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Neighbours Episode 2535 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2535
Australian airdate: 26/01/96
UK airdate: 01/08/96
Writer: Chris Phillips
Director: Richard Jasek
Guests: Michael Martin: Troy Beckwith
Nikk Banner: Michael Fry
Leslie Cornwall: Anne Scott-Pendlebury
- "My Heavy Friend" by The Truth
- "Party" by Christine Anu
- "Piano Sonata No. 8" by Ludwig Van Beethoven
- "On Wings Of Songs" by Felix Mendelssohn
Summary/Images by: Sal
- Karl and Kate kiss
- Danni reckoning that she doesn't need to go back and repeat Year 12
- Michael warning Jen to keep away from Phil
Number 26
Phil, Hannah and Helen are all tucking into breakfast. Hannah tells Phil that Zoe is going to Hong Kong and as prices are so much cheaper in Hong Kong, she thinks it'd be economical for Zoe to buy her some clothes. Phil has a very sceptical look on his face!
PHIL: How did I know my wallet was going to feature in this?
HANNAH: Ohh! Does that mean 'yes'?!
PHIL: It does not! It means 'we'll see'.
HANNAH: Which means yes!
Hannah jumps up and hugs Phil, who insists that he hasn't agreed to anything! Michael wanders in. Phil asks if his late start is due to a late night, and questions what he got up to after Jen left. Hannah is surprised that Jen was over, and Michael tells her that she was doing a big emotional blackmail number on Phil.
Hannah is a bit upset by this and thinks that Michael's view is clouded because he doesn't like Jen. Phil gets Hannah to be quiet, but points out that Jen is nothing to do with Michael and he'll handle the situation himself.
MICHAEL: You weren't exactly handling it last night. That's why I went over and had a talk to her.
Phil looks up abruptly.
PHIL: You what?
MICHAEL: Well, I just wanted to get a few things straight. Make it clear she should stay away from here.
Hannah is very upset and gets up to yell at Michael (well, sometimes sitting down just isn't good enough..!).
HANNAH: How could you? You don't even live here; it's none of your stupid business! You were always jealous of Mum and you wrecked things with her and Dad and now you've gone and done it with Jen too! I hate you!
She runs out of the kitchen. (That's you told then, Mikey boy!) Phil, Helen and Michael all roll their eyes!
Number 28
Mal is beating the death star on the PC - he does so, and cheers very loudly. He and Karl rowdily bicker over the newspaper and the listings for uni and Susan tells them to keep it down as Libby's still asleep. All three of them pore over the paper, despite Mal worrying that he might not have got in anywhere.
KARL: Kennedy, here we are. There's a lot of us - common as muck!
It turns out that Mal has got into Eden Hills Uni to study Human Movement. Karl reckons it sounds a bit Mickey Mouse! Mal doesn't seem to have a clue what Human Movement entails, much to Karl's dismay - apparently his career advisor (Rusty Hinge!) recommended it. Mal is just stoked that he got into uni!
Number 30
Luke is about to leave for a job interview. Cody fires a question at him, and reckons his chances are good. Jen watches in the background and then despairingly disappears. Cody bundles Luke out of the door with his CV. Jen emerges from the back of the house, nearly bumping into Cody in the hall.
CODY: Geez, Jen, give me a heart attack next time!
Cody suggests that Jen join the big job hunt, but Jen is miserable and reckons that no-one would give her a job. She says she's poor at interviews, but Cody thinks the only way forward is to practise. Jen says that she's had enough rejection of late and she can't take any more humiliation.
Number 28
Susan is sorting through some washing and comes across something of Libby's. She holds it close and tears up. Karl comes out of the bedroom and as he's due to leave, realises that something's wrong. Karl hugs Susan as she cries - she's very upset about the Sonny situation and feels responsible because she shouldn't have gone away to Africa.
Karl tells her that's ridiculous and Susan is angry about the whole thing. Karl says that's natural and healthy - what Sonny did was wrong, no matter what signals Libby may have been giving out.
