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Neighbours Episode 2543 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2543
Australian airdate: 07/02/96
UK airdate: 13/08/96
UK Gold: 31/07/02
Writer: C.M. Covington
Director: Sally-Anne Kerr
Guests: James Grimmer: Matthew Parkinson
Toadfish: Ryan Moloney
Melissa Drenth: Aimee Robertson
Tim Powers: Luke Kilmany
Andrew Watson: Christopher Uhlmann
Kristy: Jodi Haigh
Zoe Tan: Jeuliette Hanafie
Nadia St. Clair: Dale Stevens
Shane: Joe Cosentino
Summary/Images by: Angel Girl
Mel trying to explain to Billy what she meant in her diary
Marlene telling Sam she's worried what James will drag him into
Hannah and Cody catching James and Jen kissing!
Number 30
Cody tries to drag Hannah off but she bails Jen out for going back on what she promised. Jen tries to tell Hannah that she didn't lie, she's not interested in other guys, she's only just met James! This doesn't go down well and James is more interested in telling the "kid" to mind her own business. Hannah storms off home and Cody apologises for bringing Hannah into this. Luke comes home, raving about the incentives he's received from work but Jen's hardly interested. He soon realises the girls aren't happy and asks what's going on.
Helen admits to Susan that she's nervous about the admissions test for Uni but Susan's convinced they'll be celebrating soon. Hannah comes back and gives very deflated answers about the movie and Cody, declaring she has homework to do. The adults realise something's up but Phil knows he'll find out soon enough. Helen's freaking out about the course handbook but Susan's convinced that she'll enjoy it - she has to. Susan is using Helen as an example of someone who studies because they enjoy it and therefore Helen can't let her down!
Coffee Shop
Melissa and Billy are so busy snogging that they fail to notice their pizza is ready. And like he knew, Toadie walks in and makes a bee line for them. He tells them that the pizza and their desserts will be on the house. He goes to the counter and orders a mountain of food, and that it should be chucked on his mum's tab. The woman behind the counter pulls out a photo of Toadie that Angie had given her with strict orders - money upfront or let him starve!
Number 30
Jen tells James that it's best he went and he's not happy that she was "hot to trot" before they turn up. Doesn't matter, he was doing her a favour anyway. When he leaves Cody asks what attracted her in the first place, his new age sensitivity? Luke wonders if it was his dirty fingernails. Jen's more concerned that Hannah's gone and told Phil, and what is he going to think? Luke wonders why it matters so much to her what Phil thinks...
Number 24
James stumbles in and is relieved to hear Marlene's in bed; he told her he'd go but he doesn't know where to. Sam reckons she just needs some space. James tells Sam about what happened with Jen and "the kid" but he's going to forget about it. Blokes and mates who are upfront and loyal to each other.
As soon as Phil opens the door Jen is blurting out that she knows what he must be thinking but it wasn't like that and Hannah just misinterpreted what she saw and it wasn't a date or a pick up and she doesn't want him to get the wrong idea... Phil finally gets a word in edgeways, and that word is "what?!" - he has no idea what she's on about!
Susan asks Billy how he's getting on and coping with his dyslexia, but he reassures her that he's getting support. She's also worried about Toadie's influence on him but he's concentrating on his work. Billy reckons he'll be fine, but worries a bit about what the other kids will say when they find out about his dyslexia.
Number 30
Jen can't believe she made a fool of herself in front of Phil, it seemed like a good idea at the time. Cody quips that it must be the reason for picking up James! She asks Jen if the idea of a one night stand never even crossed her mind and Jen admits that it did. Briefly. She felt unloved and unlovable since Phil broke up with her. She just wanted a self-esteem boost, but knows James wasn't it! She's still worried about what Phil thinks but Cody points out that they're exes, it shouldn't matter.
Luke comes in, dressed to the nines. He has a business meeting with Nadia St Clair, which the girls are convinced is a name he's made up! Nadia is his boss, and very hot - it could be a long lunch...
Susan's talking to Andrew about introducing "it" subtly, and wonders if she's making a fuss over nothing. This will not be good...
Hannah and Zoe have ridden their bikes to school and Hannah wonders why Zoe had the sudden interest in "exercise". The reason becomes clear when Mr Powers bikes up and the girls greet him enthusiastically - something that does not pass Susan by. Andrew and Susan walk over to rescue Tim from their girlish giggles and probing questions. Tim won't believe that he's got some fans, he's an "old bloke" to them. Andrew points out he's the old one, Tim is Johnny Depp.
Luke is on the phone to a client and wraps the call up quickly when Nadia comes in. She suggests they take an early lunch - she doesn't want him to burn up but he's in the mood. So is she, and she insists he take an early lunch with his boss.
Andrew has given the class a worksheet to read through and Billy puts his hand up to question one word. As soon as Andrew says it's precipitation, Billy knows what it means. Shane calls him a suck up - why ask if he knows the answer and Billy said he didn't know what the word was. Shane carries on - Billy gets all the attention because his mother's a teacher. Andrew stops him and says they'll have a chat about dyslexia instead. Billy looks horrified as Andrew goes on about the "common learning disorder" and wishes the bell would go.
James is helping Sam out with a job; when they're done with this he needs to start getting new clients. Take a week off and they drift! James lays the blame for this on Annalise and Stonie, and reckons that Sam should get his own back. Shame Stonie doesn't have a girlfriend that Sam could pinch, but Sam remarks the only thing close to Stonie is his bike. The light bulb goes off in James' head as the idea hits...
Andrew says that dyslexia shouldn't be embarrassing, bit like short sightedness. Because no one ever got bullied for wearing glasses, did they? The class seem on board now, and realise that Billy's not asking to be a suck up. Toadie asks a question - how do you spell it?
The bell finally goes and as the class leaves Billy asks if his mum had anything to do with that. He was ready to kill Andrew at the start, but it went really well. As they leave Billy passes Susan, who is very pleased to see him smiling.
Coffee Shop
Helen is now so confident she's organised some bridging courses at the Uni and she thanks Phil for the support and lunch. Cody comes in and Phil asks her what was going on with Jen - she told him more than he wanted to know! He felt like she wanted him to judge her behaviour but it's none of his business. He doesn't want her to feel accountable to him.
Back of Marlene's shop
James wheels in Stonie's bike and Sam is unimpressed with James taking the opportunity for revenge. He's got a buyer lined up for the bike already.
Luke and Nadia stumble in, they've been gone all afternoon and everyone's gone. The wine has gone to their heads a little and Nadia tells him to stop thinking about work! She thinks he's ready for a promotion, she'll think of a position later. She's sure he'll live up to her promise and not let her down, and with that there's the kiss.
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