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Neighbours Episode 2532 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2532
Australian airdate: 23/01/96
UK airdate: 29/07/96
UK Gold: 16/07/02
Writer: Hugh Stuckey
Director: Richard Jasek
Guests: Michael Martin: Troy Beckwith
Sonny Hammond: Tom Hutchings
Summary/Images by: Sal
- Karl rants and raves at Sonny, fearing that he's attacked Libby.
- Jen leaves Number 26. Hannah begs her to stay, but Philip says nothing.
- Annalise insists that she loves Sam and they can get past her affair. Sam is furious and chucks her out of Number 24.
- Brett sneaks up on Libby in her garden, and she reacts badly before realising it's Brett. She then hugs him tightly, and cries.
Number 26
Brett, Susan and Libby are sitting in the living room.
LIBBY: Sex. Why does it have to exist? It just spoils everything.
Brett and Libby apologise to each other for giving each other a fright. Libby says it's great to have Brett back. Libby says she needs to have a talk with Susan. Brett agrees to be around for her in the future when she needs a friend.
Brett leaves. Susan continues to comfort Libby.
Number 26
Philip is dragging on a pair of boots - with some difficulty!
HELEN: How long is it since you wore those boots, Philip?
PHILIP: I don't remember - it must've been when my feet were smaller!
HELEN: And before they invented shoe polish!
Philip snaps that he's doing some gardening in them; not going on a parade! Hannah sulkily walks in and Helen asks if she wants to help them in the garden.
HANNAH: (annoyed) What I'd like is someone to take me shopping.
PHILIP: I'll take you shopping tomorrow.
HANNAH: (disdainfully) Someone with a bit of dress sense!
Philip rolls his eyes when Hannah says that she wants Jen to take her shopping, but now there's not much chance of it happening. He asks her to give it a rest, but Hannah angrily quizzes him on why he let the relationship fail - he should've sorted it out.
HANNAH: It was only an argument! You don't throw somebody out because of an argument!
(It's a good job, else all of the kids in that family would've been homeless years ago.)
Philip tries to tell Hannah that his relationship with Jen is none of her business, but Hannah won't accept that there was more to the break-up than one argument.
HANNAH: It's not fair! You brought Jen here. It was the first time we were like a real family since Mum-
Philip looks at Hannah. Hannah stops and sighs. She asks him to sort it out with Jen. Philip says it's not as simple as that. Hannah accuses him of not caring and storms out. Philip looks upset as Michael walks in.
MICHAEL: You appear to be the villain of the piece, Dad.
Philip sighs and says that he could ask Jen to come back. He asks for Michael's opinion, but Michael shrugs and says that it's none of his business. Philip says that he loved Jen and expected to spend the rest of his life with her, but relationships are built on trust - and he felt that now the trust between them is broken, they won't get it back.
Michael suggests that Philip let it all settle for a while and he'll try to get through to Hannah. Philip smiles and thanks him.
Chez Chez
Sam is sitting at the bar alone. Cody cheerfully appears and asks if it's a private wake or if anyone can join in! Sam is not happy at all.
CODY: Oh come on! I've not seen anyone that miserable since Hannah and I watched the Lion King die!
Sam says that something is dead - his relationship with Annalise. Cody laughs it off and Sam tells her to go and annoy someone else. Eventually, Sam tells her that Annalise has been having an affair with Stonie. Cody is surprised and sympathetic towards Sam, but has a hard time believing it. Sam says he saw it for himself and thinks it's been going on for months.
SAM: All those tutoring sessions. I didn't even have a clue.
Sam is angry and can't believe he was so stupid.
Number 26
Libby is crying and Susan tells her that no always means no, but she explains that Sonny probably was getting some confusing messages from Libby.
Libby sobs about having hang-ups over having sex, and Susan tells her that it takes a while for the earth to move! Libby says she wants to know what happens but she can't take that first step - and reckons there's something wrong with her.
Susan's now crying too, and the pair of them hug. Susan assures Libby that there's nothing wrong with her. Libby fears she'll go on like this forever.
LIBBY: I could die a virgin.
Susan tells Libby to make some space between her and Sonny, but Libby doesn't think that Sonny will wait. Susan says that if he cares, he will - and if he doesn't, then he's not the one anyway. Susan tells her not to lead him on again, and says she must be honest with him.
SUSAN: And stop worrying about being normal. When it comes to sex, there's no such thing. We are creatures of infinite variety, Lib. But when the time and the person is right, bells will ring - I promise. You'll know.
Libby is relieved that this didn't all happen when Susan was in Africa.
