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Neighbours Episode 2536 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2536
Australian airdate: 29/01/96
UK airdate: 02/08/96
UK Gold: 22/07/02
Writer: David Allen
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Judy Bergman: Merridy Eastman
Amanda Andrews: Jacqui Kennedy
Summary/Images by: Angel Girl
Judy asking Brett about his trip to Africa.
Sonny telling Libby he won't pressure her, but she wants time apart.
Marlene talking to Helen about Sam's disappearance.
Karl telling Susan about Kate.
Karl returns having changed, and when he sits down Susan asks if he is ready to talk to her. She knows it's distressing when a patient dies but he's shattered. Karl begins to say that Kate became a friend but then trails off, leaving Susan to wonder how good a friend. Karl says he only treated her for a week before she changed doctors which sets alarm bells off for Susan. She can't understand why he's reacting this way and he can't explain it. She's never seen him like this before and when he walks off she begins to cry.
Number 22
Mal is raving about the freedom of Uni which isn't helping Danni's mood. She wants distracting at the beach and wants to invite Libby and Sonny. Mal says that Lib won't want to be there if Sonny is, and Danni immediately wants the goss - prompting Brett to make a quick exit and Mal doesn't know anything. Mal says Libby freaks out every time Sonny's name is mentioned and Danni is determined to get to the bottom of it.
Billy wants $100 to buy some stationery but Karl's not sure that's what Billy is going to spend the money on - maybe those runners he's got his eye on? Libby suggests that the parents take him shopping so he can get the stuff. Karl notices that Libby's looking up medical services on the internet, but she brushes off his offer of help. As soon as Karl, Susan and Billy leave she's on the phone, making an appointment at the Erinsborough Women's Clinic to see a counsellor.
Golf Course
Brett's having a bad day on the course and Judy insightfully points out that he can't go away and expect everything to be the same when he returns. Brett admits that Cheryl is still trying to treat him the same when he wants his independence. He wants to be his own person and Judy relates Cheryl to her ex-husband; wants to help, can't let go, and can't see you can fend for yourself.
Number 24
Annalise comes over to collect the rest of her stuff. Marlene says that she hurt Sam but she doesn't understand why she slept with Stonie. Marlene wants Annalise to pack her things and be gone when she gets back.
Ramsay Street
Billy is complaining that he needs those runners when Danni comes over to see Libby. Karl yells(!) out to Susan to see if Lib is in the house but she's gone out. Danni covers and says she wants to catch up with Lib - if she's going back to school then she wants at least one friend. Danni then speaks to Billy about Lib's break up with Sonny but Billy reckons Sonny deserves it, he just wanted a bit of fun and wasn't worried about the end result. Danni jumps on the word "result" and asks Billy when she's due. Poor, clueless Billy mutters "soon I think" which has Danni rushing off, not hearing the follow up "that depends where she's gone".
Number 24
To the strains of some guitar riff, Annalise is packing up her things, including a photo album. Looking at all the photos of her and Sam all loved up brings her to tears.
Number 22
Danni is talking to Brett about Libby's "secret" and how the kids at school will find out when it becomes physically obvious. Brett realises Danni thinks Libby is pregnant, and then Danni realises that Brett doesn't know that part...
Women's Clinic
Libby is coming to see the counsellor who attempts to help Libby's nerves by asking some questions. Number one - are you in a sexual relationship with someone at the moment? Wow, this really is more explicit than 2009 Neighbours. Libby says "not really" - she wanted to but couldn't go all the way when it came down to it.
Karl is staring into space while Susan prepares dinner. He finally makes a comment about the money they spent on Billy that morning. Susan wonders where Libby is, she's still so worried over the Sonny business. Karl replies saying he should have kept a better eye on them when Susan was away but he was distracted.
SUSAN: With Kate you mean?
Red rag, bull. Karl immediately has a go at Susan for making comments like that about a dead woman, but Susan retorts that she can't understand the situation as Karl is so closed off.
KARL: I don't think you understand what it's like to lose a patient. Particularly one you can't do anything for. There's all sorts of feelings of guilt, there's helplessness...
SUSAN: You think I don't know about those feelings? My mother's death taught me everything I need to know about guilt and helplessness and resentment.
KARL: Well I'm sorry I don't see how your mother's death can possibly compare...
SUSAN: (yelling) Because, Karl, I helped her to die.
Karl is stunned.
Number 22
Danni tells Brett she got the information from Billy and that Mal doesn't know - unless he was covering up. Mal comes in and wants to know what they're talking about. He asks what's going on and Brett asks about Libby. Mal says she just bites his head off so Billy probably knows more than he does. Mal realises that Danni knows something and so she takes it upon herself to tell him he's going to be an uncle.
Revelations all round for the Kennedy men today.
Karl can't believe that she never told him before now - she wanted to until she saw him refuse to help a patient to die and she was afraid that he'd not understand. Karl maintains that he's changed, so has she that's why she's telling him. Brett walks in and asks if Libby's about. When he realises he's walked in on a situation, Brett offers to leave. Susan tells Karl that Brett knows, something that goes down as well as a balloon made out of lead.
Susan invites Brett to stay, telling Karl that Africa changed them both. There was something about being away from everything familiar and Brett just happened to be there. Karl isn't taking this very well so Susan apologises for dragging him into this. Brett says he came to check up on Libby, and Karl doesn't miss the use of "check up". Brett mentions the pregnancy which is news to mum and dad...
Coffee Shop
Mal thinks Karl is going to kill Libby when he finds out but Danni says that it's Libby who's important. Just at that point Lib walks in and Mal tells her that they know and they will help. Libby can't believe they know and asks if they followed her to the clinic. Mal and Danni offer to come with her when she tells Karl and Susan but she's not telling them as it's none of their business. She's had enough of being hassled and walks out.
Number 24
Annalise props up some notes for Marlene and Sam and was just leaving when Marlene returns. Annalise asks her to pass on the note to Sam but Marlene remarks that Sam may leave Erinsborough over this. If Sam wants to see her she's at the hotel. When Annalise leaves Marlene reads the note for her - in it Annalise says Marlene was always like a mum to her and she will always love her.
Karl's called a family meeting in the hope that the news he's heard about Libby isn't true. Billy is confused over what it could be, but Mal says he doesn't need to pretend anymore. Lib is now confused over what Billy shouldn't be pretending to be confused about. Susan asks Libby to be honest, why didn't she talk to them? Lib needed to talk to someone who was trained to deal with it all. When Susan mentions a gynaecologist Libby realises what's going on. The rumour mill is traced back through Brett to Danni to Billy who is still confused and has to be told by Libby that he apparently gave out the information that she's pregnant. Libby firmly denies it - she's not pregnant, she has no intention of becoming pregnant, and they should just leave her and her sex life alone.
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