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Neighbours Episode 2534 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2534
Australian airdate: 25/01/1996
UK airdate: 31/07/1996
Writer: Michael O'Rourke
Director: Richard Jasek
Guests: Judy Bergman: Merridy Eastman
Michael Martin: Troy Beckwith
Rupert Sprod: Tobi Webster
- "I Remember" by The Badloves
- "Monkey And The Turtle" by Christine Anu
- "Spirit Of Man" by The Truth
Summary/Images by: Sal
- Cheryl warns Linda that if she'll pull the plug on the wedding deal if Linda has anything other than money on her mind.
- Jen tries to talk to Phil during the Ramsay Street cricket match. Phil tells her to join in the game and they'll talk later.
- Danni announces that she's not going to repeat Year 12.
- Sam leaves Ramsay Street; Marlene is devastated.
Number 22
Cheryl is playing indoor golf. Danni is trying to convince Cheryl that her leaving Year 12 is a great idea - by telling her about Michael's friends, most of whom dropped out as well! Cheryl says she's pleased that Michael's mates are doing so well, but she's interested in Danni's education - and she wants her to finish Year 12. Lou comes in.
LOU: Drawing up the battle lines, are we?
Danni insists that she's not going back to school - and there's no way that Cheryl can make her! Lou asks if Linda caught up with Cheryl. Cheryl wasn't pleased to have Linda hanging around all afternoon, but says that Linda swore that the marriage between her and Lou would be a strictly financial arrangement.
Danni can't believe that Cheryl's even thinking of letting Lou go through with the wedding. Danni and Lou disagree over who is pressuring Cheryl and Cheryl suggests that they all sit down and talk about it together.
DANNI: What, some sort of family meeting? Ah, the Kennedys have a lot to answer for!
Danni gives Cheryl a withering look, but Cheryl insists that they're going to wait for Brett before they discuss it.
Number 30
Luke is ironing a shirt for an interview. Michael is quizzing him about his job applications - things haven't been going too well. Jen comes in, and she's pretty despondent. Luke asks how her job searching is going, and she reckons that she's going to go on the dole whilst she sorts her problems out with Philip.
MICHAEL: I reckon you're better off getting a job.
There's a very long silence. Michael shrugs! He makes his excuses and wishes Luke luck with the job.
JEN: He makes my skin crawl!
Luke reckons that Michael's all right, but Jen thinks that with Michael around, she's got no chance of getting back with Phil. Luke says that Michael has got a point - she ought to get a job and get her life back on track.
Number 26
Phil is cheerfully humming to himself whilst he cooks, flinging the pepper grinder in the air! Helen comes in and smiles - she thinks that the atmosphere around the house has been a lot nicer recently. Phil says she means that it's been a lot better since he's stopped being a misery guts! Michael comes in and Helen leaves.
Michael thinks the food smells great and says that Phil should open a restaurant - and start a franchise in Marree! He agrees with Helen's statement - it's good to see Phil on such a high again. Phil suggests that he's overcompensating; he feels terrible about ignoring Jen during the cricket match. Michael says that he's just been to Number 30 and she's fine. He lies and tells Phil she's as bright as a button. Phil is pleased, but surprised.
Marlene comes in looking for Helen, and she's clearly upset. Phil and Michael give each other a look and decide "tactfully" to go to the shops! Helen offers Marlene tea and sympathy, and Marlene tells her that sympathy will suffice!
Number 22
Lou, Cheryl, Brett and Danni are all discussing Lou's marriage to Linda for $200,000. Cheryl admits that she was against it at first, but now she thinks that they'd be mad to turn their backs on such a large amount of money. Danni is more concerned about Cheryl's emotions - she knows how she'd feel if Mal married someone else.
Brett brings up some practical queries - how long does the marriage have to last, where would Linda live, and what would the legal ramifications be? He talks about Cheryl being Lou's de facto, which is legally recognised - and their mutual assets. Brett brings up Lolly, and the fact that Linda would be her stepmother. Linda would also become the Lady Mayoress. It's clear that none of this has occurred to either Lou or Cheryl.
LOU: Oh look, it should be ok, if we keep it quiet. Just between ourselves.
DANNI: Are you kidding? Keep it quiet in Erinsborough?!