Hotel Room
Annalise is lying on a bed, upset about her relationship breakdown. Jo is pestering her but eventually takes Annalise's hint to leave her alone and jogs off. Annalise sighs
Number 26
Libby is flicking through a magazine - Womyn's Stuff - and irritatedly pronounces that the whole world is obsessed with sex! A knock comes at the door and it's Sonny with a bunch of flowers. Libby is standoffish and Sonny tries to apologise. He asks to come in.
LIBBY: I'm here by myself.
SONNY: (sadly) I came to give you some flowers, that's all. I'm not coming to attack you.
Libby relents and lets him in. She eventually takes the bouquet off him and he smiles. He says that even though Karl is mad at him, he couldn't stay away - and Karl can't keep them apart. He worries that Libby might want Karl to keep them apart. Libby isn't sure what she wants.
Sonny says he's really ashamed about everything that happened yesterday, from the events at the beach to him turning up and taking her off in his van. Libby admits that she might have led him on.
Sonny asks if she'll give him another chance. Libby says she might - in time, but she needs time. Sonny insists that he'll wait. He tells her that he loves her. Libby rolls her eyes!
Number 30
Luke answers the door to Michael, who's standing there with a cricket bat. He asks if Cody is around, but she's not. Michael introduces himself to Luke and says that he fancied a game of cricket in the street - as it's a local tradition - and Cody was a good player.
Michael talks about how one side of Ramsay Street used to play the other in their own test matches. Luke suddenly clicks that Michael is Philip's son (did "Hi, I'm Michael Martin," not give that away?!) and Michael remarks that Luke is Jen's brother.
Jen chooses that moment to walk in and she greets Michael, saying that she's just about to pop over to 26. She asks if Philip's home.
MICHAEL: He is but...
JEN: What?
MICHAEL: Well, he's kind of taking it easy. He doesn't get much time to relax, you know.
Jen looks a bit confused.
LUKE: I think what Michael's trying to say is that it's not a good time to go and hassle Philip.
MICHAEL: Yeah, that's about it!
JEN: (coldly) I have no intentions of hassling him. But if that's the way it is, excuse me.
Jen stalks off. Michael says that if Cody's not about, the cricket match is off. Luke says that once he's got out of his suit, he'll play a game with Michael - and then further explains that he's not normally suited: it was for a job interview that he's now quietly confident about.
Number 26
Sonny compliments Libby and she winces. He asks if it's still ok to compliment her and says that he doesn't know where he stands. Libby doesn't have a clue what she wants. Sonny tries to say that he's the messed up one but Libby snaps at him.
LIBBY: I'm not like you, Sonny! You've been there - I haven't. I was scared! ...I still am.
She says she knows she was a tease, but she didn't intend to mess him about. Sonny says he means it when he says he'll wait. Libby says that they need a break and they can't hang out together. Sonny begs her but Libby says she needs to sort things out for herself first and she can't see him until she has.
Sonny looks gutted.
Ramsay Street
Luke is bowling to Michael (and they're using bins as stumps). Michael hits the ball and is caught out by Billy, who's walking out of Number 28. Luke yells that he's out, but Michael says that he was caught over the boundary which doesn't count.
LUKE: Over the boundary is out anyway!
MICHAEL: Ah, nah, nah! Not under Ramsay Street rules!
Billy comes over to play and Michael offers him the bat. Luke takes this as an admission that he was caught out.
LUKE: See!
MICHAEL: Ah, I'm not out - I'm just retiring!
Brett appears out of his house and approaches Libby who's sitting and watching the boys play. Brett comments about Sonny's flower apology and isn't impressed at all by Sonny's behaviour. Brett tells Libby that she's worth waiting for and Sonny should've been prepared to wait. Libby says she's so glad he's back.
Luke is bowling to Billy with Michael as wicket keeper. Billy hits the ball and Brett runs to gather it up. He throws it to Michael who stumps Billy out as he runs between the wickets (well, bins). The lads all yell excitedly at getting Billy out and Brett grabs the bat.
Libby looks on at Brett admiringly. Brett tells everyone to stand right back and Michael is amused at Brett's confidence. Libby continues to look on admiringly.
Coffee Shop
Stonie serves Jo some food and sits with her. Jo protests but Stonie says it's ok - his shift just ended! Jo says that Annalise doesn't want to see Stonie, and Stonie begs her to tell him where Annalise is. Jo insists that blood is thicker than water and she'll never betray her sister.
STONIE: I'm the one person in the world that can make her happy.
JO: That is where you're wrong!
Jo goes on to say that nothing will make Annalise happy - she won't even try out the gym and spa in their hotel. Stonie puts two and two together and works out where Annalise is.
Stonie sprints out and Jo is confused as to how it worked it out!
