughs) No way!
STONIE:(flabbergasted) Get out of here! He can't even spell IQ!
Angie says she's as surprised as Stonie(!) but Toadie will go for some more tests tomorrow to confirm things.
TOADIE: Just call me Einstein! (pointing at Stonie) And that's MISTER Einstein to you, pal!
Jo comes in and Sam mocks her a bit about doing the aerobics instruction course. Marlene thinks it's great, and asks Jo for some tips on exercise. Jo suggests aqua- aerobics. Sam tells them that aerobics is for people who can't handle normal exercise, like runs. Jo suggests they do a swap - she'll do a 10K run with Sam, and he can do her aerobics class. They agree to have a week to prepare.
Coffee Shop
Angie tells Stonie that he doesn't have to wear the Peter Allen costume anymore - she's got him a new costume. She takes him into the kitchen to show him - it's a pink shirt with "Stonie" embroidered on the back. Stonie is not very impressed, but is struck dumb! Angie says they will be fine.
STONIE: I might as well just die!!
Marlene and Lou are having a cup of tea and a chat about the Brett/Cheryl war. Marlene says she'll have a word and try to sort things out. Lou's worried that Cheryl will loose Brett for good at this rate.
Ramsay Street
A postman comes up the street pushing a small trolley, and lo and behold it's Clive James!
Jo and Sam are doing their warmup and Clive James pushes their post into their hands, and moves on to Helen who greets him with a "Thank you, Robert!"
Outside No.32, Toadie sees Billy and goes over to talk to him. He tells him about being a genius. Billy is not impressed and is still upset about Toadie pretending to be dyslexic. Toadie says that dyslexia isn't a fatal disease and anyway, he was just trying to be like Billy and he should be flattered(!) As he tears off to the car (Angie is honking the horn), he knocks over the postman's trolley. Billy helps him to pick up his stuff.
Coffee Shop
Danni is laughing at Stonie who is wearing the pink shirt and white trousers. He is not impressed, saying it is very bad for his tough guy image! He reminds her that Mal is also going to have to wear the uniform. He also doesn't want Catherine to see him!
Cheryl and Jen are serving in the pub when Marlene comes in. She asks Cheryl if Brett can come and stay with her for a while. Cheryl says Brett is just going through a phase. She gets cross with Marlene and tells her to keep her opinions to herself.
A Park
Jo and Sam are out running. Jo stops to measure her pulse rate and tells Sam they need to do some different exercises. She starts doing star jumps, much to Sam's disgust.
Coffee Shop
Angie and Toadie come in. Angie tells Stonie that Toadie is definitely a mental giant - he has an IQ of 135 which is only 5 off a genius! Stonie rolls his eyes. Angie says Toadie had better get back to school, saying he'll have to work much harder than the others - she expects brilliance from him from now on!
Cheryl comes in and asks if Brett is around. Danni rolls her eyes and says that Cheryl never asks about her! Cheryl says she worries about Brett and what he does in his spare time. Danni says Brett is old enough to do his own thing. Cheryl reckons that Brett needs her to help him make decisions(!)
Outside the Coffee Shop
Jen sits down with Jo and Sam who are bickering about "dietary habits".
SAM: Who died and made you Jane Fonda?!
Jen agrees with Sam and advises Jo not to get too caught up. She tells them that Luke is very caught up with his gorgeous boss!
Coffee Shop
Stonie tells Angie that he doesn't like the new uniforms - he just wants to walk around in something that doesn't make him feel embarrassed. Angie says he's just being silly.
Just then, Catherine comes in, so Stonie crawls(!) to the kitchen to change. Angie drags him out, but he's in his boxer shorts by this point. Catherine doesn't really know what to make of this(!)
Toadie comes around to see Billy. Billy is still very cross with Toadie. Toadie moans on that being a genius is the pits - when he was dumb he could slack off and noone cared(!) Billy asks him a very hard maths question and Toadie gets the answer right(!)
Garden of No.22
Danni sees Cheryl cleaning out Brett's tent and tells her she should respect Brett's privacy. She sees that Brett has ringed some things in the paper - but they're not job adverts, they're adverts for shared houses.
CHERYL: How dare he not mention that he's thinking of leaving home! What reason could he possible have for wanting to move out?!
Danni tells her there are a hundred reasons - he's probably sick of being mollycoddled or harrassed and having no independent.
DANNI: Wake up! You're going to make him end up hating you! That is if he doesn't hate you already.
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