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Neighbours Episode 2541 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2541
Australian airdate: 05/02/96
UK airdate: 09/08/96
UK Gold: 29/07/02
Writer: Victoria Osborne
Director: Sally-Anne Kerr
Guests: Toadfish: Ryan Moloney
Melissa Drenth: Aimee Robertson
Tim Powers: Luke Kilmany
Sonny Hammond: Tom Hutchings
Coral Reeve: Denise Scott
Tara Bennet: Melissa Konrads
Zoe Tan: Jeuliette Hanafie
Catherine O'Brien: Radha Mitchell
Emma McKillop: Sophie Collins
Michelle Dubois: Libby Sandy
Summary/Images by: Angel Girl
Helen telling Phil and Helen she's going back to Uni
Danni accepting the fact she's going back to school
Billy asking Melissa about her kissing Duncan
Coral giving Toadie back to Angie
Number 32
Coral tells Angie that Toadie had drilled a hole into Gemma's room so he could watch her undress, Angie can't believe he would perv on his own cousin!
Number 22
Mal is wondering what he's going to do with his four more weeks of holiday, he doesn't know what to do with his time. Danni threatens him with violence if he doesn't shut up about his extra holiday!
Number 32
Coral is getting the bed so Toadie is being made to sleep on the couch. Coral doesn't know how Angie can raise boys and how she's coping without Big Kev - Angie barely is. She tells Toadie that he was such a sweet baby.
Hannah isn't thrilled about going back to school the following morning and heads to bed while Helen fills out a bunch of forms for Uni. Phil quizzes her about the course and subjects she's studying - Bachelor of Social Science (Family Studies), including psychology, sociology, social history, ethics... Bit of light reading ahead then! Phil puts her in charge of dealing with the teenagers, but Helen thought she was doing that already.
Number 32
Toadie is dreaming of...
Dream School
Susan is announcing first prize in English, and it goes to a white suited Toadie! He bounds through the crowd while Susan, in a peach dress, black leather gloves, huge gold chains and far too much make up, hands over award after award after award. Angie is beyond thrilled with her son's achievements while the girls throw themselves at him, kissing his hands, feet and cheeks.
Number 32
The following morning, Toadie has made breakfast when Stonie comes out of his room and says no amount of buttering Angie up will win her over. Coral agrees with Stonie, but Toadie offers her some orange juice. When Angie comes out she notices that Toadie's in a school uniform - he'll enrol when he gets there. Angie wonders where he'll be living and if this fixes everything. Toadie apologises and says he'll make it up to her. Angie points out that he could end up in jail like Shane if he doesn't change. Stonie doesn't believe it'll happen but Angie points out that he's changed so maybe his brother will too. This is Toadie's last chance.
Non-dream School
Toadie stands on the grass, looking at the school while remembering DreamSusan announcing his name for prize after prize. As the girls walk past he remembers the adoring screams of the DreamGirls who are all too happy to ignore him!
Danni is not happy to be back, but Libby says she'll be fine.
Billy catches up with Mel who is furious with him for reading her diary. He has invaded her privacy and can't expect it to be OK. Billy notices that Toadie is back, and when Hannah does she bolts from him! Toadie walks over to Billy and Mel who takes the distraction to make a quick exit. Billy tells Toadie that he doesn't want any trouble.
Danni says she just needs to focus on passing Year 12. That's it.
Toadie tells Billy that he's just going to work hard and pass, but Billy's not so sure...
Hannah and Zoe talk about their timetables. They make a pact not to be influenced by anyone and therefore have their own thoughts. In walks their new teacher - Tim Powers. Oh, but maybe they should call him Mr Powers. Mistake in telling them your name then. He confesses this is his first full-time job (mistake number two) so they'll have to be patient. Hannah and Zoe are smitten with their new teacher.
Stonie is talking about the "really nice" girls he spotted in the Uni bookshop in the Chemistry section. He pretended to be buying a book on Chemistry and ended up asking them to go to the beach with him and his mate - Mal the mate readily agrees to join in!
Sonny comes over and asks if Karl is about, but after finding out the coast is clear he tells Mal he was a good worker in the shop and didn't want Mal to think that he was being punished. Stonie then invites Sonny along to the beach.
Melissa isn't happy about Toadie being back and Billy tries to get him to leave. Toadie quips that Mel's bad mood might mean that she's gone off him!
Susan comes in and settles her class, welcoming them all back. Toadie takes a seat right at the front of the class.
SUSAN: What is this I see before me?
TOADIE: Hello, Mrs Kennedy!
She tells him that he's not on her list and tells the students to get on with reading "Romeo and Juliet" while she takes him off to get enrolled.
At the back of the class Billy has ranked lying as worse than reading someone's diary and Melissa tells him that Duncan kissed her, and that it was gross and slobbery. Melissa says her diary doesn't say Duncan was better than Billy at kissing and that maybe Billy's dyslexia has made him read it the wrong way. She says it was stupid which he takes to mean he's stupid and can't read, and moves away from her to sit at another table.
Coffee Shop
Helen tells Phil that the Dean was very encouraging of her application. Angie introduces them to Coral and informs them that Toadie is back. Angie says what he needs is stability and she'll give it to him - he's in school and says he'll work hard. Coral reckons you can't teach an old dog new tricks, but Phil points out that Helen's going back to school. She mentions she needs to pass the entrance exam first, but Angie's convinced she'll do great.
A couple of the girls make a comment about Danni failed while Stonie passed - they should use her as an example. Study, do your homework, and they won't end up where she is now. Susan thinks they're wise words and starts quoting Shakespeare to them. Susan asks Danni who said that but she can't remember. The girls quip that Danni never paid attention, no wonder she flunked. Libby puts her hand up and says that it's Macbeth, when Lady Macbeth dies and he can't see the meaning of life. Danni can relate to that and looks a bit deflated.
Stonie offers to rub some moisture into Cath's shoulders and is glad to meet someone he'll know at Uni. Cath calls him on knowing Mal and everyone else from Erinsborough High. Cath is there to work - she has earned her place and wants to keep it. She'll happily be a dull girl for the next few years and celebrate when she graduates. Mal mentions that Danni should be arriving soon.
Danni spots Sonny at the gates who passes on a message from Mal - drop by on your way home.
Billy is ignoring Mel and she thinks he's taken what she said the wrong way. She doesn't think he's stupid, just a bit silly in his behaviour. He reckons she shouldn't have left her diary lying about, and her handwriting is so bad no wonder he misread it. He puts his arm around her as they walk off.
Tim, I mean, Mr Powers is just leaving as Hannah catches up to him and says she enjoyed his class and that it's not obvious it's his first teaching job. She tells him her the idea she has for the homework project until Susan rescues him.
Sonny asks Libby if they can talk - after her homework if that's OK. She arranges to meet him at the Coffee Shop that night.
Danni isn't happy that Mal didn't meet her, and gets defensive when Cath asks if she's still in High School. Danni tells Mal that she's had a horrible day and wanted to talk to him but he's getting pally with his Uni mates. But he doesn't need to worry about it - she's not going back to school.
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