Ramsay Street
Brett is still batting and Philip, Helen and Hannah have joined the match. Brett dedicates his next shot to Libby and misses it completely! Mockingly, Billy bowls him a slow ball so that Brett can hit it! Hannah fields the ball and as she passes Libby, she asks if she's going to join in. Libby says she'd rather watch.
The lads yell for Hannah to throw the ball, so she returns to the game. Outside 30, Jen is watching. Hannah rushes over to Jen and asks if she's going to play. Jen says that she's actually after having a conversation with Philip. Hannah is stoked and tries to get Philip's attention, but he totally ignores the girls and is engrossed in the cricket match.
Brett is bowled out and they all cheer. Jen approaches Philip and asks to talk. Philip brushes her off and says they'll talk later. He invites her to join the match - he thinks what they're doing is a good example of how cricket should be played. Jen tries to press him for a date/time of when they're going to talk, but Philip is reluctant to commit. Billy smashes the ball for what must be a 6 and Philip is distracted by it.
Jen sadly walks off. Philip watches her go, aware of what he's done by ignoring her. Hannah looks at him, clearly pained.
Chez Chez
Sam thanks Cody for keeping him company, especially as he's not much fun to be around. Cody says it's kept her mind off getting her exam results tomorrow. Sam tells her that she's a great mate. Cody wonders if Sam might have misread the situation. Sam says that Stonie was in a pair of ugly boxer shorts, and Annalise was in a sheet - they weren't playing table tennis!
Cody says that things aren't always as they seem. Cody suggests giving Annalise chance to explain, but Sam doesn't think she'd tell the truth anyway. He goes to get another drink, but Cody stops him and says that at the very least, he needs to tell Annalise how he feels.
Sam seems to like the idea of sending home a few hometruths and Cody admits that's not quite what she had in mind, but that's better than him drinking himself into a coma. Sam says that Annalise left her number with Marlene so he knows how to get hold of her. Cody says that yesterday he loved her - it's worth a go. Sam agrees to go and see her.
Number 30
Michael compliments Luke on his bowling, and Luke compliments him back on his batting. Jen appears and appears quite desperate. Luke tries to brush her off but she witters on and says that she needs to take control of her life and she's made a decision about her future.
She goes on about how she thinks her future definitely involves Philip and Michael frowns. She turns to Michael and asks him for his opinion and Luke tells her to leave Michael out of her. Jen begs Michael to tell her what Philip has been saying, but Michael sternly says that what's going on between her and his dad has nothing to do with him.
JEN: Oh, I see. Well, I just thought you'd care about your father's happiness but it's obvious that you don't want to help!
Jen storms off. Luke looks ashamed and apologises to Michael. Michael says that he wants to stay well out of it. Luke guesses that he doesn't want the pair back together. Michael says that if he's honest, all he can see is trouble ahead - and Philip doesn't need it. Luke nods.
Number 26
Philip, Helen and Hannah are in the kitchen. Philip is cooking bread and butter pudding and they talk about how calorific it is, and how you have to treat yourself occasionally. Hannah says that they'll need a super special meal when Jen returns!
Philip pauses and tells Hannah that it isn't going to happen. He reminds her of what it was like when she and Lance broke up - they stayed friends. Hannah accuses him of not staying friends with Jen and Philip says that he hopes he'll be able to. Hannah silently walks out.
HELEN: She'll get used to it, Philip.
PHILIP: I hope I do.
Hotel Room
Annalise answers the door to Stonie. Annalise is upset that he found her and gets more upset when he starts going on about how they should be a real item. Annalise wants him to leave.
STONIE: (sadly) Annalise, I thought it was special.
ANNALISE: No, it was insanity, ok? And it's over.
Stonie is angry and yells about how he doesn't think it's over and they need to talk it through. Annalise yells at him to get out as there's a knock at the door. Annalise thinks it's Jo, but it's Sam.
Sam walks in and Stonie quickly hides. Sam says that all he wants to know is why...and then he spots Stonie in the room.
STONIE: Hello, Sam.
SAM: What's he doing in here?!
Stonie admits that it looks bad and Sam gets really angry and swings for him. Stonie hides behind a vase(!) and Sam swings again for Stonie, but misses Stonie and smashes the vase. As Sam cradles his injured fist, Stonie launches a heap of oranges at him yelling at him to stay back!
STONIE: Don't do anything silly, man, just relax!
Annalise shouts at Stonie and Stonie starts yelling back at her. Sam loses it and punches Stonie square in the jaw and Stonie falls onto the bed. Annalise looks sadly at Sam and shakes her head. Sam looks at her and says she's lucky he's not a violent man.
Stonie holds his head in pain.
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