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Neighbours Episode 2545 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2545
Australian airdate: 09/02/96
UK airdate: 15/08/96
UK Gold: 02/08/02
Writer: Sally Webb
Director: Sally-Anne Kerr
Guests: Judy Bergman: Merridy Eastman
Toadfish: Ryan Moloney
Melissa Drenth: Aimee Robertson
Summary/Images by: Angel Girl
Stonie and Sam making tentative peace
Brett announcing that he's moving out - to the back yard
Number 24
Jo asks Marlene if it's OK her moving back in what with the whole Annalise thing. Marlene is happy to have her back.
Brett's African Village in Erinsborough
Brett has built himself a Masai tent in the back yard, complete with welcome mat! He's also changed into Masai dress so he looks the part.
Number 22
Cheryl doesn't think he plans on cooking as he has no pots or pans, but Lou can see the funny side of it.
LOU: (in majestic voice) Big Masai warrior camped out... (changes to normal) ...on mum's back lawn.
Cheryl wants to stop him but Lou points out the creature comforts of home will soon call him home. Judy comes over and Cheryl tells her that Brett has moved out - to the back lawn.
CHERYL: I knew it was a mistake to let him join the cubs.
Judy goes out to have a word.
Brett's African Village in Erinsborough
Judy tells Brett she's all in favour of a bit of lunacy but would Brett really want to be sleeping outside in a storm? She reckons he could handle the weather, but what about being lonely? He points out he's already got his first visitor, and he'll be closer to nature, further away from his mum. Judy thinks he's remarkable.
Susan's teaching poetry and asks a question about the imagery. Toadie asks if the poet is saying one thing but meaning another, and surely that's lying? As the bell goes Susan warn him - he's trying but he's so busy thinking of the answers that he's not listening to the questions.
As they're packing up, Toadie asks "William" about his dyslexia - he's interested what it's like for him, so he can understand. Empathise. When did he first notice? Billy explains that written words didn't make sense no matter how many times he read them and Toadie begins to think.
Coffee Shop
Angie asks Susan how Toadie's getting on in school and Susan says his behaviour is fine, but his knowledge is. Unless he catches up it could be a problem. Her advice is tuition to catch him up and offers to suggest some people if Angie thinks it'll help.
ANGIE: If he's as keen as you say he is, it won't be a problem. And if it is, I'll make him.
Brett's African Village in Erinsborough
Brett is brewing a Billy when Helen comes over to ask what he's doing! She tells him that she passed the entrance test and he remarks that they're both living different lives before offering her tea.
Later, he is cooking some food and says that he has found a lifestyle that suits him, and Uni will be that for her. She's concerned about tutorials, exams, revision, but Brett knows she'll be fine. Judy arrives in time for lunch and remarks on how settled he seems to be. Helen makes her excuses and leaves. Brett tells Judy that he doesn't intend to camp in the back yard indefinitely but makes Judy promise not to tell his mum.
Toadie asks Billy what he sees when he looks at a page, but Billy's had enough and knows Toadie's scamming. Toadie defends himself; there could be times Billy needs help and support and how can he give that if he doesn't know what his friend is going through? When he leaves Mel suggests he does want to know but Billy's not buying it. Mel suggests that he's changed but Billy knows he's also devious, take-the-mile kinda guy.
Coffee Shop
Toadie comes in and says he's had a terrible day at school. Angie tells him what Susan said and she's arranging extra classes. Toadie replies that extra classes won't help but Angie reckons he'll be the next Rebecchi at Uni. Toadie tells his mum about the talk Andrew gave and he reckons he's dyslexic. Angie reckons it's a coincidence but he sticks to his story.
Number 24
Jo tells Marlene that AnnaJo is no more, as the aerobics guy she's been doing work for has offered her full time work at the gym. Marlene reckons she'd be no good but Jo says it gets easier and should give it a go and drags her off to try a simple warm up and attempts to teach her a grapevine.
Coffee Shop
Toadie says that no teacher took the time to get to know him to diagnose dyslexia, and tells his mum that he can understand things when they're explained, but reading words they were all jumbled up. Angie comments that his spelling was never that good either - but is concerned he's still making it up.
Number 24
Jo has got Marlene doing the warm up and she says that there are a number of older women who'd be into this kind of thing. Jo reckons it's a great marketing idea and races off to tell her boss about it.
Cheryl comes over and has a giggle at her mother, Jo tries to get her involved.
Angie tells Susan that Toadie suspects he's dyslexic. Susan is convinced that's not the case and he's having her on. Susan says he's well known for taking advantage but Angie is angry that Susan won't even consider it and she's taking him to a specialist tomorrow to find out.
Number 22
Brett has come in on a hunting expedition - for champagne. Judy jokes that he could blow it all if he gets caught and they have a laugh about what he's doing. Brett thinks it's interesting how they've hit it off and he doesn't see her as his mother's friend, more this intelligent and very attractive woman he loves spending time with. And cue the kiss.
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