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Neighbours Episode 2538 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2538
Australian airdate: 31/01/96
UK airdate: 06/08/96
UK Gold: 24/07/02
Writer: Clare Mendes
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Michael Martin: Troy Beckwith
Melissa Drenth: Aimee Robertson
Summary/Images by: Angel Girl
Karl making arrangements to go to Kate's funeral.
Sam giving Annalise the brush off.
Jen telling Cody she's no good at interviews.
Annalise is leaving town - tomorrow.
AnnaJo Promotions
Jo can't believe Annalise is running away, what about the business? Annalise says staying won't fix anything so she's leaving. Jo whines about being left behind and not being able to do without her but Annalise says she'll manage.
Chez Chez
Lou is thrilled that his speech went down a storm, and Cheryl is pleased he's not marrying Linda for money. Jen comes in wanting Chardonnay and sympathy - she's just applied for the dole as there's no jobs going. Cheryl offers Jen a job as she's just had to sack a barman, and invites her for a trial shift tomorrow.
Annalise tells Helen that she's leaving the next day - she was going to go travelling before so why not go now? Annalise asks Helen to keep an eye on Jo as she's feeling a bit abandoned. Helen offers Annalise a lift to the airport so she doesn't go alone.
Number 24
Marlene gets up in the middle of the night and finds Sam still awake, staring at Annalise's letter. He wishes he could throw it away and forget about her. Marlene knows she hurt him but it doesn't take away the good times they had. He hates what she did but he can't hate her.
Susan has polished Karl's good shoes and hands them to him so he can pack. Karl knows the timing is rotten but she tells him to go. Melissa comes over, arms full of school books ready to cover. This is apparently her idea of fun...
Ramsay Street
Annalise puts her bags into Helen's car, ready to leave. She takes one last look over to Sam who Phil has accosted to speak to about paint supplies for Michael's house. Sam spots Annalise in Helen's car and watches her leave. He asks Phil where she's off to and Phil tells him about Annalise's flight - Sam immediately heads off after them.
Coffee Shop
Jen has snuck in and is practicing making drinks in preparation for her trial at the pub when Cody catches her. Jen admits that she might not be good enough and it'll be one of her many failures so she didn't want to tell anyone. Cody says that Rick gave her some pointers and offers to show her how to make a West Indian Yellowbird.
Melissa wonders if this year will be harder but Billy's more worried about coping with his dyslexia. He spots Melissa's diary on the table and asks what kind of things she writes in there. He grabs it and wants to read it, but Melissa puts it out of his reach.
Chez Chez
Jen has poured the perfect beer for Lou and impressed them when Cody walks in and feigns that she had no idea Jen worked there. She asks for a West Indian Yellowbird. Cheryl reaches for the cocktail book but Jen "remembers" the recipe which impresses Cheryl and Lou, landing Jen the job.
Petrol Station
Annalise has stocked up on magazines and is trying to sound thrilled about all the things she's going to see when Sam pulls up.
Melissa has to rush off because she's off shopping with her mum. Billy realises that she's left her diary behind but she's already gone. Temptation gets the better of him and he goes to look but puts it down, looking conflicted.
Petrol Station
Sam can't understand how Annalise can leave without saying goodbye - he's going to miss her. He wanted to hurt her but he's had time to think. She tells him it's too late, they'll just fight again. She will always love him but they fell in love at the wrong time. He wants to settle down, she doesn't - not yet. She hugs him and promises him that she'll send him a postcard. With one final kiss she walks away from him and gets into the car, leaving him behind.
Billy is distracted, staring at Melissa's diary. When Susan leaves to pick Mal and Libby up from the movies he takes his chance and starts to read.
Michael can't talk Jo into coming out for the evening but she's not in the mood. Helen thinks she should have gone - Annalise's departure doesn't mean she has to fall into a heap. Jo's thinking about going back to her father's, she's not sure about keeping AnnaJo going without Annalise. She can get the clients but not the book-keeping so Helen offers to help out.
Chez Chez
Phil realises that Jen is working at the pub and Lou wonders if it'll make things awkward between them but Phil's sure it'll be fine. Cheryl wants Jen to take the next course over to the guys but Jen would prefer not to. Cheryl says she'll have to get over this so Jen goes over with the tray of food. She ends up tipping Phil's into his lap which they all manage to have a giggle over it.
Billy has got to the point of Melissa's diary where she writes about him, but then stumbles across a mention of another guy at the caravan park - Duncan. Every year he tries to "get with" Mel, and this year he did. And he's a better kisser than Billy.
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