SUSAN: (sobbing) I don't know what to do. She still misses him.
KARL: She misses him?!
SUSAN: Of course she misses him! He was her first big love.
KARL: Well, sorry, I'm just the girl's father! I don't really follow that!
Susan explains that for Libby the relationship was a dream come true until sex got in the way - and that she probably has regrets. Karl is confused and asks if she means that Libby regrets not sleeping with Sonny. Susan thinks so - and Karl's aghast - this means that he did the wrong thing by telling Sonny not to darken their doorstep again.
Susan thinks that it's always best to avoid ultimatums (yes, Karl really learnt his lesson by the time Darren came around, didn't he?!) - and that Libby just needs time and space. Karl can't believe it - he thought they had enough problems with Mal! Susan and Karl feel like they've barely said hello to each other since she's been back, so they plan an evening in together.
Number 22
Danni is trying to arrange an interview and manages to clinch one after some persuasive talking. Mal comes in for the uni admissions book to look up what Human Movement is!
DANNI: I reckon I could talk the Eskimos into buying ice!
It turns out that Human Movement is a science degree designed for students seeking a career in sports management, recreation and leisure pursuits. He tells Danni that he got into it as a course and Danni suggests that they celebrate his success and her own! She tells him that she got into Design School. Mal is surprised - he thought that hinged on the VCE and her results. Danni thinks she's found a loophole - in extenuating circumstances, they make allowances. Mal points out that she hasn't had any problems for them to make allowances for!
DANNI: You know that. And I know that. But they don't know that!
Danni thinks that if she talks fast enough, by the end of the day, she'll be enrolled at the school!
Design School - Interview
The interviewer is impressed with Danni's portfolio but reiterates that entry relies on the Year 12 results. Danni says that she had family troubles and she was humongously(!) sick before the exams with glandular fever. The interviewer looks slightly sceptical and says that they would consider those factors. He asks for the relevant certification to prove her illness and problems, but obviously, Danni can't produce these.
The interviewer offers to be honest with Danni. He informs her that completing Year 12 isn't that important academically to the course but it indicates a level of commitment and maturity. Danni tries to talk her way around it, saying that an artist should break the rules! She insists that she'll work as hard as it takes on the course and the interviewer tells her that if that's true, she should go back and repeat Year 12 and they can discuss her admission prospects again next year.
Danni seems a bit shellshocked at being dismissed - and the interviewer tells her that today has been a good indicator of her creativity!
Lassiter's Lake
Danni is screwing up her portfolio and throwing it into the lake. Mal spies her - they were supposed to meet for lunch. She wants him to leave her alone and eventually she tells him what happened. She feels a total failure but Mal uncrumples one of the designs and points out how talented she is. He tells her that the situation is just a hiccup and he loves her.
Mal tells her that if she really wants to get onto the design course, she's got a year to focus on getting there and then she can storm in next year. Danni says that she loves Mal because he always makes her see the best side of things. They kiss.
Coffee Shop
Luke comes in to see Cody and is over the moon - he's employed! He's landed a job as Junior Sales Rep at a timeshare firm. Cody teases him a bit, but he's stoked because he's got a retainer and commission so he should fare well. Cody says the next step is to get Jen motivated to get a job. Luke doesn't fancy their chances! Cody explains that she had a bit of a run in with Jen after Luke left, but Luke tells her not to feel sorry for her - if Jen can get sympathy, she'll milk it for all she's worth! Luke says that getting his job has given his confidence a huge boost, and that's what Jen needs!
Number 30
Jen opens the door and Hannah is there. She isn't sure that Jen will want to talk to her after Michael's little chat the night before! Jen invites her in and Hannah explains that Michael had no right to say the things he did. Jen thinks it's a good thing as it made her realise that it was truly over between her and Phil and now she has to move on.
