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Neighbours Episode 2542 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2542
Australian airdate: 06/02/96
UK airdate: 12/08/96
UK Gold: 30/07/02
Writer: Craig Wilkins
Director: Sally-Anne Kerr
Guests: James Grimmer: Matthew Parkinson
Sonny Hammond: Tom Hutchings
Andrew Watson: Christopher Uhlmann
Summary/Images by: Angel Girl
Marlene isn't happy to see James back with Sam
Danni getting defensive when Cath asks if she's still at school
Libby agreeing to meet with Sonny
Number 22
Mal tries to tell Danni that they didn't mean it and she's being paranoid. Danni is not happy about the situation and thinks she's being laughed at in school and patronised out of it. Cheryl asks what's going on and Danni says that everyone was horrible to her. They made her feel like a moron - and that's what Mal's Uni friends are thinking. She is not going back, no matter what.
Hannah bounds in after an excellent day at school. Phil wonders if excellent now means awful and can't believe that she actually enjoyed it. Hannah says it was nice to see everyone again, and when Phil asks about new teachers she gushes about Mr Powers and his classes and the subjects he's taking and he rides his bike to school - maybe she should start too? Phil cottons onto the beginnings of a crush and tells his daughter to focus on her work!
Number 24
Sam is talking about working hard on Handy Sam's, getting it up and running. He mentions that Jo has got some ideas so he'll speak to her then meet James at the pub. Marlene asks how long he's staying as he gives her "the willies". He's not the ideal houseguest, when did he last change his jeans?! She more worried about where James will lead Sam and he shouldn't let friendship get in the way of common sense. Cody points out it's not Sam Marlene doesn't trust, more his idiot friend.
Chez Chez
Jen is on the receiving end of some sleazy chat up line from James when Sam and Cody come in. Jen holds her own and goes to get their drinks while James says that Jen is into him. In James' opinion, all women like to be told what to do. Cody and Sam disagree, Sam mentioning that Annalise would too. James still can't believe they had the big "roadside reconciliation" but he won't say anything else - just sit back and admire the scenery.
Coffee Shop
Sonny asks Libby how she's going working things out. She's made a decision that he won't like - she wants them to stay together but she doesn't want a sexual relationship. She's not saving herself for marriage, but it's just wrong for her at the moment. It's now up to him. Sonny agrees - she was honest with him so whatever way she wants to (not) do it is fine with him.
Number 22
Cheryl's not impressed with the mess that Brett has left from his all night session. Libby comes over to meet Danni who is not in her uniform, adamant that she's not going back. She's taking time off to find herself, like Brett - but he passed. She was humiliated but Libby says she handled them. She's running away when she should go and show them all that she's not the loser they think she is. Libby goes to school and Danni goes upstairs. Lou stops Cheryl from going up, saying Danni knows that Libby's right.
Coffee Shop
Cody and Jen talk about James - Jen was not impressed with his behaviour but Cody pegs that she is interested. She tries to talk her friend out of it! Hannah comes over and Cody invites her over to watch a Disney movie. Hannah invites Jen over, but she hates animation. When Hannah leaves Cody tells Jen she's worried - James might not be harmless.
The back of Marlene's Shop
James is quizzing Sam about Jen and Sam asks how long James is planning to stay. James realises that Marlene's been giving him grief and to show his appreciation he'll work for Sam for free.
Marlene comes out with some food for Colonel Parker and James thanks Marlene for putting up with him. When the cat turns up he's all too happy to let James stroke him, and James mentions he's looking for somewhere else to stay.
Lassiters Lake
Danni stares at her reflection, deep in thought.
Andrew talks to his class about the French Revolution when Danni comes in late. He quips that having the guillotine to punish late arrivals would be a good thing and asks her why she was late. Danni admits that she was trying to decide whether or not to come back and Andrew congratulates her on a good decision.
Mal and Sonny return from their surf trip and Mal wonders how Danni's getting on at school. He asks Sonny to be nice to Danni the next time he sees her, which is in about five seconds when Danni and Lib return home, all smiles and giggles after a good day. She realised she couldn't quit - she's got too much at stake and she's not going to let anyone get in the way.
Libby asks Sonny how his day was and if everything is OK as he's a bit quiet.
Coffee Shop
James comes in and spots Jen with Sam and talks her into joining them for dinner. They grab a table and he asks her to tell him everything, starting with is she seeing anyone?
Sonny declines to stay for dinner, citing that he's not ready to front the parents. He's glad she wants him back but is a bit confused. Lib wonders if it's over the no sex thing but he's not sure and goes to leave without a goodbye kiss - which he grudgingly gives when she asks.
Coffee Shop
James is telling Jen a very bad Irish joke while Sam waits at the counter to pay for their food. Lou comes in and wonders what's up with Jen and James - Sam says it's the representation of opposites attract. Lou quips that women drive you mad but when Cheryl sneaks up on him he adds that's only until you find the love of your life!
James asks Jen where they're kicking on to but she tells him another time. He then offers to walk her home which she accepts.
Number 30
Walking home also meant walking in and having a glass of wine. Jen tells him that she's just broken up with someone. James takes the wine glasses away and kisses Jen - just as Hannah and Cody walk in.
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