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Neighbours Episode 2525 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2525
Australian airdate: 24/11/95
UK airdate: 18/07/96
UK Gold: 05/07/02
Writer: Christopher Gist
Director: Sally-Anne Kerr
Guests: Sonny Hammond: Tom Hutchings
Scouse: Garry Rens
Richard Daley: Davie LePage
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Susan and Brett are in Africa.
- Annalise and Jo decide to promote Mark and his cookery book.
Sonny and Libby are kissing. He wants to go further, and Libby says she does want to be with him, but wants it to be special - somewhere totally private.
Coffee Shop
A friend of Stonie's comes in. He tells Toadie he's got them a couple of gigs (he has a very strong Liverpool accent). Stonie has written a couple of songs, so they arrange to meet up to go through them this afternoon.
Brett and Susan are staying in a Masai village. One of the Masai warriors is Rachel's brother. Brett hangs out with Rachel's brother and is introduced to the other warriors. Meanwhile, Susan and Rachel are delivering supplies to the village. They also change a tyre for their vehicle.
SUSAN: I envy you, Rachel. No, really. You had a goal, and you've done it. It's right there, it's almost close enough for you to touch.
RACHEL: Yes, I'm lucky. I'm happy. You are an unhappy woman Susan?
SUSAN: No! (less certainly) ...No. Not unhappy. It's just that, lately I've been thinking a lot about what I could have done...still do, with my life.
RACHEL: But you have three wonderful children and a good man, don't you?
SUSAN: My children are all practically grown up now. They don't need me much at all.
RACHEL: Children always need their mothers. Maybe in different ways as they grow older.
SUSAN: Yeah, but...dont' you think that mothers can hold on to children for too long? I mean, treat them like children for too long. I know Brett has that problem with his mother.
RACHEL: Everyone has problems with their mother. I'm always worrying about mine.
SUSAN: She wasn't very well last time you saw her, was she?
RACHEL: She said she was tired. I suppose she's getting old.
Susan looks out across the landscape.
SUSAN: Yeah, I guess we only get one, don't we?
Susan and Rachel have joined Brett in the village. The masai warriors are tending their animals.
BRETT(VO): I think this is probably the most awesome and the most bizarre experience of my life. Walking in the middle of a field of cow dung, in the middle of a cow dung village, to be sung to by the entire community. They're very big on welcoming ceremonies round here. It's really important to be formally introduced so that everybody knows exactly who you are and what you're doing here. Then you get to shake everyone's hand, and become intimately acquainted with about fifteen million flies as well. I'll never forget it.
As he speaks the Masai warriors are performing their welcome ceremony.
Coffee Shop
Stonie is playing on some bongo drums and Angie tells him off. Libby is sitting at a table, deep in thought. Angie takes her over her milkshake and sits down with her for a chat. She tells her that young people have a tough time these days - it seems harder than when Angie was young. It was less complicated back then. Libby asks her how she knew Big Kev was the man for her. Angie explains that love for Kevin sneaked up on her.
ANGIE: We'd been going out for two months. We were sitting in his truck. Suddenly I just knew I loved the man.
Marlene comes in.
ANGIE: If you've got any doubts, well, no sense chucking pearls before swine, is there!
Libby looks thoughtful.
Mark has been to see the people at the TV cookery show and he's been given a slot as a last minute replacement! He panics about what he's going to cook - it had better be impressive, and he has to be there in two hours! Annalise is very pleased, telling Sam that Annajo is taking off.
Coffee Shop Kitchen
Stonie and his mate have gone through the new songs and he likes them. They talk about Annalise. Stonie is fed up and can't get her out of his head. His mate says he has an idea.
Brett is still hanging out with the Masai warriors.
BRETT(VO): I got it wrong. *This* is the most awesome and bizarre experience of my life.
The warriors are dressing Brett in warrior clothes now, and painting his face.
BRETT(VO): Kap and his mates take me out in the bush away from the village to turn me into ??. The young warrior. Like them. I'm not too sure about this, but they're having a great time. Actually, it feels pretty cool. But I can imagine the kind of reception I'm going to get back at the village.
Brett retruns to the village and Susan and the rest of the village laugh at him. He heads off with the warriors to round up their cows. Susan worries about him.
BRETT(VO): These guys seem to spend most of their lives having a good time. But they're very serious about their precious cows. We're going off to find the cattle to bring them back in to the safety of the thornbush coral in the middle of the village before nightfall. And when Rachel and Scott and Mrs K have finished laughing at me, they're going off to check out the schools Worldvision has helped establish for the villages in the area.
Back at the village, the schoolchildren are singing for Rachel and Susan.
In the school, the teacher is teaching dozens of kids, all packed into a classroom. A boy comes to the door and shouts something, and all the kids run out excitedly. It seems a lion have been seen in the area. The teacher bustles them back into the school. Susan worries about Brett, but Rachel tells her not to panic.
Lassiter's Lake
Mark's TV cooking slot is being filmed at the lake(!) A celebrity chef for "Healthy Wealthy and Wise" introduces Mark and explains that he's the creator of the world's longest sausage roll! Mark explains that he'll be making crocodile burgers today. He does pretty well and Annalise looks pleased.
Sonny tells Libby that he's booked them into a guesthouse this weekend so that they can sleep together. Libby is clearly having doubts.
LIBBY: When did you arrange this?
SONNY: This morning.
LIBBY: It must have cost a fortune.
SONNY: Hey, no big deal. Hey, I thought you'd be blown away!
LIBBY: Well, what am I going to say to my folks?
SONNY: I don't know...tell them we're in love and we're going to spend the weekend together.
LIBBY: Yeah, I can just see Dad now!
SONNY: I'm joking! I don't know, tell them we're going to stay at Manuella's.
LIBBY: Yeah, I suppose.
SONNY: Phew, for a second then I thought I'd stuffed up again.
LIBBY: No, no, it's a lovely thought.
SONNY: Oh good. So should I tell Mal he's on his own at the shop for the weekend?
LIBBY: I guess.
Sonny hugs her, but she looks troubled.
Stonie comes round and gives Annalise a cassette. He explains that he's written a song about them and the way that he feels. Annalise tells him she can't accept the tape.
ANNALISE: I don't love you.
STONIE: Well, I know you don't love Sam...I mean, not really...! Just listen to the tape, OK. Then, if you don't feel anything, fine.
He leaves. Annalise sits down and plays the tape. She looks conflicted.
Brett is still hanging out with the Masai warriors and they have now rounded up the cattle.
BRETT(VO): So at last we finally came. But that's where the work ends and the play begins. Again. I'm being told tall tales of true and brave warriors. Of how to deal with the Masai's great adversary. The lion.
A boy runs up and tells them about the lion that has been spotted.
BRETT(VO): I'm finding this hard to believe. Unless I missed something in the fine print, this definitely wasn't part of my deal with WorldVision. I'm sticking with these guys. If there *is* a lion out there, I have no intention of being on its menu!
The warriors are in hunting mode now. As the sun sets, there is indeed a lion prowling around the village.
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