Hannah thought that Jen and Phil loved each other. Jen insists that they did - and in some ways, still do - but it's complicated. Hannah seems surprised that they don't want to be together, and Jen says it's sometimes hard to know what you want - she's spent most of her life trying to please other people, and she's lost sight of what it is she wants. Hannah understands and cites the example of Jen studying medicine due to Morgan when, in fact, she wasn't suited to it.
Jen agrees and says that she doesn't know what she wants to do, or where she wants to go - and she can't keep Phil hanging on whilst she makes up her mind. Hannah asks the 60 million dollar question - why did Jen lie to Phil about going to see Luke - and Jen said that she thought she'd lose him if she told him what was really bothering her. Hannah says that Phil tells her that she should always have the courage of her convictions. Jen agrees, but it's not always that easy!
They laugh and both agree that they miss each other. Jen says that Phil won't mind if they're still friends, and they're both pleased Hannah came over. They hug.
Number 28
Karl and Susan are having their special night. Susan is dressed up in African garb - she feels a bit stupid, but Karl thinks she looks incredible. She gives him some presents - symbols of wisdom! They talk about how mad things have been since she got back, and Karl asks if she's home completely now - all of her. Susan says she is and the two kiss. Susan gives Karl a kanga (similar to what she's wearing) and he agrees to think about putting it on! He proposes a toast to travelling and to coming home, and says he's so glad to have her back.
Susan says that it's good to be back - and Karl guesses that she'd go again if she had the opportunity. Susan snaps her fingers and says she'd go "like that" - but only if Karl came too! Karl tells her not to worry, as if she goes away again, he's definitely going with her. They clink glasses.
Number 26
Hannah comes in and Phil is relieved - he's been very worried. She explains that she didn't ring because she went to see Jen and she wasn't sure if he'd be ok with it. Phil reassures her that it's ok. Hannah says she understands that Phil and Jen aren't getting back together, and asks if it's ok if she and Jen stay friends. Phil tells her that it's fine - Jen was an important part of their lives, and he misses her too. Hannah suggests that when things have settled down, Phil and Jen might be able to be friends too. Phil smiles - "maybe". The pair hug.
Chez Chez
Luke and Michael are drinking at the bar. Danni and Mal walk in. Luke offers to buy them a drink and explains he's celebrating his new job. Michael invites Danni on a night out with him and Luke, but she says she's staying in with Mal. Michael is surprised that the party girl has turned down a chance to be wild and crazy! Mal says that she might not be the same girl any more. Danni corrects him and says they might go wild and crazy at home.
Michael reckons that Danni will go completely bohemian now she's at art school. Danni admits she didn't get in - and Michael mutters that he'll take his foot out of his mouth! Luke suggests that she join him as a 9-5er and recommends his employment agency. Danni reveals that she's going back to school. Mal is shocked and asks when she came to that decision. Danni reckons it was when Luke mentioned 9-5! Danni says that working in an office isn't her, and if she has to go back to school in order to be able to design, she'll just have to get on with it. Mal is stoked.
MICHAEL: Well, well, who would've thought it? Little Danni Stark is finally growing up.
Danni looks a bit unsure as to how to take that remark!
Number 28
Karl and Susan are dancing together, both wearing their kangas and the phone rings. Karl suggests they ignore it but Susan worries in case it's one of the kids. Karl says he's not there if it's for him! Susan answers and it's Kate's mother. She starts to explain who she is, and Karl grabs the phone. Kate's mother reveals that Kate died yesterday and Karl is clearly upset by the news.
Kate's mother says that Kate spoke highly of Karl, so she thought he ought to know. He stiffly asks about the funeral and says he'll be there. He hangs up, and tearfully turns to Susan. She wants to know what's happened and he explains that she was a patient and he's going to fly to Cairns for the funeral.
Susan consoles him, and he reveals that he was treating her whilst Susan was in Kenya. He tries to explain that she was only in Erinsborough for a few weeks and he starts to crumble. He excuses himself, saying he needs to change his clothes and quickly goes to the bedroom. Susan asks who she was, but Karl's too upset to answer. Susan is left standing alone in the living room, totally confused.
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