Danni raves about how the gossip about Sam and Annalise took less than 24 hours to get out! Lou suggests that it'll be ok if it's kept between the 5 of them. Brett says the lawyers will know, and Cheryl admits to having told Angie.
LOU: ANGIE?! Oh, strewth! Why didn't you just ring the Erinsborough News and have done with it?!
Number 26
Marlene is very upset about the sudden way Sam departed, and the terms he left on. Marlene admits that Sam's always been her favourite and now she doesn't know where he's gone, how long he'll be away for, or even if he'll come back. Marlene thanks Helen for her kindness, and Helen insists that she stay for her evening meal rather than going back to an empty house. Helen offers to go to Number 24 with her after the meal and sleep over with Marlene so that she won't be alone. Marlene gratefully accepts.
Number 22
Lou says that he's gone off the idea - it's far too complicated.
CHERYL: You're not saying we wave goodbye to all that lovely money?!
Lou blames Cheryl for having blabbed her head off! Cheryl argues back that she told one close friend, in the strictest of confidence! Cheryl and Lou start to argue over who thinks it's a good idea or not, just when Judy arrives. Everyone silences and Judy wonders if she's arrived at a bad time. Brett tells her it's a shame she didn't arrive earlier as they could've done with a neutral referee!
Judy wonders what decision they've come to - and the family are amused at the fact that Cheryl has clearly told more than just Angie! Judy makes her excuses - apparently she's rented out Indecent Proposal to watch! Judy leaves and Lou is unimpressed! He says he's going to call Linda and call the whole thing off.
Ramsay Street
Phil and Michael are back from the shops. Phil spies Jen over the road and thinks he should say hello. Michael tries to stop him by telling him that he might ruin dinner, but Phil asks him how long he thinks it takes to say hi! Michael goes into the house and Phil approaches Jen.
Jen is standing with Luke, and is clearly worried about speaking to Phil. Luke tells her not to show him how upset she is. Phil apologises to Jen over brushing her off at the cricket match, but she laughs it off, saying that it wasn't a good time to talk. He admits to having felt bad about his attitude afterwards, but she tells him it's fine. Phil seems slightly surprised at how upbeat she is, and offers that if she wants to talk anytime, she knows where to find him.
Phil walks off and Jen reverts back to being nervous! Luke tells her that she was great, but Jen reckons that Phil could hear her knees knocking together!
LUKE: Oh yeah, I was wondering what that weird sound was.
Luke and Jen walk out of Ramsay Street. In the distance, Phil is ambling back to Number 26, turning to look at them as he goes.
Number 22
Lou is still annoyed about Cheryl blabbing her mouth off. Brett reminds him that he was the one who sent Linda down to the golf course in front of Judy and Angie. Lou reckons that Judy is the one egging Cheryl on - she's a born stirrer. Brett clearly likes Judy and defends her. He comments on how she is the only person who's asked him about Africa. Lou apologises for them all being so self-obsessed.
Lou grabs a bottle of wine so that they can celebrate Brett's excellent exam results, and warns that the only reason they didn't have a huge party was because they didn't want to rub salt in Danni's wounds about failing. Brett is despondent. Lou tells him that, although he wouldn't say it in front of Cheryl, he thinks it's a great idea that he's taking a year out. Brett is cheered, especially when Lou thinks they should have a good old chin-wag about Brett's trip.
Chez Chez
Danni asks Cheryl for some extra shifts, but Cheryl tells her that she has to cater for all of the staff and not just Danni. Danni says that she needs the money and Cheryl says it's a pity she talked Lou out of marrying Linda! Reluctantly, Cheryl admits that she doesn't like the idea of Lou getting married to someone else, but she does like the thought of all of those dollars!
Danni is going on about working and earning money, but Cheryl is not happy. She warns that Danni will regret not finishing Year 12 in the future, but Danni thinks she sounds like a broken record! Cheryl gives Danni the keys to lock up Chez Chez as she's so keen for the extra money. Cheryl leaves.
Rupert Sprod walks in - he failed his exams too, but he's going back for another go. He's very pleased that Danni's repeating too, as he'd hate to be the only one. Danni is shocked to find out that she's on the enrolment list as she has no intention of going back to Erinsborough High. Danni reckons she knows who's to blame!
