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Neighbours Episode 2546 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2546
Australian airdate: 12/02/96
UK airdate: 16/08/96
UK Gold: 05/08/02
Writer: Judith Colquhoun
Director: Geoff Hunt
Guests: Judy Bergman: Merridy Eastman
Toadfish: Ryan Moloney
Andrew Watson: Christopher Uhlmann
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Susan doesn't think Toadie is dyslexic, but Angie urges her to consider it. She says she'll be taking Toadie to a specialist tomorrow and let Susan know the result.
Brett and Judy kiss (yuk)
The kiss ends and Brett apologises. Judy isn't bothered though and tells him she didn't mind! They're about to kiss again when a woman I presume is a head- changed Cheryl comes in. She decided to join them in a drink while Brett looks very nervous.
Angie is consoling Toadie about being dyslexic. Stonie laughs his head off.
STONIE: Now I've heard everything! Course it's a scam, Mum! You're not going to swallow it are you?
Angie protests that Toadie deserves to have a test to be sure. When she's gone to make a cup of tea, Toadie insists to Stonie that he has all the symptoms.
STONIE: Your problem's not dyslexia, it's pathological dishonesty! Now, this is a hoax! You're going to get found out and Mum's gonna kill ya!
TOADIE: Nah, she won't. She loves her little Toad!
Brett is in a right state and confesses to Helen that he kissed Judy. Helen doesn't seem very concerned, even when Brett says that it was a romantic and sexual kiss! Brett says it's not just that Judy is older than him, it's that she's got two kids as well. Helen laughs and says that older men often fall in love with younger women, so why not the reverse? Brett is worried that there will be gossip, but Helen advises him to just ignore everyone else.
Susan is showing Toadie's essay to Andrew. She's concerned that she might be misjudging Toadie because he's so badly behaved - after all, they didn't know Billy was dyslexic either until Andrew came along. She wants to get him tested, but Andrew says he'll give Toadie an IQ test instead. Billy comes in and says there's no way Toadie is dyslexic - he goes off to sort him out.
Garden of No.22
Cheryl has put the sprinkler on. Lou comes out and protests that she is also watering Brett's hut, calling her a cruel and vindictive woman! Cheryl says if Brett choses to live in the back yard he has to put up with the consequences!
Angie is on the phone to Kevin telling him about Toadie's dyslexia. Billy walks in.
BILLY: Sorry, Mrs Rebecchi, the front door was open. (To Toadie) You lying, miserable excuse for a mate, you are scum, Toadie!
Billy accuses Toadie of asking him all about dyslexia the other day in order to be able to fake the symptoms! Angie takes offence, but Billy says no- one will buy it - especially after Toadie does the test tomorrow.
BILLY: You want a mate? Go and find yourself some other sucker.
Coffee Shop
Mal is preparing sandwiches wearing shades and some sort of armour(!) Stonie delivers the orders and then joins Mal behind the counter. They talk about embarrassing outfits and Stonie admits he had to dress as a pageboy once.
Brett comes in looking fed up. Stonie tells Brett he should go to Uni with them, but he's determined not to. He breaks the news that Helen will be there, however, and Stonie and Mal look a bit upset(!)
Toadie is assuring Angie that he's telling the truth about the dyslexia, saying it's a cry for help! Angie tells him she'll support him while Toadie does his best to look as pathetic as possible!
Susan pops around for a word with Angie. She apologises not for taking the dyslexia issue more seriously. She says tomorrow they'll give Toadie a test that will show up any learning difficulties, then they can all move forward together.
Cheryl asks Lou to give up his radio shift to look after Lolly. Brett says he can always help out. Cheryl tells Brett that he's done well with his encampment in the garden and has managed very well.
CHERYL: And we're full of admiration, aren't we Lou?
LOU: Are we? Oh yes. Yes, we are.
She asks Brett to move back inside, but he says he likes it out there - it's nice and quiet. He goes off, taking Dahl with him.
Garden of No.22
Cheryl is moving the lawn around Brett's encampment. Brett is inside looking at the jobs section of the newspaper.
Coffee Shop
Stonie is protesting to Angie that he doesn't want to dress up as Peter Allen as they don't have much in common - for example, Stonie isn't gay! Angie says it's good practice for his performing arts course! Angie relents and says she'll think about the costumes again.
Later, Angie has a coffee with Judy who tells her she has something embarrassing to tell her. Angie guesses that she has an admirer as Judy is "glowing". Judy tells Angie that her admirer is 18, but won't tell her his name. Angie doesn't think the age difference is a problem, but Judy isn't sure she wants to go ahead with a relationship - she doesn't want anyone to get hurt. Angie tells her to go for it.
Toadie is doing his test under the supervision of Mr Watson. He messes about a bit, but Andrew tells him to just finish the test. Toadie says he already has. Andrew takes his paper.
Golf Course
Judy is playing golf but she can't concentrate. Brett comes over and tells her that he's moving out of home - it'll never work with Cheryl. They talk about their relationship and Judy thinks they should go out for dinner on Wednesday. Brett reminds her that it's Valentine's Day, but says it isn't a problem.
JUDY: Now, go and do some work. I can't practice with you around, my hands are shaking.
BRETT: Good!
Susan and Andrew have called Angie in.
ANDREW: I have to admit Jarrod's results are...well...puzzling. His general knowledge is appalling.
ANGIE: Oh, you don't need to tell *me* that! My poor baby. He's dyslexic, isn't he?
ANDREW: Mrs Rebecchi, Jarrod's not dyslexic.
ANGIE: You mean it's worse?
SUSAN: Angie, please, just listen.
ANDREW: Mrs Rebecchi, your son's IQ is higher than average. Much, much higher. He is, in fact, an extremely gifted child.
ANGIE: When you say "gifted", do you mean like, he's bright?
SUSAN: Oh, he's very bright.
ANGIE: Like, he could be a doctor?
ANDREW: Mrs Rebecchi, Jarrod could be a nuclear physicist if he put his mind to it!
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