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Neighbours Episode 2524 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2524
Australian airdate: 23/11/95
UK airdate: 17/07/96
UK Gold: 04/07/02
Writer: Xenia Michael
Director: Sally-Anne Kerr
Guests: Gladys Menz: Brenda Palmer
Flakey/Gordon: Brian Wenzel
Adrian Ewart: Jeremy Kewley
Angelica Venuta: Lise Rodgers
Club Host: Paul McCarthy
Heckler 1: Steven Gates
Heckler 2: Angus Smallwood
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Jo suggests that Gordon restarts his career by doing a stage show as "Gloomy Gordon"
- Susan and Brett head off on safari.
Brett and Susan are driven across a barren landscape with herds of zebra, buffalo and elephant around. Also some giraffe. Brett films their trip on a video camera.
Cody has been referred to the University's harrassment officer. Cody is very agitated and the lady suggest they go into her office for a chat.
Cody is explaining about Adrian sending her presents and phoning her about wanting her back. The harrassment office says she should have come to her then and reported Adrian. Cody also tells her that her marks started dropping - but only in the subjects Adrian was teaching. She explains she went to pieces when she saw Adrian in the exam room. The harrassment office wants to get her and Adrian together as soon as possible to talk, and Cody will be able to re- submit any assignment that she feels has been unfairly marked. She can re- take her oral exam with someone else too.
Jo is on the phone trying to arrange a comedy gig for Gordon. She had managed to find a place for him - a local hotel that is doing comedy tryouts tomorrow. He protests and says it sounds like amateur night.
Cody comes in and tries to go off to her room, but Mark sees that she's upset and drags her into the living room. She explains that Adrian was one of the examiners and she got thrown out of the exam. Mark comforts her. She's not sure she can face a meeting with Adrian and cries on Mark's shoulder.
CODY: I just feel so humiliated!
Brett and Susan have arrived at an African village. They bump into Rachel from WorldVision there, she's come out to stay too. They are shown into a zipped tent which is rather like a motel room inside. Brett is a bit worried about lion attack(!)
Gordon isn't sure about doing his stage show, he's worried about hecklers. Mark pops round and shows Annalise the draft of his cookbook. Annalise and Jo suggest he tries to get a celebrity chef to endorse his book - they'll organise it. They'll also try to get Mark a guest slot on "Healthy, Wealthy and Wise" (a TV show!)
Cody, Adrian and the harassment officer are talking. Adrian tells the officer that Cody is paranoid and dreaming up a fantasy. They did have a brief fling, but that's all it was. Angelika (the harassment officer) asks about the restraining order and Adrian claims they are often issued on tenuous grounds(!) The officer also asks about the comments on the essays and he admits they were unprofessional.
The harassment officer says that some of Adrian's explanations are rather strange, and there's no need for him to continue to seek Cody out - the relationship is over, and that's how Cody wants it. He agrees. Cody can't believe that Adrian just gets to walk away. The harassment officer advises her not to pursue things elsewhere, just to come back if Adrian continues to harass her.
The stageshow is in full swing. Mal and Danni are next up. Mal is relucatant, but does get up and do the dance moves. Gordoni s waiting in the wings for his turn and is very nervous. Mal and Danni are awarded the best dancers prize and win a VIP pass.
Gordon is next up. He is heckled from the start and tries to leave the stage. Jo comes on and tells the audience that Gordon is really Flakey the clown. They give Gordon a round of applause and this bolsters his confidence. His set goes much better after that.
Brett and Susan are watching the sunset and talking about their experiences.
Some shots are shown of the village at night, to the accompaniment of African choral music.
Brett dreams of African sights and sounds.
<<2523 - 2525>>
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