Coffee Shop
Luke thinks that Phil was disappointed to see how well Jen is coping with their break up. Jen is upset - she isn't coping with the split, and she feels like she's about to crack up at any moment. Luke says that Phil won't want her back if all she does is mope because he fell in love with a free spirited, independent woman.
Jen tells Luke that she wouldn't be moping if she could get Phil back! Luke thinks that she can be hurt and upset, but she mustn't wallow in misery. Jen is worried that Phil will think that the break up didn't matter. Luke says Phil will think she's being brave. Jen isn't convinced - Phil was very upset when she lied to him last time, so how can she make things right with him if she's deceiving him about her feelings? Luke tells her that weeping all over Phil won't help her case. Jen is insistent that she has to do it her own way.
LUKE: Ok, it's your funeral.
Number 26 - Kitchen
Phil and Michael are having a drink. Phil is confused over Jen - one minute she's very upset about the break up, yet the next minute, she doesn't care. Michael thinks that Jen is coming to terms with the idea that it's over, and he thinks it's a great thing - that way, Hannah might accept it too. There's a knock at the door. Phil looks at his watch, surprised.
PHIL: Is that the door?
MICHAEL: Either that or you've got bad termites!
Number 26 - Living Room
Michael answers the door - it's Jen. She asks for Phil, but Michael is standoffish and tells her that Phil's about to go to bed. Phil appears from the kitchen and invites Jen in. Jen walks in, glaring at Michael. Michael goes into the kitchen. Phil tells Jen that he's been talking about how well she's taking the break up, and how that might help Hannah come to terms with it.
Phil rambles about Hannah - about how Jen became a surrogate mother, even though they didn't intend it, and says that Hannah's "just a kid" and hasn't been able to put it behind her like they've managed to do. Jen confesses that she hasn't put it behind her - her whole world has fallen apart, and the only thing steady in her life has crumbled away. Phil apologises for not realising and Jen begs him to try again. She puts her hands on his face and begs him repeatedly to say yes.
Number 26 - Kitchen
Michael is listening to the conversation between Jen and Phil. He looks utterly disgusted.
Number 26 - Living Room
Phil and Jen lean in as if they're going to kiss, and at the last moment, Phil pulls away. He starts to say something, but falters. Jen tells him to keep his pity - Luke was right; she shouldn't have come over. She runs out, and Phil follows her to the door but she slams it as she goes. Phil looks distressed.
Chez Chez
Danni slams Rupert's beer on the bar. He tells her not to shoot the messenger! He thinks Cheryl just cares about her, but Danni reckons that she's an interfering old bag! Rupert says that his parents don't care at all - as soon as he was old enough to work, his dad wanted him to leave school and hit the roof when he found out he'd failed. Rupert says that he's had to leave home and is living on Aus Study.
Danni doesn't think an HSC is that important, but Rupert knows he failed because he messed about; not because he wasn't clever enough to perform well. Danni says she was the same, and there's nothing wrong with having different priorities. Rupert says that he's giving it another try - and he wishes he had the type of support Danni has.
Number 22
Danni confronts Cheryl over enrolling her. Brett isn't too impressed with Cheryl's controlling ways, but Lou thinks that Cheryl was just covering all bases in case Danni changed her mind. Cheryl apologises - and Danni says she's done her a favour and tells her all about Rupert. The story starts off positively and Cheryl thinks that Danni's going to repeat with Rupert, but Danni thinks that the design companies liked her work before she failed, so they'll still want to snap up her talent even without her passing her exams!
Number 30
Michael has appeared to see Jen. He's very annoyed.
JEN: What's all this about?
MICHAEL: I just wanted to get a few things off my chest.
JEN: I don't understand.
MICHAEL: What did you hope to achieve by coming over like that? I mean, I know you're upset, but why do you have to try and drag Dad down with you?
JEN: Drag him down?
MICHAEL: My own mother made life hell for him, Julie wasn't much better and now this! Dad's had nothing but hassles for years now and somehow he has managed to hold on to what's important - his sanity, his sense of humour, his dignity! He's done that for us kids. We owe him!
JEN: Michael, what's this got to do with me?
Michael leans in closer.
MICHAEL: Just this. My father doesn't need your attempts at blackmail. He doesn't need you crying on his shoulder, laying yet another guilt trip on him. He deserves better than that. And Jen? If you know what's good for you, from now on you'll just stay out of his way.
Michael stalks out, leaving Jen looking shocked.
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