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Neighbours Episode 2548 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2548
Australian airdate: 14/02/96
UK airdate: 20/08/96
UK Gold: 07/08/02
Writer: Lyn Ogilvy
Director: Geoff Hunt
Guests: Judy Bergman: Merridy Eastman
Sonny Hammond: Tom Hutchings
Waiter: Jason Buckley
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Susan is still upset about Karl and Kate. Karl admits he was attracted to her.
Judy invites Brett out to dinner.
Danni warns Cheryl to cut Brett some slack or he'll end up hating her.
Libby has made a Valentine card on the computer and Susan sees it. She admits it's for Sunny - she still loves him and doesn't care what Karl thinks. Susan is supportive.
Karl comes home at that moment - he's been away. His conversation with Susan is a bit strained.
Lou and Danni are talking about Brett. Lou says he's not getting involved - he's not their father and doesn't want to interfere in the way Cheryl brings them up.
Brett comes in and Danni tells him what she said to Cheryl. Brett isn't pleased, much to Danni's surprise. He says he's capable of running his own life and they can both butt out.
Cheryl is telling Marlene that Brett is thinking of moving out. She says she just wants to be involved in his life. Marlene says now she knows how she felt when Cheryl left - and when they found each other again, Cheryl had told her children that Marlene was dead! How would Cheryl feel if Brett did that to her?!
Brett brings Helen some flowers for Valentine's Day. He tells her and Phil that he's looking for somewhere else to live. Phil, meanwhile, sees there is a card in the post for Hannah and holds it up to the light to try to see through it(!)
When Phil has gone, Helen asks Brett about Judy. He says he's "proceeding with caution" but admits they are going out for dinner tonight.
Susan and Karl are having another strained conversation. Karl says he's not trying to avoid Susan. He leafs through the mail and opens a Valentine's card from Susan. He apologises for not getting her one. Susan says they have to talk, but just then Sunny rings for Libby. Karl shouts down the phone that he should stay out of his daughter's life.
Susan asks Karl if he wants to talk about Kate's funeral and ends up yelling at him not to shut her out. Karl says he just wants to be left alone and goes off to work.
Cheryl apologises to Brett for cleaning out his tent. They sit down for a talk.
CHERYL: You don't really want to move out, do you?
BRETT: Well, it's either that, or put extensions on the tent. With deadlocks.
Cheryl says she's only concerned because she loves Brett, and she doesn't want to force him out. She wants them to come up with a compromise - she'll promise to keep her nose out of his business if he'll move back inside. Brett reluctantly agrees to give it a go.
Judy comes in through the back door and is surprised to see Cheryl there, so she hastily invites her to a game of golf. Cheryl tells Judy that Brett is moving back into the house.
Libby tells Danni that things aren't over with Sunny, he's just been a bit busy lately, that's all. Libby tells Danni that Mal has gone surfing this morning and Danni is a bit concerned that he's gone with the Uni bimbos!
Susan is in a very bad mood this morning and tells them to quieten down.
Judy and Cheryl are having a cup of tea. Cheryl is worried that Brett might get in with a bad crowd, or get a horrible girlfriend. Judy says that Brett is a friend of hers and doesn't want to talk about him behind his back. Cheryl says Brett is already grown up if Judy sees him as a friend rather than her son.
Outside the school
Sunny is at the gate to meet Libby. He tells her about the blast Karl gave him, and asks if they can meet up tomorrow. Libby would rather go out tonight as it's Valentine's Day and Sunny agrees, although he has a lot on.
Karl is moping at a table. Susan comes in and joins him. She tells him they have to talk as the tension in the house is unbearable. She doesn't think Karl is trying to resolve things.
SUSAN: If we could just talk, it would be a start. Can you tell me what's going on in there?
KARL: I just...I don't want to hurt your feelings, Susan.
SUSAN: You already have! And I'd rather know the truth.
KARL: Are you sure?
SUSAN: Nothing could be worse than the way it is now.
KARL: It's not that I don't love you. It's just I can't get Kate out of a mind. I met her family, I went to the funeral, it's just getting worse and worse.
SUSAN: Never thought I'd have to compete with a dead woman. And there's doesn't seem to be much I can do.
KARL: No, no, there isn't.
Posh restaurant
Libby and Sunny are having dinner, but Sunny seems distracted. He tells Libby he's been too busy to see her recently. Just then, Brett and Judy come in and are seated near Libby and Sunny, although they haven't seen each other yet. Brett tells Judy that she looks beautiful tonight but Judy thinks Brett looks nervous. She says she doesn't care what other people think.
Marlene has popped over to see Cheryl. She says that Brett is out wearing his favourite aftershave, but she didn't dare to ask where he was going or with whom(!) Marlene says she's had a card from Colin and says she really misses him (why?!). Lou and Cheryl invite her to stay for dinner.
Posh restaurant
Judy and Brett are getting on well. Judy tells him about the flares she wore in the Seventies, but Brett wasn't born then. They talk about the age difference. Brett is still a bit concerned, but is willing to give it a go. They agree to keep their relationship quiet though.
At Libby and Sunny's table, things are very quiet. Finally, Sunny tells her that it's not working out between them. He is unsure when he's around her and doesn't think the celibacy thing will work. Libby says that he didn't have to bring her to a restaurant on Valentine's Day to tell her that. Sunny apologises. Libby gets up and says she'll meet him outside. On the way out, she sees Brett.
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