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Neighbours Episode 2533 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2533
Australian airdate: 24/01/96
UK airdate: 30/07/96
UK Gold: 17/07/02
Writer: John Upton
Director: Richard Jasek
Guests: Judy Bergman: Merridy Eastman
Linda Carpenter: Gina Gaigalas
Summary/Images by: Sal
- Cheryl is not happy about the idea of Lou and Linda marrying for profit.
- Sam punches Stonie and says that she's lucky he's not a violent man.
Hotel Room
Annalise insists that she and Stonie were just talking. Sam doesn't believe her and thinks that she has feelings for Stonie and that's why she's protecting him. Annalise says that she doesn't and rebukes Sam for acting like an animal.
SAM: Me?! That's what you're doing!
Sam is annoyed that Annalise asked him up to her room to talk and when he got there, he found Stonie there too. Stonie tells him to speak to Annalise with more respect. Sam sighs and says he's going to have to kill Stonie(!)
Annalise tries to bundle Stonie out of the door, but the two men end up squaring off again. Sam forces Stonie through the door, and Stonie rants about how Sam is going to end up going home in an ambulance. The two men shove each other out of the hotel room, with Annalise yelling after them to stop it.
Chez Chez
Cheryl is talking to Angie and Judy about the wedding idea. She feels completely out of the loop. Angie is not in favour of the idea and thinks marriage is about commitment and love - not cash. Cheryl agrees and feels confused. Angie tells her to forget the whole thing. She leaves, making arrangements for the three to play golf in the morning.
Cheryl says that Angie is right. Judy agrees, but then points out that Cheryl's in a heap of debt and the phony marriage would solve all of her problems. Cheryl says that's the whole reason she's giving the idea any thinking time!
Judy wonders what's *really* bothering Cheryl. Cheryl says that nothing is but eventually relents and admits that she's fearful that Lou and Linda will decide that they like each other after the ceremony. Judy looks faintly amused.
Number 24
An unhappy Marlene answers the door to Cody. Marlene is upset that Sam left in a bad temper that afternoon and is scared that he's fallen off his motorbike and had an accident. Cody says that she saw Sam in the bar and he's gone to see Annalise, so they're probably talking things through.
Marlene is in shock over what's happened - she loved Annalise and thought she was part of the family. Marlene says that she's not taking in any more waifs and strays. Cody tells her to hang on - she's one of Marlene's waifs and strays! Marlene says she's different!
Cody offers to leave to give Marlene some space, but Marlene says she'd appreciate the company. Cody goes to put the kettle on and Marlene is a lot happier.
Number 22
Lou is sitting at the kitchen table, thoroughly going through his accounts. Cheryl arrives home and Lou asks how her night was. She reckons it was probably better than his if he's been doing his accounts!
They start talking about Linda's proposal and Cheryl starts going on about how Lou and Linda aren't just friends - they were once married and loved each other! Cheryl asks how she can be sure that some hidden spark won't suddenly flare up again once they're married.
LOU: Because I'm not interested and neither is she!
Lou tells her that people change and want different things - and he wants Cheryl. Cheryl is dubious and untrusting of the fact that Lou thinks nothing of Linda, as he saw fit to discuss their private problems with her. Cheryl's upset about his indiscretion.
Lou thinks that Cheryl should get to know Linda and then she can make her own informed decision. Cheryl refuses to - even thinking about her puts her teeth on edge! Lou says he doesn't want to take his accounts to the bank manager but they have to do things they don't like.
Cheryl is upset at how her life is falling apart - Brett is refusing to start uni, Danni is refusing to go back to school and she's got enough to worry about. Lou says he understands but thinks she might be able to find a spare moment somewhere! He thinks that Cheryl and Linda will get on like a house on fire...eventually!
Number 24
Sam arrives home and reveals he's been sitting by the lake thinking, when Marlene starts having a go at him over how worried she was. Cody spots his injured hand and asks what happened. Sam tells her it was her idea he should see Annalise and Cody guesses that Stonie was there.
