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Neighbours Episode 2540 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2540
Australian airdate: 02/02/96
UK airdate: 08/08/96
UK Gold: 26/07/02
Writer: Piers Hobson
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Judy Bergman: Merridy Eastman
Leith Davidson: David Watson
Linda Carpenter: Gina Gaigalas
Toadfish: Ryan Moloney
Coral Reeve: Denise Scott
Summary/Images by: Angel Girl
Brett and Judy talking about independence.
Lou suggesting that Jen and Phil to clear the air.
Stonie's interpretive dance being stopped - and an explanation demanded.
The lecturer wants Stonie to talk them through what his dance is about, and he explains what each part of his dance was meant to represent.
Coffee Shop
Stonie tells Angie that he earned his place on the course. Angie announces it to the patrons - she's thrilled as Stonie is the first Rebecchi to go to Uni. But not before Stonie performs the dance that got him the place on the course. Stonie makes his excuses to get out of it very quickly.
Hannah's complaining that the house is now so quiet it echoes and says the house used to be full of people. She looks through the magazines she's been sorting and finds one about a retirement village - is Helen planning to move out? Hannah panics that Helen is planning to leave but Phil's sure that's not it.
Chez Chez
Judy is bemoaning her divorce but says she's now civil with her ex, and hasn't as yet thrown food over him! Brett comes in and tries to flatter his way into a free meal. Judy offers to pay for his dinner in response to tales from Africa.
Coffee Shop
Stonie is refusing to dance in front of the customers, but Angie is convinced he's a natural and will give the place character. She thinks it's a great idea - and she's already hired a costume.
Helen and Phil are talking about the future and he becomes intrigued with some of her answers. She says life is in a bit of a hiatus but she'll work it out.
Chez Chez
Stonie has complained to Luke and Brett about being the dancing Aussie themed waiter. He says he's putting his foot down, but Brett reckons that won't work with Angie! Luke talks about his new job, and his boss who's a goddess. Luke comments that Stonie is the only one at Uni, and Brett says he's just going to enjoy this year. Jen knocks into Stonie and spills his drink down him.
Number 22
Linda is leaving and Cheryl asks if it was all about the money or trying to win Lou back. Lou mentions contesting the will which seems to give Linda an idea! When she leaves Cheryl says she hopes that's the last they see of her. Lou talks about the idea of marriage that Cheryl holds and suggests that they get married - it's the sign of love and commitment she thinks it is. She turns him down.
Chez Chez
Hannah wonders why Helen would want to move out but Phil's not convinced she wants to go. Jen - very carefully! - brings their drinks over. She asks about Helen, having overheard a bit of the conversation, and is shocked to hear Helen's moving out. Phil says it's none of Jen's business but Hannah points out that just because she and Phil split up doesn't mean Jen can't care.
Gold Course
Brett and Luke are having a round when Judy wanders up, having lost her ball. She offers them a lift later which Luke picks up on - especially Brett's comment on them having fun!
Coffee Shop
Angie is still going on about the costume / uniform - Mal apparently loves dressing up as Mad Max but Stonie's is better. She drags him out the back to show him.
Hannah is fussing over Helen who announces that she has something to tell them. She wants to meet people with similar interests - Hannah throws her arms around Helen and begs her not to leave. Phil says whatever Helen wants they'll support. Helen admits that it belongs to a friend, she's not leaving which is a big relief to Hannah and Phil. Helen says her change is that she's enrolled at the Uni as a mature student.
Coffee Shop
Luke is pleased with how his job is going, while Jen would just be pleased to keep the customers from wearing their beers! They notice that there doesn't seem to be any staff about...
...meanwhile, out the back, Stonie is loudly complaining about his costume but Angie isn't letting him back out now. He is doing it. End of. He's a Rebecchi and they always stick together. And he's on soon.
Number 22
Judy and Brett are talking about their golf game and Judy praises his game. Cheryl quips that Brett will always be her little boy, which doesn't go down well. As Judy gets up to leave, Brett helps her with her bag which prompts Cheryl to make Lou get her coat - she's going to go and see Angie's new "brainwave" for the coffee shop. Brett turns down the invite until Judy says she'll come too.
Coffee Shop
Angie is introducing the Aussie Themed Waiters, starring her son and gives him an intro - as Peter Allen. Stonie comes out in white trousers, Hawaiian shirt and maracas, giving a dance routine.
As Stonie is coming to the end of the routine, Coral walks in with Toadie - she doesn't have the time, the sanity, and Australia doesn't have enough cops to look after him. She quits!
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