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Neighbours Episode 2537 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2537
Australian airdate: 30/01/96
UK airdate: 05/08/96
UK Gold: 23/07/02
Writer: Lois Booton
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: James Grimmer: Matthew Parkinson
Bruce Styles: Paul El Deir
Kristy: Jodi Haigh
Summary/Images by: Angel Girl
- Susan asking Karl about Kate.
- Annalise leaving the notes for Sam and Marlene.
- Libby discovering that everyone thinks she's pregnant.
Libby is herded out of her room by Susan to talk to her and Karl. Karl admits they were caught off guard by the rumour, they want to know what she's hiding. They are taking her word that she's not pregnant but are still worried. Susan asks her to talk to them - she did go and see a counsellor to talk about what happened. She just needed to talk to someone impartial, someone she could trust to keep it private.
Chez Chez
Cody is worried that there's been no word from Sam, Marlene has called all his friends. She hates being in the house on her own. Cody says Sam will come home but Marlene isn't sure he will with Annalise still in town. Marlene mentions the note and Cody realises that Marlene will miss Annalise. Marlene needs to find another tenant for the spare room which Cody would love if she weren't committed at number 30.
Coffee Shop
Jo is talking to someone about some workout stuff. I'm bored already. Product, media promotion, whatever. He needs to leave but invites Jo to attend an aerobics class tomorrow.
Karl can't believe that Susan approves of the counselling but Susan points out that kids rarely want to talk to their parents about sex. Karl doesn't know what's going on in his kids' lives but he knows things are changing between him and Susan and wonders if they need help with that. Susan realises that Kate has affected Karl, the same way Africa affected her. She realised how many ways she could go on with her life.
Ramsay Street
Marlene is out getting the mail when two motorbikes come up. She sends a quick thank you to God before laying into Sam for not calling to say he's OK. Marlene says that Annalise has moved out before Sam's bike mate takes his helmet off. Marlene is not impressed to see James one bit.
AnnaJo Promotions
Jo is warming up for the workout, Annalise isn't interested. Neither am I.
Marlene isn't happy with James - not after all the trouble he's got Sam into in the past. Sam remarks he chooses his own friends. Cody comes over and gets a dose of sulky Sam. Marlene isn't putting up with James in her house so Sam replies that if his friends aren't welcome, neither is here. When James emerges from the shower Cody makes a few quips about his behaviour which only seems to pique James' interest.
Libby apologises for how she went off at her parents yesterday. Libby wonders if anything can stay private but Susan thinks the gossip is because people care. The counsellor has no expectations so there's no judgements on how what she says affects the relationship, she doesn't have to take the advice. Susan is very proud of Libby seeking out advice and answers, but her parents are there for her too.
Marlene gives Sam the letter which he eventually reads. James snatches it from him and makes a number of sarky comments about Annalise sleeping with someone else. Marlene isn't impressed and wants Sam to remember the happy times. James retorts the only good times he had with Annalise were probably in the sack.
Karl is on the phone to Tamsin, telling him he's going to Cairns for Kate's funeral. He assures Susan that he and Kate were close but there was nothing she should be concerned about.
SUSAN: Would there have been if I'd not been due home?
Susan wants to know if Kate hadn't been dying would there have been something more? She's trying to trust him - she told him about her mother - but he's not helping. Karl finally admits that he was attracted to Kate but it didn't matter because he is married to her. When Susan comments that he sounds regretful he adds that he loves her before asking her to iron his blue shirt so he can take it to the funeral.
Coffee Shop
James walks in and spots Jo and mistakes her for Annalise. He starts to have a go at her before asking if she's doing anything tonight. Jo brushes him off before leaving.
Number 24
Cody wants all the gossip on James - Marlene says he used to be in with a gang of petty crims, but James made a career of it and nearly took Sam down with him. He was hiding stuff James stole and so Marlene got him away from the gang while the rest of the gang moved on to bigger things. She doesn't know why Sam is hanging around with someone like that.
Chez Chez
Sam and James are having a drink when Annalise comes in, wanting to talk to Sam in private. She asks if Marlene gave him her letter but he gives her the brush off. She wants to try and be friends but James and Sam shoot her down.
AnnaJo Promotions
They got the promotions job on the gym and Jo is stupidly excited. Annalise doesn't want time to work herself out. She's leaving because of the business with Sam - she's leaving for overseas tomorrow.
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