Marlene asks what happened and Sam explains how he swung for Stonie's face but his a vase instead. Cody gets Sam a compress for his hand and Sam mutters about how Annalise and Stonie had better not show up at 24 - and reckons he should've killed Stonie whilst he had the chance!
Number 32
Stonie has got a bag of peas on his bruised eye and is in pain. Angie comes out of her room and asks if he's been fighting again. She wants to take a look at his injury, but Stonie pushes her away, claiming that he fell over and hit his head.
ANGIE: Oh, and what caused you to fall over? A bunch of fives with Sam Kratz's name written on them?
Stonie is upset and tells Angie not to give him a hard time at the moment. Angie is tearful and says that it's all Stonie deserves.
ANGIE: The Rebecchis don't crawl over back fences and break up relationships. The Rebecchis don't rat on their mates!
Stone insists that it wasn't like that.
ANGIE: (tearfully) Shane's in prison. Toadie's one step out of reform school. Now this! It's got to be me.
Stonie looks pained.
Number 24
Sam is talking to Marlene and is still confused over why Annalise hurt him. The door goes and Marlene answers it to Annalise. Marlene tells her that she's not welcome at Number 24. Annalise says she needs to talk to Sam. Marlene looks at Sam, who looks upset and says that Sam doesn't want to see her.
ANNALISE: (crying) Marlene, this is between him and me and I really need to speak to him, ok?
Chez Chez
Linda turns up and starts bitching at Lou! Lou tells her that he can't go through with the proposal unless Cheryl is comfortable with the idea. Linda agrees with that and Lou says that Cheryl's worried about the past.
LINDA: I don't blame her. You're a very special man, Lou - understanding, loyal, loving. The way things are out there, she ought to have you chained in the cellar!
Linda says that Cheryl should be told that it'll all move very slowly as they have to get through the cooling off period that stops people from marrying on impulse. They reminisce about the past and Linda talks about how her dad didn't want Lou to cool off - he wanted to run Lou over with his car!
Lou says that Linda needs to get to know Cheryl and asks if she plays golf.
Number 24
Annalise is standing alone in the living room. Sam walks in. Annalise says she wants to get a few things clear. Sam thinks things are clear already. Annalise says she doesn't want him to think things that aren't true.
Annalise is hopeful of them getting back together. She asks Sam if he thinks there's no possibility, but Sam doesn't confirm or deny it. He tells her that she came to talk, so she should talk.
Annalise insists that nothing happened at the hotel room, and Stonie turned up by surprise. Sam thinks it was convenient. He relents and says that even if it wasn't going on tonight, it happened before! Annalise admits that it did, but she didn't mean it to.
SAM: So you're talking temporary insanity here?
Annalise says that's one way of putting it, but Sam is mocking of her. She protests that's what happened and explains how ashamed she is, and how she wishes she could take it back. She says that all she can do is apologise.
Sam sighs. He quizzes her over whether it's likely to happen again, and asks if it was only a one night stand.
ANNALISE: (quietly) More or less.
He tells her either it was a one night stand or it wasn't. Annalise says she's trying to be straight with him. She admits that whilst it wasn't an affair but it wasn't a one night stand. Sam is furious and thinks Annalise is taking him for a mug.
Annalise begs him not to wreck their relationship because what they had was great. Sam is flabbergasted and says that she's wrecked their relationship and he's not interested in hearing any more. He says that she's just told him so many lies and they're over. He tells her to go.
Annalise doesn't move and he tells her to get out of the house. Eventually, she walks to the door and keeps looking back, but Sam ignores her. Annalise finally leaves.
Golf Course
Judy is taking a swing and messes it up. She and Brett joke about whose fault it is, and Brett explains that Cheryl's sent him to tell Judy that she might be a bit late as there's family hassles going on.
Judy quizzes him over Africa and how it altered his life. Judy says that she can look at photos any day, but what she's really interested in is how witnessing Africa changed him. Brett says that could take all day and Judy says she's got lots of time.
