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Neighbours Episode 2544 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2544
Australian airdate: 08/02/96
UK airdate: 14/08/96
UK Gold: 01/08/02
Writer: Ray Kolle
Director: Sally-Anne Kerr
Guests: James Grimmer: Matthew Parkinson
Judy Bergman: Merridy Eastman
Nadia St. Clair: Dale Stevens
Rebecca Bergman: Naomi Wright
Ashley Bergman: Damien Foletta
Summary/Images by: Angel Girl
Brett telling Judy that Africa has changed him, but Cheryl won't let him be independent.
Nadia and Luke getting it on.
Coffee Shop
Cheryl tells Lou that Danni seems to have settled back into school OK when Brett comes in with a six pack he intends to take to the beach! He's not planning on drinking them all but before he can say anything else Cheryl is having a go at him for the state he's in - lunch stains on his top! She tells him before he goes anywhere he should go home and change; she's embarrassed to be associated with someone in that state and she doesn't want people thinking one of her kids is homeless. Brett is saved when Luke and Nadia come in and attention is diverted to them!
Marlene's shop
Sam is having a go at James for stealing the bike - he wants nothing to do with theft and selling stolen goods. James reckons Sam has gone soft as Sam takes the bike back.
Number 32
Sam wheels the bike back up the driveway and of course Stonie catches him. Sam says he was returning it but Stonie threatens him to keep his hands off his bike. Sam retorts that if he had kept his hands off it'd be someone else's by now.
Number 24
Danni is complaining to Marlene that Brett now does nothing around the house. She liked how things were - she did nothing and Brett did the chores, but now he's not she's cleaning up after him and cramping her style!
Sam comes in raving about Stonie, he tried to do the right thing but feels the girls aren't supporting him. Stonie comes over to find out what Sam was doing with his bike and he's not leaving until he knows.
Coffee Shop
Turns out Brett took Judy's kids to the beach and has now brought them to the Coffee Shop for ice cream sundaes. Judy's son asks for more Africa tales and he's happy to keep them entertained which keeps Judy happy because they run her ragged. She had to turn down a night out because there's no one to baby sit so Brett offers to have them stay at his so she can make it a late one. Cheryl and Lou won't mind, he's sure.
Number 24
Sam has explained to Stonie and he apologises, but he can't be blamed for jumping to conclusions! He can't understand why Sam would do him a favour after what he did, maybe there's some mateship left between them? Sam knows they didn't mean to hurt him and if he's honest he and Annalise would have ended anyway. Stonie admits that he loved her but Sam's not about to give him sympathy. Besides, they have both lost her. Stonie adds that it'd be a pity to lose a mate, but it's too early for Sam.
Number 22
The kids and Brett have recreated Africa in the front room when Lou and Cheryl return to the village. Brett tells them that he's babysitting and they're staying the night, but Cheryl would have liked to be asked first. She tells them to put everything back but he's tells them that everything's sorted, even dinner! They should go change, have a spa, and he'll call them when dinner's ready.
Coffee Shop
Jo orders a pizza to take back to Jemima, a friend of hers from back home she's staying with. Stonie asks how she's coping without Annalise and she admits that it's hard.
Number 22
Brett has cooked a Masai meal; they will eat with their hands in the village. Cheryl and Lou demand a spoon while Brett feeds the kids. Cheryl bawls him out; the kids will get it over themselves then the floor and can she have a word? She is not happy that he is treating her house like his own and he's turned into a slob! Brett wants her to come and join them and enjoy herself, it really is no big deal.
AnnaJo Promotions
Jemima turns out to be a doll - Jo is sleeping on the floor in her office.
Number 30
Luke returns home after spending the night with Nadia and Jen remarks that it's good to see him so happy. Jen tells him that he'll be late for work if he doesn't get going, but Luke informs her that the woman he spent the night with is his boss, so he's on easy street now. Jen isn't so sure and asks Luke if it's a good idea getting involved as it often leads to disaster. Luke really likes her and he's not in it for the perks, but Jen wonders what might happen if the relationship ends. She's seen it happen often enough but Luke's not worried.
Number 24
James comes in and tells Sam that he put him in a real spot with the buyer who was not happy. He can't believe Sam doesn't want to pay Stonie back and he has gone soft. Sam tells James that if he's heading that way he can just go, which James does.
Number 22
Judy has come to pick up the kids and thanks Brett for allowing her to have a good night out. The kids are raving about Brett, Rebecca tells her mum that she likes Brett and wants him to look after them again. Judy is more than happy with this and tells Cheryl that Brett is amazing. Cheryl agrees, but her tone and the look she shoots Brett suggest that she is far from happy.
AnnaJo Promotions
Sam has come over to do an odd job for Jo and she's very reluctant to let him in. He spots the bed in the corner but Jo covers that she was working late so slept over. Sam spots all her things - she's got nowhere else to go.
Coffee Shop
Sam has asked Jo to move back in with them and is certain Marlene will be happy with this.
Number 22
Cheryl tells Brett that he's not leaving the kitchen until it's clean and wonders what he's up to. She's not happy that he told Brett that Judy can bring the kids over anytime and that he should pull his weight, starting with his clothes - imagine what people must think of her when they see her son dressed like a beach bum. He wants to look how he wants to look and he wants to feel comfortable in his own home. When Cheryl tells him that if he lives under their roof he follows their rules Brett announces he'll move out. And where will he go? The back yard.
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