Brett is pleased and says that Judy's scored herself a caddy, so he can talk whilst she plays. They smile.
Golf Course - later
Brett and Judy are chatting about Africa and he admits that he wasn't too upset when it was decided that he couldn't go on the lion hunt.
Just at that moment, Cheryl, Angie and Marlene drive past on a buggy! They're gossiping over Stonie and Annalise and Angie is mortified. Angie thinks that some of the blame must lay with her as she raised Stonie.
CHERYL: Mothers are innocent victims!
Cheryl moans about how Brett is now going off the rails too. Marlene thinks that there's a certain type of woman that will always get a bloke into trouble. Cheryl thinks that men do have minds of their own!
CHERYL: The problem isn't that men are weak. Any woman knows that! The problem is that they're unpredictable. They let you down when you least expect it!
Angie agrees, talking about how Big Kev chickened out of pulling his kids into line just when she needed his back up. Cheryl is still fuming about how Lou shared the facts of their life with Linda.
Cheryl goes to take a swing just as Linda marches over a hill, shouting for Cheryl's attention! Cheryl stops mid-swing and is stunned to see Linda approaching them. Linda invites herself to join them for a few games!
Golf Course - later
Brett is talking to Judy about the marriage thing and explains how he sees what's upsetting Cheryl. Judy smiles and Brett worries that she's laughing at him. Judy says that there aren't too many 18 year olds who would see it as he does - and she agrees with his idea.
Brett thinks that Cheryl is threatened by symbolic actions. He talks about how he's deferring uni and how Cheryl has taken that to mean that he won't ever go. He is insistent that he will - but he needs some breathing space first.
Judy says that if he tells his mother what she's about to say, she'll kill him - but she agrees that he's doing the right thing. They grin.
Golf Course - later
Angie, Cheryl, Marlene and Linda are looking for Cheryl's ball and Linda loudly finds it!
Chez Chez - Outside
Cody is standing outside waiting for Sam. Lou approaches her and gives her a drink on the house - as a congratulations for passing her first year at uni. She asks how he found out, and Lou says that Karl was in earlier bragging about how she passed with flying colours. Cody modestly says she just did better than she expected. Lou says they're all very proud of her. Lou leaves.
Annalise approaches her and gives her congratulations to Cody. Cody thanks her and says that news definitely travels quickly in Erinsborough. Annalise thinks that she's about to find that out for herself! Cody doesn't say anything, and Annalise wonders if Cody is going to join the chorus of disapproval.
CODY: Well... What do you expect? Sam's a mess. Marlene's just as bad. They're both friends of mine.
Annalise sadly says that she thought they were friends too. Annalise is surprised that Cody is sitting in judgement. Cody says she isn't - Annalise's morals are none of her business. Annalise says it was one of those things and it wasn't meant to happen.
CODY: Then it shouldn't have.
Cody says that it'll probably be a nine day wonder - but until it's over, she's going to have to wear it.
Coffee Shop
Linda and Cheryl are chatting about the cash. Cheryl says that if she gets a whiff of anything other than money going on, she's going to pull the plug - no matter what the cost. Linda says she'll do the same (that comment makes no sense, but I think Linda is supposed to be some sort of sassy bitch..!).
Ramsay Street
Sam is packing some stuff onto his bike. Marlene parks in the drive and is upset to see him preparing to leave. She asks where he's going and he says that the whole situation is killing him, but he'll be in touch. Marlene is very upset that all he's done is left a note.
Marlene thinks that Annalise is the one who should leave. Sam says that's not the issue - he just needs space. Marlene tells him that running away won't solve anything. She wonders if he's dumping his business on her too. Sam angrily tells her that he doesn't care!
MARLENE: (crying) I'm sorry, I didn't mean it. Sam, when will you be back?
SAM: Nan, the way I feel right now - never!
He revs his bike up and speeds out of the street. Marlene stands alone in the drive and sobs.
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